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The King 2 Hearts, Ep 6-3: Beautiful sweet epic (fridge) kiss!

Yes, I’m totally spamming Jaeha and TK2H posts!!!  Certified Lee Jaeha character, Jaeha-Hangah couple, and The King 2 Hearts ADDICT!  Is there a cure???!!!~~~~

Screencap recap – TK2H ep 6-3.  Instead of letting Jaeha call off the royal wedding at the press conference, Hangah says she will marry the prince.  Jaeha is stunned.  In response, he recites a poem!  Before, the public was divided about the North-Korean thing, now people are debating whether the wedding is on or off.  But one thing’s for sure, Jaeha can now admit to himself that he has feelings for Hangah!  Yay!  He gets his younger sister, Princess Jaeshin, to check up on Hangah and see if she’s doing okay.  Aw, he really cares about her….

Princess Jaeshin meets Hangah for the first time, says her brother sent her.  The 2 girls have a heart-to-heart.  Free spirit Jaeshin knows her brother very well.  She finds out from Hangah how Jaeha fakely wooed her, and says he’s definitely not the type to go through ALL that trouble if he’s not interested; she says he’s definitely in denial.

Jaeshin calls her brother to come over, says Hangah’s no longer in the room.  She looks disapprovingly at her brother, and he just wants to know if Hangah’s okay.  Aw.  He starts talking about Hangah and how he can’t understand why she’s into Shikyung, and how it’s really annoying!  Aigoo.  Jaeshin’s asks, “You like her THAT much?!”  Omg, I love Jaeshin.  She is so cool!

At that moment, Jaeshin tells Hangah unni (who’s been listening to the ENTIRE conversation!) to come out!  Yay!  Jaeha gives her sister a dirty look.  Busted!!  Jaeshin leaves the 2 lovebirds to work things out.  (these types of humorous scenes in TK2H really remind me of Pride and Prejudice or some modern Shakespearean romantic comedy.  These scenes have such a refreshing atypical K-drama-ish vibe.  Love it).

Hangah point blank asks Jaeha… “So do you like me or not?”  He doesn’t give her a straight answer but it’s obvious when he says “And if I do, so what?”  As S. Korean prince, he says the public will NOT be cook with him marrying a N. Korean soldier.  And he just wants to live comfortably without any responsibility or pressure.  The two sigh and realize their love is not meant to be…?

Hangah even mentions there was a little bit of revenge on her part involved too.  They agree to announce that the marriage is off due to their North-South differences being too great.  Now the mood is sorta light since they’ve been honest about their feelings for one another.  Hangah puts out her hand to say this will be their last goodbye and Jaeha says they should celebrate their goodbye South Korean style… Wrap party!  Drinking and snacks…

Tipsy Hangah walks over to the Samsung Zipel fridge (nice subtle PPL again) to get more alcohol.  Amazed by the full stash, she tells Jaeha to bring all the snacks into the kitchen.  They’re both buzzed.  Not necessarily drunk!?  Hangah starts to doze off from all the alcohol,  and Jaeha offers his shoulder to her.  Aw… I love these two!

Hangah refuses.  She says she doesn’t want to get played by him again, just so he can pretend to kiss her again.  He teases and asks if she wants him to.  She says her lips haven’t been touched, while Jaeha’s kissed hundreds of girls.  But their eyes meet and…  we get our first real Jaeha-Hangah kiss!  (and it’s only episode 6!)

The scene is sweet and beautiful and gorgeously edited!  It SO deserved to be way longer, and with the full BTS footage included~~~!!!  But great, nonetheless…

OMG, the screencaps alone are hot, but the gif images are daebak!!  So beautiful, sweet, and pure!  Without knowing the context and what they were talking about, the images alone can seem a bit, um, Rated R!  But we know how pure and sweet their love and talk is.  Jaeha and Hangah’s amazing love is unstoppable!  I love our lovable couple so much!  I can’t wait to see their love grow even stronger~!!!

But, sadly(!) anything beyond the kiss was NOT meant to be that night!  Their romantic kiss is suddenly interrupted as Jaeha’s brother (King Jaekang) and Hangah’s father walk in on them!  Shocked and embarrassed, our couple quickly get up while nice shiny Zipel fridge front window pops out!  (again, a non-distracting good PPL).  Looks like the royal marriage is back on!  Yipee!

VIDEO – Fanmade version of BTS footage kiss that should’ve aired~~!!

(video: Tryp96)

Images: As labeled, Naver

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4 Responses

  1. 1st… i love that scene. this scene(kiss) will be my top all time favourite. this is epic, its beautifully done. my heart is duguen… duguen. LOVE JH-HA :)

  2. I’vr watched it the nth time but Im still gigling like crazy reading ur recap. Thank You Ann..^^

  3. Ep 9 Screenshots + Recaps here! Thanks sapphire148 for the updates!!!

  4. Ahh amazing

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