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Seunggi and other top actors to host SBS drama special

*** UPDATED with a little FYI about the special tonight ***

[Original Post,  Oct. 27] ~ Having just celebrated its 20th anniversary, SBS will broadcast a special  “10 Dramas We Want to See Again” highlighting past popular dramas. It was announced today that SBS will air this special 1-hour segment each day over a two-week period, starting November 1st through the 12th.  A different drama will be featured each day with lead actors MCing the 1 hour long program for each drama.  The 10 dramas chosen by 2000 tv viewers for this special include the following beloved SBS dramas…

Nov. 1 ~ Sandglass (1995)
Nov. 2 ~ 청춘의덫 (1999)
Nov. 3 ~ Stairway to Heaven (2003)
Nov. 4 ~ 쩐의 전쟁 (2007)
Nov. 5 ~ What Happened in Bali (2004)
Nov. 8 ~ Lovers in Paris (2004)
Nov. 9 ~ On Air (2008)
Nov. 10 ~ Brilliant Legacy (2009)
Nov. 11 ~ Piano (2001)
Nov. 12 ~ All In (2003)

In particular, the following representative actors will personally appear to MC each of the dramas: Park Sang Won for “Sandglass,” Lee Byung Hun for “All In,” Kim Jung Eun for “Lovers in Paris,” Jo Jae Hyun for “Piano,” Lee Jong Won for “청춘의덫,” Ha Ji Won for “What Happened in Bali,” and Lee Seung Gi for “Brilliant Legacy.”

In addition, there are plans for Go Hyun Jung, Park Shin Yang, Jo In Sung, Yoo Ho Jung, Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Soo Mi, Lee Won Jung, and other actors who participated in these dramas to share memorable episodes with the tv viewers via interviews.  An SBS drama representative said, “This program was planned with the idea of rewarding tv viewers for their love.”

Woah, some heavy hitters!  And I’m so excited to see Seunggi on that list with the older veteran actors!  Can’t wait to see him MCing the Brilliant Legacy special.  I’m assuming they’ll ask Han Hyo Joo to participate too. Curious to see their thoughts on the drama, their lives now, and just want to see them laugh it up again together!

I loved Woong from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, but after recently English-subbing the 2009 SBS Drama Awards clips, I really missed the easily annoyed but amazingly sweet Hwan and Brilliant Legacy. I started re-watching Brilliant Legacy again last week and I love it even more!  It will definitely be a classic, loved by people for a very long time!  And I’m so glad the drama is still getting so much love!

(via Edaily)

*** UPDATED with a little FYI about the special tonight ***

So that you guys aren’t super disappointed if a lot of Host Seunggi or other interview features aren’t shown (as I was expecting and hoping for)…

I watched the “What Happened in Bali” special and most of the 1 hour was highlight clips from the drama, narrated by some generic voice.  Ha Ji Won introduced the drama in for a short few minutes, then showed up again at the end to close.  The end part was like 2 minutes, and mainly brief comments from two other cast members separately; unfortunately, with no Jo In Sung or So Ji Sup.

It may be different for Brilliant Legacy, but I think it’ll be similar in format to the other specials.  Even still, for fans of BL, watching the drama story unfold again should be a treat!  And plus, even if it’s only for a few minutes, I’m really looking forward to seeing Seunggi introduce the drama even if only for a brief few clips!

(Cody, please don’t let me down.  Would love to see a Hwan-outfitted Seunggi hosting this BL special, just for old times sake!!)

And press release articles are reporting that in addition to Seunggi, Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin will be making comments about how special this drama is to them.

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13 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    I am totally with you. Just finished BL yet again. Some parts I used to feel a little bit over the top, but upon re-watching, they become so poignant. Like Hwan’s speech in front of the workers to support Grannie. I was so moved.
    I love MGIG too, but to showcase Seunggi’s talent, a multi-layered, darker, and weightier drama like BL is perhaps more suitable.

  2. Count me in guys! me too BL is such a special drama for me, it’s a reason why i knew Seung Gi.
    Love to see my Hwansung couple again.

    Ann thank s for the article.. can I post this to Airen international of course credit is to your blog..


  3. I really really miss Hwangsung couple.watch BL six time and still loving it !!!!! Thank for sharing !!!

  4. yes, me too girls…every nights watches bl before go to bed. maybe its weird..but i think i really2 love every parts of hwansung in bl..never boring!

  5. what kind of show it is?
    if Seunggi is the mc, so, who will be the guest?

  6. The first broadcast of the 10 day special is next Monday at 7pm so we’ll probably get a better gist of the format of the 1 hr programs.

    For BL, I’m assuming they have to have HHJ on. Also I think Moo chae won will appear too. She has her first lead drama role in upcoming SBS drama It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl so I’m sure SBS would love to give her some related promos! I really like MCW too so i so hope she’s on! and maybe BSB will show up too.

    Has anyone bought the BL Eng DVD? does it have any extras? I think I’m going to buy it.

    • BL is the first drama DVD that I ever bought. It was on promotion in Singapore and my goddaughter bought it on my behalf assuming that I’ll buy it since she know that I’m so crazy over Seunggi.

      The DVD only costs about US$12/- with eng, Chinese and korean sub and audio is Chinese and Korean but no BTS scenes. I thought it was pretty cheap since I bought it more than 6 month ago.

  7. My BL DVD has a rather good English subtitle. Which explained my surprise when I saw the 7 or 8 episodes offered on Singapore Airlines in-flight movies did not have any subtitle. I mean what’s the point? It’s being promoted by the Korean government and SIA (as a red-eye offering), and they did not bother to add in subtitles???

    My version only has the few minutes of NG. Wish them do a full-blown job like LOST DVD.

  8. i love too see SG and HJ together, they’re perfectly match…
    hope that they’ll pair up again on next drama..

  9. hwansung …. really love this couple…

    really…i know seung gi bcoz of this drama.. Brilliant Legacy…
    about MGIG… is a good drama too.. but i dont catch chemistry between seung gi and Min Ah… they both looks like a nuuna and dongsaeng :)
    and…. its an ordinary visible for me… :)

  10. we all are wanting to see them together.. even in just an interview! LOL.. sooo miss HwanSung!

  11. i knew Seung Gi thanx to BL and started to like him during watching BL. And I’m very thankful to BL for this. I’m going to re-watch it.
    But I started to LOVE Seung Gi and tried to know him more only because of MGIG ^^ Anyway, BL is one of my favorite dramas for all times))

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