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2nd annual Gaon Chart K-pop Awards – Lee Seunggi [2013]

Congrats Seunggi~~~~!!!!!!

February 13, 2013. Gaon Awards.  Lee Seunggi.

BSB: We will announce the final award, the singer for the month of December. Who will that be?
Presenter: I’m presenting but shaking… Ahh~ this is a person I really like.
BSB: Yes, all women like him.
Presenter: Did you see who it was?
BSB: Yes. hehehe (Aw, Bae Soo Bin…)
Presenter: And not only as a singer, but also shining as an actor and active on both fronts.
BSB: I’ve filmed with him before… (shouts of LEE SEUNGGI!) As an actor, he’s also a very skilled friend.
Presenter: The 2nd annual Gaon Chart Kpop Awards, Singer Award for the month of December, is Lee Seunggi!

MC: The honor of the Gaon December Month Award goes to Lee Seunggi. Known as the Ballad Prince, Lee Seunggi’s song ‘Return’ received tremendous love from the mass public for its perfect healing music of moving melody and gentle soothing vocals.  He ranked #1 for with 110,364,099 points.  Let’s listen to Lee Seunggi’s thoughts on winning…

LSG: Thank you. I wasn’t able to be at the Awards Show in person last year so it’s great to be here together this time. Actually, I didn’t anticipate this album in a big way but mainly wanted to do music that I liked, so thank you again to all our fans who loved it. And for putting in a lot while making the music… Hook Entertainment’s Rep, Kwon and all the others, executives, our managers… thank you again. And to Lee Sunhee sunbaenim, I want to say thank you again here. And lastly, while making this album, becoming a great music sunbae and good friend, I’ll share this honor with the skilled Epitone Project.

English: LSGfan; Video: kpopstreamonline01

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Seunggi and other VIPs support ‘Only You’ movie premiere

(video: Tiam062)

[October 18, 2011] Seunggi, who like never shows up at movie premieres, showed up at last week’s VIP premiere of So Ji Sup and Han Hyo Joo‘s movie Only You.  I was so excited since I always crave his ACTOR vibe more!  But, I was left fashion-depressed after seeing press photos of Cody’s assemblage choices (again!).  So it’s taken me a week to get over it!  (Plus, after seeing a super sharp Seunggi in a pin-striped banker suit for his government award today, and with Ha Ji Won (Ackk!), I’m happy with GLEE and feel GIGGLY and FAINT with happiness!!!)~~~

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Brilliant Legacy, SBS 20th Anniversary special [ENG]

Video ~ Seunggi’s commentary + related BL cuts [ENG]

(credit: rapport2010)

Video ~ Introducing Lee Seung Gi as Sun Woo Hwan
Best fanmade Seunggi – Sun Woo Hwan MV ever, re-uploaded!
Thanks Rapport for uploading these last videos for me!  We’ll all miss you lots!

(credit: Rapport2010; DCbrilliantlegacy)

Seunggi hosted the Brilliant Legacy 1-hour special on Wednesday as part of the SBS 20th Anniversary celebration of the top 20 dramas chosen by tv viewers. This drama will be a classic for years to come! I’m so happy for everyone involved.  And all the actors and the PD continue to be SO successful…

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LSG’s Brilliant Legacy BFFs on the set of Dong Yi

That is all of Seunggi’s BFFs… minus Seunggi.  Looks like Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin got a special visit from their Brilliant Legacy castmate Moon Chae Won on the set of Dong Yi.  Really love this entire BL foursome (of course only second to LSG-HHJ couple!) and during BTS BL filming they all really seemed chummy!

I despised Moon Chae Won’s BL character but really love how laid back and natural she is in real life. You rarely see her with a lot of make up or her hair all styled up.  I think she secretly likes Seunggi!  ha ha ha.  Well she chose him over Lee Min Ho on the BL YSMM special.  Actually, I think HHJ is a secret LSG fan too! :) Miss BL! :(
I’m still reeling over the fact that LSG chose MCW over HHJ in his Ideal World Cup!

Anyway, wonder what they talked about on the Dong Yi set…

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Brilliant Legacy, April broadcasts in China & Japan

(cr: DClsg)

Having recently ended a successful broadcast with high ratings on Fuji TV in Tokyo, BL is set to make April premieres on 2 channels in China and 2 channels in Japan.  There may be more to come…

Per DClsg, the geographical broadcast areas in Japan are shown above:  blue = Fuji TV; light green = Ishikawa TV; yellow = Kinsaye(?) TV.  The Japan broadcasts will probably use the same dubbing version from Fuji TV?  Hunan TV is also using dubbing.  Not sure why they just can’t use the regular voices and subtitles instead?  Looks like they’re building on Seunggi’s older kdrama Infamous Princesses as well, which I think had a popular broadcast in China recently.  Check out the previews…

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