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Lee Seunggi at Kolon Sport 2011 Fall/Winter fashion show

*** UPDATED: Red carpet arrival and fashion show video clips ***

July 6, 2011.  Fashion Show.  Kolon Sport 2011 Fall/Winter Collection.  Endorsement model Seunggi and others showed up and sat front row and center, while his CF model partner Lee Minjung (looking fabulous as usual!) walked the runway.  Stylish outdoor brand Kolon Sport showcased 3 types of outdoor lifestyles: Extreme, Trekking, and Travel…

The outfit:  Black pants, short sleeve white button down, black belt, black/orange patent leather sneakers, and plaid fedora hat.

Why can’t Cody seem to piece together an ensemble to accentuate Seunggi’s best features?!  Like with hats that fit the outfit AND fitted clothes!  And what the heck with that casual hat when you have a more sleek white shirt/black pants outfit type of thing going on?!  Also, I’ll ask for the millionth time~~ How freaking hard it is to put a clean crisp FITTED shirt on Seunggi?!  I despised Cody SO much on this day because it wasn’t just any fashion show, it was the ONE that Seunggi um, is the main CF model for!  Sheesh!

Hook people read all the articles related to Seunggi,  So either they think they don’t need other people’s opinions on fashion (which wouldn’t surprise me!) or the Cody/Stylist is an anti (or has idiotic fashion sense!)  Ughhhhh!

But Seunggi was like beaming!  Thank God!

Ha, even Seunggi seems a bit stressed by this look…?!~

Close ups… I love the hat.  But again, I don’t get what Cody is thinking when she pieces things together!

To be fair, the other stars’ outfits weren’t much better, but at least their pieces seemed to go together!  Although there were some interesting choices…


Celebs arrive and walk the red carpet
Woah, interesting… Jay-Z’s New York song is playing in the news clip!

Seunggi, Actor Lee Sun Kyun (one of Um Tae Woong’s best friends), Yeon Jung Hoon (husband to actress Han Ga In, and fellow Samsung endorsement models)

Actor Kim Min Jong, Current IT guy Kim Bum Soo (from I am a Singer), Yang Joon Hyuk (baseball player from 1N2D and Han Hyo Joo’s biggest fanboy!)

Actress Lee Minjung (Kolon Sport model), Actress Nam Gyu Ri, Actress Go Joon Hee

Omg, Go Joon Hee looked amazing!  I loved her outfit!  It was perfect.  Fancy and stylish for a fashion show but casual enough for a non-formal outdoor clothing fashion show.

And walking the runway, Minjung looked totally put-together and very chic in all black!

VIDEO~ Kolon Sport  F/W 2011 Collection fashions show
I’m assuming these are highlights from the show.  Or else, it was a very short show! Snippets of Seunggi and the rest of the celebs trying to look fashion-show-audience cool, and Minjung shows up at the end of the show.

The more I think about it, Seunggi should’ve really walked the runway with Minjung!  I know he’s super busy with tons of stuff, so that better be the reason.  I think it’s kind of messed up to have both endorsement models at the event, and only one walking the runway at the end!

Kolon Sport~~ next time I want to see Seunggi walking the runway too!

At first, I was sort of bummed that only Minjung was walking in the fashion show, but seriously, with the way Cody dresses him to NOT accentuate his best features, the fashion labels would be hard-pressed to even know that Seunggi could look stylish on the runway!  Cody (and Hook!) need to start dressing Seunggi like the top star he is! Ok, I’ll try to stop my ranting now!

Yeon Jung Hoon also in a fedora.  With sunglasses and carrying a backpack the entire time!  But, the outfit (even though I’m not really into it) actually works because all the pieces actually make sense together.  Oh wells!  By the way, Seunggi’s skin looks fabulous!

As fashion shows go, it’s all about where you’re seated and the press photos that stream out afterward!  And I bet Seunggi wasn’t too upset that he had to sit next to the gorgeous Go Joon Hee!  I think she’s currently on drama Can You Hear my Heart.  Interestingly, buzzed about actress Nam Gyuri was sitting on the other side of Seunggi, but practically no two-shots of them!  Um, maybe because of that green dress get-up she had going on!  I have a feeling Seunggi totally DID NOT make conversation with Go Joon Hee! hahaha.

