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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 7: Jaeha faces tragic loss of beloved

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 7.  Jaeha-Hangha were sharing their first epic fridge kiss when they get caught by Jaeha’s brother and Hangah’s dad…

They await their fate in separate rooms, and Jaeha is freaking out!   Hangah’s so nervous but her talk with Jaekang is heartwarming and accepting.  Jaekang’s happy she likes his younger brother and approves of their marriage.  Aw, she’s so touched!

Not so smooth on Jaeha’s end.  Hagnah’s dad wants to know whether Jaeha likes his daughter or not and Jaeaha’s answer is well, “we had a lot to drink~”  (not an answer a girl’s dad wants to hear!).  Hangah’s dad threatens to reveal all this to the public, Jaeha begs him not to…

And next thing we know royal wedding engagement is officially on!  And Jaeha and Hangah are not complaining at all!  It’s clear they love each other now and Jaeha seems to be happy that something/someone has forced them to get married.  There’s still public division and discrimination over the North-South marriage to be, but Jaeha and Hangah have the love, support, and acceptance of their families.   Hangah’s dad even pays a respectful goodbye to Jaeha…

Royal famiy has first meal together.  Hangah’s trying to make a good impression and Jaeha’s playfully teasing her.  But she mistakenly insults Queen Mom using a N. Korean phrase, and Jaeha’s merciless in his teasing.  But Jaekang gives him a big kick under the table to shut up.

Jaekang and his wife take a little getaway trip (I’m already sad… huhuhu)

Jaeha walks in on Hangah and Queen Mom going over etiquette training.  After Hangah leaves, Jaeha tells his mom not to be so hard on her.  But Queen Mom says it’s working and Hangah’s doing a great job so Jaeha shouldn’t let up on her either.  Queen Mom really likes Hangah.

Jaeha gets a call from his sister, Jaeshin.  She’s going to visit their brother and bring them groceries, and tells Jaeha to come with Hangah too.  He pouts and says Hangah TOO busy, that even he himself barely gets to see her.  (Aw, love how Jaeha doesn’t need to cover up his deep affection for Hangah anymore).   Plus, Jaeha tells Jaeshin not to bother their brother who’s trying to make babies, and hangs up on her.

Jaeha’s waiting in Hangah’s room.  I love how he’s so love-stricken and missing her.  He seems to hang out in her room a lot!  Hangah walks in exhausted from all the training, demands of Queen Mom, and all she wants is some understanding from Jaeha.  But Jaeha, per his mom’s instructions of giving Hangah tough love, isn’t that understanding.  Hangah’s tired and just wants his support, but he takes his mom’s side (bad move for a guy).

He brings the tough love but not sympathizing with her at all, and then comments about how how she was poor and all… oh no, not a smart move. Hangah gets mad and Jaeha realizes he’s overstepped.  He says sorry and tries to make it up to her, kneels down and reaches for her hand but she’s pissed and wants none of it. Jaeha’s sorry, hurt and pissed. His usual combo of emotions.

And Jaeha reacts, as he only knows how… he storms out of the room.  He feels bad and wants to go back in to see her, but again doesn’t have the guts to.  Aigoo.

Later Jaeha (looking dapper in a full tux) heads to a charity event.  He’s in a pissy mood because of the fight with Hangah.  He’s SO affected by her!  He gets a call from slightly buzzed Jaekang, who tells Jaeha how much he loves him (aw!) and to open his mind and heart and things will be better with Hangah.  But Jaeha’s not interested in listening to his brother’s idealistic words at the moment.  But Jaekang continues.  After a while, Jaeha tells his brother to have a great time (sarcastically) and hangs up.

Jaekang follows up with a photo text message to Jaeha.  (I love how Jaeha saved his brother’s name in his phone as “Uptight King” – so cute).  But Jaeha just deletes it since he doesn’t want to be reminded of how his brother’s having SUCH a great time with his wife.   He’s still way annoyed over the spat with Hangah.

And one of the saddest scenes – the death of Jaekang and his wife.  Goodbye to our idealistic King Jaekang, lovable older brother to Prince Jaeha.  Really didn’t expect to be so heartbroken.  He was so noble and admirable.  It’s so shocking and sad.  And to think Jaeha’s last conversation with his brother was like that…  so incredibly sad.

Jaeha arrives at the charity event and takes to the podium and is all laughs, making jokes.  But is suddenly interrupted by Secretary Eun and the guards who march in to say that King Jaekang has died.  They all bow before Jaeha and address him as Majesty and King.  Something Jaeha avoided all his life and never wanted.    .

How do you process hearing that the person you love the most is now dead AND that you are now deemed the king.  Further, he’s told that his sister Jaeshin was rushed to the hospital, will most likely be paralyzed.  OMG.  Not registering.  Jaeha’s so stunned, it’s like you’re just numb.  Just unable to process it all.

He yells to pull the car over right now.  He walks over to the bridge rail and is shaking.  Omg, I feel so bad for him.  All the sadness AND the pressure at the same time.  ALL the responsibility and burdens he now carries.

But he pulls himself together, like he always does (when it matters and counts!) like he’s doen in past.   He tells Secretary Eun they should first go to the hospital to see Jaeshin and mom, and then they’ll take care of other official business.  The sudden change in his eyes… difficult and tragic events always have a way of making you pull your shit together right away, because there’s really no time to do otherwise.

They get to the hospital and Jaeha collects himself before going in to face mom, because he can’t fall apart, he can’t cry, he has to be strong for mom and his sister.

He walks in trying to put on his best face, but mom immediately scolds him for not being properly changed into mourning wear.  She’s stern and tries her best to keep it together.  She addresses him in formal tones, something he’s never heard from his mom before.  She addresses him as King/Majesty, says the king is now dead and thus Jaeha is now king.

As soon as the doors close and it’s just Jaeha and mom, and she breaks down.  Heartbreaking scene.  Had me in tears.  Queen Mom’s speech is amazing.  She continues to formally address Jaeha as Majesty, says she’ll take care of the palace and household, and so HE must take care of everything else.  She says they must stay strong and not crumble as this is the only way for them to survive and hold up the shining legacy of Jaekang.  She hugs a very solemn, sad, and burdened Jaeha.  And I’m left completely feeling BOTH his great sadness and huge burden.

Omg, we didn’t see much of Jaeha (nor Hangah) in this ep7, as it was more about the tragic death of Jaekang, stupidity of Secretary Eun, and kidnapping of Jaeshin.  But the key ending scenes of Jaeha talking to his brother (for the last time), finding out the tragic news from Secretary Eun, and mourning with Queen Mom totally tore me up.

VIDEO – Jaekang and Jaeha’s last conversation ever (huhuhu)

VIDEO – Shocking news of Jaekang’s death is relayed to Jaeha

VIDEO – Jaeha trying to process tragic turn of events

VIDEO – Queen Mom’s heartbreaking breakdown with Jaeha

More Jaeha cuts at Tryp96 – 12.04.12 TK2H Ep 7 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Naver

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  1. she lost his brother and now lost his unborn baby… so sad….

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