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Moon ChaeWon and SeungGi reunite on Strong Heart

*** Tuesday’s Strong Heart broadcast has been canceled ***

*** Preview for Strong Heart Ep at SBS news site link ***

Strong Heart’s PD Park and his crew just love to bring on all sorts of people who are connected to the MCs, especially those connected to Seunggi…

Actress Moon ChaeWon (aka SeungMi) reunited with Seunggi after a long time.  They had acted together in last year’s drama Brilliant Legacy,  and she recently met him as a guest on SBS variety show Strong Heart recording.  It was revealed that Moon ChaeWon and SeungGi still keep in touch via mobile text message.  In addition to her connection to SeungGi, Moon ChaeWon’s story about the ups and downs in life that led up to her debut received a lot of attention.  This Strong Heart episode will broadcast on November 23rd.

What’s up with Seunggi’s Brilliant Legacy acting partners dishing about text messaging with Seunggi?  First it was HyoJoo, and now ChaeWon?  Will Bae SooBin also reveal he’s been text-messaging with Seunggi too?!  Actually, I really like SooBin and hope to see him and Seunggi reunited again soon too.

Seeing ChaeWon on the Brilliant Legacy Yashimanman special, she’s so incredibly shy and that was her first variety show appearance, so I’m really curious to see how she’ll be on Strong Heart, especially with Seunggi as MC.

Also, Seunggi notoriously shocked Brilliant Legacy fans when he chose ChaeWon over HyoJoo in his ideal girl world cup last year.  And, personally, I think he was being totally honest.  Personality aside, in terms of looks (which was the main criterion), I think Seunggi likes the more glamorous looking type!  Hm, will match-maker extraordinaire Hodong bring this up?!

(October 2009, KBS Special Lee Seung Gi Ideal Girl World Cup)

I SO SO SO hated Seungmi during Brilliant Legacy; she was so freaking desperate, I just hated her and felt embarrassed for her.  But the little that ChaeWon-in-real-life has shown of herself in interviews, I like her.  And after seeing Brilliant Legacy again recently, I think she and Hwan actually look good together too…

Chaewon’s first lead drama role is for an SBS drama, which unfortunately was getting a lot of not-so-great buzz because of the plethora of idol stars in the cast.  But I’m hoping the best for ChaeWon and her drama.  The cast members were promoting the drama on Strong Heart.  Very much looking forward to this episode!

(via Newsen; photo credits: SoompiLSG; DClsg)

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40 Responses

  1. she’s good and pretty but i dont like her (to death).. blame it on her Seung Mi character for trying to take Hwan from Eun Sung.. can never get over her and her evil mom.. LOL! :)

  2. and NO, i never liked the Hwan-Seung Mi tandem.. well, that’s just me.. :D
    and yeah, hoping to see Bae Soo Bin on SH soon! :)

    • I am with you…She is a very good actress but I just feel something uneasy about her. This is since Painter of the Wind. BSB was in that too and he is the most beautiful king I’ve ever seen.

      • when i saw her in BL Special, i didnt like how she ‘tried’ to be so demure in front of guys.. ugh! hahahahaha!

  3. I feel bad for MCW because I feel like because of her role as Seungmi (who was an extremely hateful character), ppl think MCW is Seungmi. esp bc EunSung was the ultimate heroine role.

    seems like a lot of ppl start out playing the secondary hateful roles and then play heroic lead roles which then make ppl fall in love with them. hope this happens with chaewon.

  4. I do feel bad for MCW. But honestly I always separate her as an actress and as SM in BL, But have to admit that I only came to feel uneasy about her after watching the BL special. Felt that she is not a very honest from her eye contact to the answers she gave. It is sad but probably she was not properly trained in PR image by her management. That appearance was a disaster for her PR wise.
    Hopefully with her new drama, she can project and improve her public image.Good luck to her and her new drama…

  5. moon chae won unnie — hwaiting!!!

  6. hope that I can see SeungJoo couple again,,,

    • me too.. i wonder when will Hyo Joo be their guest in SH.. hmm..

      • Yesss Han hyojoo needs to go on that show! I’m sure shell talk bout her struggle during spring waltz and how she overcame her pain in wanting to give up as an actress :(
        I mean look at her now she’s amazingly good at acting :)
        I loved. Her since NN5 .. She’s always been my role model since then ;)
        she wasn’t gorgeous.. Actually wen I first saw her I was like ehh…
        But then she really caught my eye!
        Love hyojoo unnnie!!
        She needs to go on strong heart asap!!!
        Ommg!! And for fun.. Kang Jo dong will probably tease them.
        He should try to see if seung ki gets jealous by askingbother guys on the show if they like hyojooo hheehhrr

  7. Bear with me while I add a bit more on the special LSG ideal girl episode. I find it very interesting because LSG answers contradict the signal messages coming from his eye expression especially his eye pupil on close shot..And we do know that the eye is the window to one’s soul. and it never lies. He..he.. I was really amused with his answers especially bet HHJ and MCW.Later his final choice. Since it is old clips and news, thought I would share it here..

