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Behind the scenes with Seunggi [Zipel CF, Summer 2011]

SES: Would you place that in the Zipel?
LSG: Yes (in super cute playful aegyo voice!)
Wow, how are you able to organize things so well?
[Voiceover about how amazingly you can organize things in the Zipel! Ha.]
LSG: I keep wanting to see you.

OMG, how does “I keep wanting to see you” fit here!  Ha.  But I loves it!!  And LSG’s aegyo “yes” is too cute!  So, I’ve been on a lime kick because of this CF!  I’ve been slicing limes into my pitcher and now I can’t drink water without limes!  This CF~ the concept, music, style, everything is perfect!  Summertime, breezy, relaxing!  I was majorly anticipating after MBC Section TV interview last month and Samsung Zipel did not disappoint!  More behind the scenes video and photos from the CF shoot…

Behind the Scenes, Zipel Grandestyle 840 CF

The second meeting between Zipel Gradestyle 840 and Lee Seunggi
LSG: The weather’s so great. It’s really great today. I’m happy to be filming together with mother nature. (Back to filming)~
Wow, how are you able to organize things so well?
You look so pretty today.
I’m lucky to have met you.
I keep wanting to see you.

Love the “My Girl” song.  Love the classic music Zipel always uses!  Last time it was “By My Side” for Smart Lady CF.  Prior to that, “L.O.V.E.” for 2010 Summer CF.  And the first one, maybe my fave style/look~ “I Love You” to introduce the new fridge.

And the gorgeous all-white furnished Secret Garden film set by the water with the natural greenery and sun outside is perfect!  But feel so bad Seunggi had to FLIRT with the FRIDGE!  Again!  But thankfully it didn’t make it to the final CF cut!  OMG.  Is this what it takes to get housewives to go out and buy upscale fridges in Korea?

Zipel CFs and ads have been one of my faves (minus some of the over the top kimchi fridge ones!).  I always prefer stylish boyfriend Seunggi over the someone’s son image!  So I love Seunggi and Sohn Eun Seo “playing” a couple in this CF!

Samsung consistently puts out glossy CFs and they’re out with another stylish website version… Loves it!~  Zipel Grandstyle

Love how Seunggi looks (style, pose, vibe) in classic all-white from head to toe!

(Hello Cody, this is what it looks like when Seunggi gets to wear clothes that actually fit him!!!  Seriously Cody dude~ it’s not that difficult!  Please call me to discuss!)

More from the CF shoot…  Seunggi and actress Sohn Eun Seo.

Outside enjoying mother nature and sun by the lake!  Like a perfect weekend trip!

Working indoors and filming the CF.

From the actual CF.  Seunggi looks great! Love the white/green color contrast!

I need to join the Samsung marketing division!  They are so talented!  People say Seunggi’s CFs are effective because when you see a product Seunggi endorses, people equate Seunggi with that product.  Like with some other CF models, even though they endorse a lot of things, people don’t readily connect the product and the model, nor even remember who endorses the product.

Of course, a lot of this can be attributed to our lovely endorsement model!  And Seunggi did launch Zipel’s new fridge line!  But Samsung’s CF thematic concepts and continuity have been really effective.  Like how they kept this new Summer 2011 Zipel CF and marketing similar, yet slightly different from last summer’s version…

Similar all-white fashion style, set in all-white furnished setting, situated by the water outside, and the return of green limes!  They changed up the song (another good catchy breezy summer tune) and added an actual girl (thank God he doesn’t have to sing/flirt with the fridge in the actual CF anymore!)

All this creates a connection (affection, attachment, familiarity) with the consumer over time.  Of course, it can only be as effective based on the model’s likeability factor!  The reason why they say it’s a pretty big deal in Korea when a celeb is asked to renew their endorsement contract, especially with a top reputable brand.

Omg, this has evolved into a marketing/advertising post!  I must’ve temporarily gotten confused and thought I was writing the intro of some analytical paper here!  LOL.

Zipel~ hope to see more related videos and photos please!

(Images: Zipel Sinbustory, As labeled;  Videos: DrMariee Sinbustory; English: LSGfan)

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  1. Looks so good in white! SeungGi you’re perfect in every way!

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