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Teuk-Eunhyuk give shoutout to Seunggi singing hilarious rendition of Because You’re My Woman! [SuKiRa, 07.11.2011]

(Video: ELF13km)

Eunhyuk: Because You’re my Woman. Are you listening, Lee Seunggi? [Hahaha]
Teuk: Lee Seunggi? Who’s Lee Seunggi? [Hahaha]
Eunhyuk: Seunggi-yah. [Hahaha] I’m your friend.

(EunTeuk sing passionate hilarious version of Seunggi’s song! OMG! Eunhyuk throws in some rap and Teuk keeps shouting out “yah” to address the noona in the song! *Dying*)

EunTeuk: You’re My Woman. I’m going to go crazy. Don’t cry. I’ll call you “nuh!” Yah! Seems, we got too into the song. We’ll go to commercial. [Hahaha]

English: LSGfan

[kka~ this is for you!] OMG.  More EunTeuk love shout-outs to Seunggi!  I’m SO loving this budding bromance following their lunch out together!~ Can’t get enough of this…

Seunggi needs to show up on SuKiRa or at least call in as a surprise guest soon!  EunTeuk said last time they were already planning that for next time!

I don’t know what was more hilarious~~~

EunTeuk’s all-out passionate(!) version of Seunggi’s song OR the crazy shout-out to Seunggi prior to the song OR the 2 of them cracking up after the song!  LOVES IT!

Ok, I’m officially dying of laughter!  OMG, this is daebak!  Encore on Strong Heart~ please!

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7 Responses

  1. OMG i LOVE THIS!!!
    leeteuk cracking up BAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. I like Leeteuk more and more. Saw the comic bookstore story on Strong Heart and his reaction was quick and hilarious!

    Eunhyuk is not a bad singer at all. And that song has a strange staying power. I said strange because, com’on, the lyrics is a bit (okay, a lot) over the top. Only when SG sings it, he actually acts it – he said so on YDH Love Letter, so the emotional side totally carries the song. It’s amazing a singer still sings his debut song after 7 years! Staying power indeed!

    • Haha.. I agree ^^ only Seungi can make his version emotional and touching. The original noona killer! (well, in my head anyway… XD)

      All Eunteuk did was DESTROY that song… hahahaha.. they managed turn it from a touching ballad to a mixture of rock and trot and just pure all out funny nonsense. XD
      Really, what’s up with “you’re my sister, you’re my brother”??? and “sorry sorry” hahahah. :)

  3. LOL it’s a bit wierd for me thinking that LSG is younger than Eunhyuk!! Cus eunhyuk has a younger-ish image(idol image).. idk.. but LSG is younger than both of them!WOW! just some random thinking.. lol

  4. love them so much.. ^o^

  5. Mwoooa!!! Yay for doing fanservice for me!

    Thank you so much! XD I love this post. The next best thing to Seungi appearing on Sukira and having fun with the two since we can’t have that… It’s been so long I’ve seen him on Sukira. This reminds me of Eunhyuk playing piano for Seungi on strong heart and messing it up. :)

    Glad you like the vid! I love it not only because it’s hilarious but also because it shows how close they are.. ^^ I love how Hyukie said “Seungi-ah.” I’m trying to imagine Seungi acting like a dongsaeng to Eunteuk. ^^ I really wonder how they interact with each other not on broadcast. XD

    Again, thank you!

    (Also thanks for editing my embarrassing embedded comment)

  6. Sooooo funny!! Thank you for the post. :)

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