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Lee Seung Gi’s The King 2 Hearts military fashion [Stills]

Hard to believe our Lee Jaeha (immature prince at the time!), was sporting this over-the-top, but super stylish and cute Adidas ruffle tracksuit in the earlier eps of TK2H!  Such a sharp contrast from the mature, preppy outfits and chic suits worn by Lee Jaeha as king now.  Sorta miss these earlier days when things were less complicated and less stressful for him.  Military fatigues and formal wear, tracksuits and wetsuit…  BTS photos of fashionable Seunggi during WOC training camp…

Adidas military ruffle tracksuit.  So cute~~~!!!  My fave!!

Military formal wear.  Sharp~~~!

Quicksilver wetsuit.  Whoa~~~!!

Treadmill casual t-shirt and cargo pants.  Nice backside~~!!!

Daily training wear.  So cute and fierce at the same time~~~!!!!

Images: MBC, Naver

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2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to seeing a suit fashion collection…loooved all the business suits he wears in the drama. He’s too handsome in them! Yay, because we’ll be seeing him like this for 5 more weeks. Crisp, sharp, really fit for a King! Seeing all those made me think, can’t the drama costume designer be his cody in real-life too? Just thinking about the clothes that Seunggi’s real cody makes him wear sometimes make me go Aaah…stress!

    • Yes, LOVE Jaeha’s array of suits on TK2H! Posted suit collection. what’s not to love?! Can’t wait to see more during the latter half of the drama! And, yes… Ah STRESS~~ when hinking about his crazy cody!

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