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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 8: Jaeha-Hangah’s amazing deep love

Screencap spam recap – TK2H ep 8.  Jaeha had to process the sudden death of his brother Jaekang and his sister’s paralysis.  On top of that, his last encounter with Hangah was a love spat.  But there’s no time to process things since there’s a list of things he needs to immediately handle as the new king.  But he’s got loving Hangah supporting him all the way.  Major Jaeha-Hangah screencap spam…

Jaeha changes into the black “mourning” suit that’s been laid out for him.

So heartbreaking.  Hasn’t broken down yet.  Can’t, he’s now king.  So sad.  Jaeha controls himself, keeps from breaking down.  As he changes, he just sheds a few controlled tears while thinking about moments with his loving older brother.

Jaeha makes his first ceremonial walk down the hallway corridor as king with the royal entourage.  He runs into Hangah for the first time since their love spat and news of Jaekang’s death.  Like everyone else, she addresses him as “Majesty” to which Jaeha resolutely says, “Don’t you, not you call me that too.”  That’s how much she means to him.  Hangah’s the only one left for him now that Jaekang’s gone.  So sad.  I really love Hangah for being there for him.

Royal ritual honoring Jaekang’s death.  So grand, and sad at the same time.

I really felt Jaeha’s sense of burden, responsibility, and loss throughout.

Lee Jaeha officially becomes King.  And he has no choice in the matter.  Whether he wants it or not, Lee Jaeha is now king.

Daily diary recording tradition.

Jaeha angrily and sadly spouts off at his brother, Jaekang. Agh, so sad.

No time to mourn fully.  There are pressing responsibilities and matters for the new King, which includes studying lots of documents.

And it’s no problem for the 187 IQ king Lee Jaeha.

Omg, handsome, intelligent, hard-working King Jaeha is SO freaking hot!

Something about guys in a button down, loosened tie, jacket off, working hard…!!!

Smart Jaeha grills Secretary Eun about Jaekang’s supposed carbon monoxide death, how it seems strange that this was coupled with Jaeshin’s accident.  Sec. Eun admits not being careful in checking everything in the villa home such as the chimney and windows.  Jaeha is royally pissed, says Sec Eun’s punishment will be to stay on by Jaeha’s side and make a trash-like person into a king!

Jaeha cracks his FIRST smile upon seeing Hangah in the pretty greenhouse, tending to the flowers and plants.  I always get goosebumps when Jaeha and Hangah are together, and their lovey dovey moments just make me all giddy and smiley.

Since Jaeha asked, Hangah goes to the hospital to help Jaeshin and Queen Mom.  Jaeshin and Hangah have a girl bonding moment.  Makes me realize how much I miss fierce Hangah.  Queen Mom is touched at how Hangah helps Jaeshin, and teaches her how to make the favorite royal family traditional clam soup.  More bonding for Hangah, this time with Jaeha’s mom.

I love how, even though our lovely Hangah-Jaeha can’t be together during this time, we sense their togetherness through her interaction and moments with his mom and sister.

Family dinner at the hospital.  Loved this entire sequence.  It’s very true to life, the awkward moments, sadness, and laughter within a close-knit family during times of tragedy.  Jaeha tries Hangah’s soup, says it’s salty, but sneaks in a little smile. Aw.

They bring up Jaekang’s name by mistake, because they’re so used to him being there.  Awkward moment.  But then Jaeha breaks the ice and starts talking about Jaekang more, joking about his uptight ways.  Jaeshin joins is, as does Queen Mom who says he gets it from her.  Then so sweet, Jaeha says to Hangah, you were right before, when you said my mom was petty.  So sweet!

Public funeral.  The photo slideshow.  So incredibly heartbreaking and sad.

The grand scale of this scene was pretty amazing.  Very real and awesome.

Alone in the office, Jaeha breaks down crying his eyes out.  Hangah comes in because he left his phone with her.  He’s so happy to see her and smiles.  He’s literally only smiled ONLY when Hangah is around during this whole tragedy.

She asks if he’s okay, he says he’s fine and he’s still smiling, so happy to see her.  But then Hangah tells him to just let it out, not to keep it bottled in.  He’s trying so hard to act like everything’s okay (unsuccessfully).  He says what are you talking about, I’m busy.  She pushes further, that he’ll get sick if he keeps it all in, to which Jaeha says she’s overstepped, and walks out.  This is all so sad.

Hangah convinces Secretary Eun to clear Jaeha’s schedule for 2 hours.  Hangah does her all to get things ready to cheer him up.  Wine, snacks, cute aegyo practice, and Tara bo-beep dance number.  I was SO relieved to see them together like this at the end! Jaeha lights up when Hangah’s by his side.

