Lee Seunggi promotes clean, fair elections as an Honorary Ambassador for South Korea 18th presidential election [ENG]

*** updated with ENG-subbed video ***

OMFG, as a politico junkie, LSGfan so thrilled to see Seunggi chosen as an honorary ambassador for this campaign! Especially since South Korea hasn’t had a great history of clean, fair elections… And this presidential election will be very important, just like the upcoming one in the United States. Let’s all take the lead of Korea’s reigning prince, Seunggi! South Korea and the United States~~ Let’s Rock the Vote!

(video: ENGrapport/Twitter@Vakaala) Awesome~~ thx!

National Election Commission: Campaign
18th Presidential Election
‘I have a question for the presidential candidates’

LSG: Hello, I’m Lee Seunggi. Did you know our nation’s 18th presidential election is on December 19, 2012? Did you know that the presidential candidates’ debate is being broadcast?

If there is a question you’ve always wanted to ask of the candidates, then please participate in the ‘I have a question for the presidential candidates’ campaign. If you leave a message on the homepage of this website – vote.necpr.go.kr – questions will be asked on behalf of you. We hope many of you will show interest and participate.

On December 19, 2012, see you all at the voting booth~
Clean, fair elections. This is the face of South Korea.

<National Election Commission>
<National Election Broadcasting Debates Commission>

English: LSGfan, Video: necpr

Love this event that Seunggi’s promoting!!

Real questions from real people, for the presidential candidate debates!

In addition to Honorary Ambassador Seunggi (25), the others include Korea’s top opera singer Jo Sumi (50), TV personality/gagman Kim Byungman (37), KBS anchor Jo Soobin (31), MBC anchor Bae Hyunjin (29), SBS anchor Park Sunyung (30), a small business owner (49) and a homemaker (41).  Their resume profiles at Introduction to the Honorary Ambassadors.

They only listed Seunggi’s recent work because…

you know, his resume is super long!  Always so impressive!

Images: DCLSG, LSGfan

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3 Responses

  1. S.Korea be proud to give birth to such honorable young men. Prince Sung Gi, I know you are proud to be born in such of fine country and to be able to be part of this important and historical event. Blessing and Best to all of you:) I amam so proud of you, keep up the excellent work. Love to see that beautiful smile on your face:0)

  2. So Seung Gi is the youngest ambassador? Daebak.
    If he’s one of the candidates in my country, he doesn’t need to campaign at all, just show me his megawatt smile, my vote for him. lol

  3. i love your comment on lee seung gi’s resume that’s super long! can’t agree more. i love the fact that in his official website, he has completely different page for just his awards/recognitions! so hard for never ending scroll down? just click on another page to view his awards :)

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