Actor Lee Sun Kyun showed up looking super duper casual in oxford and jeans but again, the outfit made sense put together!  I wonder if he and Seunggi talked since he’s like one of Um Tae Woong’s best friends.  The running joke is that the two guys look alike too!  They really do!

And I love this actor line photo!  Seunggi with veteran actors!  From left to right~ Kim Min Jong, Yeon Jung Hoon, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sun Kyun!

And great to see super talented singer Kim Bum Soo getting so much love!  Hope he and Seunggi got to catch up.  Seunggi watches I am a Singer (I’m assuming via download and not during 1N2D!).  Kim Bum Soo’s rendition of Kim Sora’s “Please” was last remade by Seunggi.  And Kim Bum Soo mentioned Seunggi on I am a Singer during that episode!  And honestly, Kim Bum Soo’s rock ballad version was totally awesome!  I’m sure Seunggi thought so too!

Candid shots… Knowing Seunggi, I’m thinking he’s mainly trying to look cool and laid back for the cameras!  Hahahaha.

Here’s Lee Minjung walking the runway.  Aw, love Seunggi’s expression here!  I need to see an interview of them together!

And I’m anticipating the Kolon Sport 2011 fall/winter looks Seunggi will be sporting this fall!  Nice…

And my fave look.  Love it!  I would totally buy this jacket/dress!

Seunggi even signed some autographs before the show began…

And also looked bored, while trying to still look cool~!

(Images: As labeled, dcLSG;  Videos: Leeseunggiworld, Kolonsport)

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9 Responses

  1. As always! I’m totally looking forward to hearing what you had to say to this. I also questioned Cody’s fashion sense more (as if I don’t already) when I saw the first pictures on Daum. Argh. The hat was not a good choice, and the shoes… I think Cody wanted (during the last minute of dressing him up!) for Seung-gi to fit the ‘futuristic ergonomics” theme of the fashion show, so he dressed him with those black and orange shoes. It would have been nice if he had rugged leather boots. Or something that would match the blue hat he had on if he insists on Seung-gi wearing it. *sigh*

    Anyway, I love Jun Hee’s lips! (off to Etude to buy that shade.) And Gyuri’s shoes! Although the outfit of hers, not that much.

    Since we’re talking about Seung-gi’s clothes, in the recent episode of 1N2D, I totally dig his look. The pants were awesome, and I dunno why, but striped shirts look so good on Seung-gi.

    Thank you, Ann! I hope you’re doing well these days =)

  2. Yay! A new post!!! I was waiting to know your thoughts on his outfit! Seung Gi deserves a new stylist! But agree his skin looks great! I love his big round eyes! Miss you Ann!

  3. same sentiments here…
    Well, I’m a bit new in fangirling Seungki. I reckoned Cody is his personal stylist right?….I think she/he needs to focus more on coordination. His hat and shoes are mismatched. When I first saw it, even though i’m not really into fashion , one will know that its a bit off..

    Well, Seungki was able to pull it off. Hope the stylist could accentuate his best features more ^^

  4. I LOVE that hat.. XD so so cute. and his expressions are awesome. :)
    It put me in a smile.
    I feel so bad… All I did was look at sg’s pix… after this comment, I promise to go back and look at other people’s too. -_-”

    btw, did you listen to Eunteuk hilarious rendition of Seungi’s You’re my woman… hahaha. Seungi’s not in it but i thought it was hilarious. ^^

    • Ooops… I didn’t know it would get embedded… My bad. -_-”
      Please edit my comment or something. Sorry again.

      • I agree with you… I love the hat as well!! ^^ I thought it looked cute from the waist up… I hate the pants though. And thanks for the vid… That was EPIC funny. Such dorks. I think they shouted out to Seungi right?

  5. No prob K~ I love it! OMG! this sukira clip is HIL-ARIOUS!!! Them giving shout out to Seunggi in beginning is daebak! Found clip with them laughing at end too. Will post the translation part in beginning since i just loves it!

  6. finally, a much awaited comment from you, Ann unnie xD.

    oh, really. when I saw the press release photos for the 1st time, I was like, WTH?! =.=
    Blue, white, black, and even a bit of orange there? o.O
    they really don’t go together :(

    but still, Seung Gi oppa looks really handsome himself.
    his skin, is really… AMAZING!! <33

  7. I think it’s the color of the fedora. It would have been better if it was darker, not blue. But his skin looks amazing and glowing.

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