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Reminiscing about our King & Queen as The King 2 Hearts sets for MNET Japan premiere

Why are fanarts SO awesome and fun?!?!  The drama was such an emotional roller coaster that I still haven’t wrapped up the final 2 episode posts!  But now I have a deadline goal since MNET Japan – The King 2 Hearts premieres on August 25…

I’ve been re-watching and wow, Seunggi really held his own as King Lee JaeHa among all the older and veteran cast of actors!  Still hard to believe he was THE youngest, and had to play WAY out of his real persona.  (sorry so repetitive!)  And Ha Jiwon, she’s so personable, I forget she’s pretty much THE top actress in Korea!  So proud of our Seunggi for totally being able to go toe-to-toe with her.  And for all the acting accolades from everyone.  Can’t wait to see Actor Lee again.  Miss him…

But, Seunggi~~~ How long before we ever get to see you like this again?!

Wahhhh~~  *shakes fist at Hook*

MNET Japan preview… Seems like a good broadcast channel fit.

I think the more forward, younger crowd will appreciate this style genre more.

Some special moments between our King and Queen…

Falling in love???!!!!!????~~~~

FRIDGE KISS~~~!!!  Best drama kiss of the year!

Still upset we didn’t get more of this kinda stuff afterward!!! huhu

Fighting, but loving it~~~~

And still sad that we never got to see how they ended up…

Like this the next morning??!!!~~~~

Aw, we could’ve really used a kiss beforehand, the night before!

Outdoor glamping before the Championships…

(yet making no use of that tent and sleeping bags set up for them outdoors!!!!)

Roughing it together (but loving it!) during WOC championships…

Forever memorable engagement kiss!!!

(I wish Cody in background would go away!)

Getting pampered with facials and massages…

Our lovely super stylish royal couple riding in style~~~~~

Wish they showed more of these scenes in the final cut.

Our King and Queen….

just starting to get to know one another… Aww.

Images: As Labeled, Soompi, MBC, DCLSG

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for bringing back the memories!
    Miss handsome and manly Seunggi in his dapper suits! Best outfits ever!
    Where else have we seen him bubble bath and kiss a woman so passionately? >.<
    How time flies…can't believe it's been three months since the drama ended!
    Really hope to see Seunggi act again…can't get enough of actor Lee!
    Will re-watch all his dramas, while waiting for him to appear on TV regularly again…sigh!

  2. wow i miss king2hearts so much still cant get over it, especially the AH-HA couple lovey dovey moments,thanks for this,i am feeling emotional right now,hope it will be a huge hit in JAPAN and to see them together promoting it….cant wait for the Japanese magazine interview too.thanks again

  3. heheh…you hate cody too much…lol. Im actually liking that pic of cody in the background…he’s too happy seeing LSG kiss HJW, haha XD My wish for K2H is for it to be a hit in Japan…so that many DVDs and specials will be released for it..

  4. Wow.. Great fan art. .

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