Hangah’s aegyo of calling Jaeha “oppa” cracks him up.  Aw, she makes him laugh!

More aegyo… They are SO cute!

Aw, Jaeha’s so enjoying it, but teases her about it all.  I love them together!  But he says, she’s really funny.  He says since she’s practiced a lot, to show him more.  He promises not to laugh this time.  This makes me love them more…

Hanga’s hilarious but cute Bo-Peep dance for Jaeha…

Jaeha busts out laughing.  Hangah pouts.  He tells her he’s laughing because she was so cute.  And then he playfully teases her more.  Aw, I LOVE THEM!

She hits him with her big paw, and somehow that lands Jaeha in her bed!  Yipee!

Jaeha says he feels great.  And Hangah says she’ll let him rest for a bit and turns to leave but Jaeha grabs her arm and pulls him to his side!  Woah… I’m so happy!   Omg, every time he grabs her hand or arm, it’s SO hot!  Not sure why.  Catches her off guard.  Love what Jaeha says… “I’m  your fiancee and King.”  Hot hot hot!

But Hangah quickly gets back up, to Jaeha’s huge disappointment!  But he’s smooth, so he remarks how her skin isn’t looking so great, and pulls her down and seats her beside him so he can examine her face.  He reaches out to caress her cheek… wahh~~!!  Omg, so sweet.  And smooth! hehe.

Hangah says she’s been taking really good care of her skin.  And “Majesty” even said her skin looked radiant.  Jaeha’s like when did I say that.  Oh no.  And they both realize she was referring to Jaekang, who’s no longer with them.  So sad.

Hangah shares the photo text Jaekang sent that fateful night since Jaeha had deleted his version.  Looking at the photo breaks Jaeha’s heart and he finally just bursts out crying.  Hangah gets up to give him some space but he reaches out for her hand…

And FINALLY, Jaeha and Hangah hug!  It’s about time!  Sheesh.  And so glad it happened like this.  Hangah allows Jaeha to be real and honest with himself when he’s with her.  They were so longing for each other, especially to be comforted during this tragic time.  I really felt so much for both of them here…

And woah… next scene.  Did NOT expect this!   Well, now we know they did “sleep together.”  I was totally pissed that this was all we got for this scene!  Like no hug?  No kiss?  But I’m trusting the PD that we’ll get flashbacks to this scene later on, and we’ll see that it precious lovely evening for Jaeha and Hangah.

Nevertheless, this image of Jaeha-Hangah is just beautiful…

Next morning, Hangah tells Secretary Eun she was the one who wanted Jaeha to stay.  Jaeha’s got a full slate of meetings, and he’s not thrilled.  He mutters~ Ah, stress…  But he appears to be feeling and looking very, um, confident and relaxed!  The previous evening with Hangah seemed to have done wonders for Jaeha…

Because he meets creepy Bongku, aka John Meyer, and King Lee Jaeha shows no signs of fear or backing down at all!  I hope Jaeha-Hangah together take down this crazy villian dude!  If he hurts Jaeha, like he keeps threatening to do, or Hangah, I’m going to write hate mail to crazy Bongku!

VIDEO – Jaeha remembers his brother Jaekang

VIDEO – Jaeha tells Hangah not to address him as “Majesty,” not her too

VIDEO – Hangah hugs a broken Jaeha and… they have a lovely night!

More video cuts at Tryp96 – 12.04.12 TK2H Ep 8 Cuts

Images: As labeled, Cyworld, Naver

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3 Responses

  1. Love epi 8!!! JH and HA hug made me cry. The bedscene was wow. I want more JH and HA^^

  2. OMG! Ann, I really think & feel Seung Gi/Lee Jae Ha really looks HOTTTTTT when he roll up his sleeve and work, he looks damn HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!! We do think alike, haha.. The image of him in white shirt, sleeve rolled up & working hard is always on my mind every day since I saw that, it just wouldn’t leave my mind…haha..

    And you said he looks HOT when he grabbed Hang Ah’s hand and pull her down onto the bed.. I like it too!!!!! All the girls must be hopping it’s them whom SGi will do it on…. Ahhhhhhhh…Stresssss, it’s not us, sob!sob! I think there will be more such scenes, as in Jae Ha grabbing Hang Ah’s hand & pull her over to himself and hug her.. I believe he won’t hide his feelings & affection towards her anymore.. ^_^

    • Well… JaeHa’s character is one that does not restrict himself at all and just do whatever he wants…keke ^^

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