  8. I watched Brilliant Legacy special too.And I remember MCW preffered LSG too over LMH. Well,I think seunggi may be remember this,and decided to choose MCW rather than HHJ. Or perhaps he tried to avoid rumour of him&HHJ. Dunno.. Seunggi is the one who knows the reason anyway Kk..

    Personally I dont really like MCW after watching BL special.I cant say she is a shy person. Perhaps she was nervous as it was her 1st appearance in variety show. I feel the way she acted in BL special wasn’t natural, even the way she speak seems so fake. But I like her as an actress,she did a good job in BL.

    • and same with people here, I want HyoJoo too in SH. Although my feeling said it is nearly impossible to have her there.

  9. Don’t really understand why so many people here are disliking MCW =( as a Seunggi fan, I personally like her (she’s pretty and her acting’s considerably good and has potential).. I do find her kind of unnatural and awkward on BL special but I think she’s a shy person (HHJ comparatively is more of an extrovert) and she may not be used to having many cameras shooting her at the same time and not trained in voicing her thoughts in front of so many people (variety is very different from drama filming and not everyone is like our Seunggi who aces in all).. I hope she did better in Strong Heart! Looking forward to today’s episode =)

    • its just the fangirl in me (and how i deeply love HwanSung :D).. don’t be bothered, its just my personal opinion.. :)

    • I only don’t like her when she was in BL Special. I’ve seen her in BL BTS and she looks lovely and more natural there..
      and yes, I hope she will be doing good in SH today’s episode too.. :)

    • moon chae won a very good actress, pretty and funny ..
      I like moon chae won..
      so natural that SeungGi chose …

  10. yay! can’t wait for this episodeee :)
    i think MCW is actually a sincere person, she was prob too nervous during the BL special, which is acceptable, since it was her first one!

    i recently rewatched BL also & i sorta fell in love with Hwan&SeungMi in the beginning….because they actually looked cute together! her story was really sad cuz she was a really nice girl who fell in love w/ her only oppa….she should of gotten a happy ending too! it’s just her mom that was the devil…way to go, seungmi’s mom for ruining her life! i tell ya, this drama frustrates me every now & then, but in a good way >.<

  11. ill start watching her new drama.. perhaps it could make me like her.. :D

  12. I agreed with junie, it was her character in the drama…in other words..her acting was good and impressive that made people hated her.

    I liked her and Seung gi made the right choice in choosing her as the ideal girl in world cup..

  13. kkkkk~ I think I’m the one and only airen that loves Hwan-Seungmi couple ^___^ pls dun hate me..

    Her acting skill on Brilliant Legacy is quite impressive. Thank u so much for posting those pictures Ann, love it.. :)

    • nope, your not the only one. I love hwan-seungmi couple too. even I think they have better chemistry than hwansung couple hehe..

    • i like hwan-seungmi couple.. ^^

    • Well, actually, i like hwan-seung mi couple too.. Just because her character in that drama is like that, it doesn’t mean that she is a bad person.. Forgive me HHJ fan, but if Seunggi said he chose MCW over HHJ, that means he PREFER MCW over HHJ.. get over it!!

  14. I LOVE Moon Chaewon. She was amazing in BL, totally overshadowed Han Hyojoo, imo. I’m great she got her first lead role in the new drama, and am hoping the drama to actually be a good one. It’s been a while since her last project. I can’t wait to see her on Strong Heart, hopefully she dishes some of Seunggi’s dirty laundry, heh! XDD

    • the reason why (i believe) you think MCW overshadowed HHJ is because HHJ’s character is way easy to portray compared to that of MCW. HHJ only needed to be herself which means she does not need to exert a lot of effort, while with MCW, she has to make the audience perceive that she is the ‘villain’.

    • i like Moon Chae Won ..
      very.. very… LIKE… :D

  15. I don’t like MCW,I only like HHJ…………..

  16. invite Han hyo joo to be the guest of Strong Heart.

  17. windy thats a daebak idea! has she been a guest before in SH? and why dont they invite her over? are they afraid that we would find out nitty gritty details abut HJ and SG’s relationship with Hodong prodding, i remember Hodong trying to ask Seunggi to introduce her to them ( 1n2d hyungs )

    • Yes that would be a brilliant idea having HHJ on SH. I am really surprised she is his only co star not on SH. More so since BL is SBS production. Maybe it is because of Dongyi which is MBC production. But then she could have appeared last year before the screening of MBC.maybe there might be another reason she never been on SH…….ha…ha .With Hudong prodding, it can get to be uncomfortable at times,like in the BL special.(the billiard encounter)….:)

      • not just HHJ, i would want to see 4 or more cast from BL.. it will be a mini-reunion sepacial.. keke.. HHJ, Bae Soo Bin, Hwan’s sister, Hwan’s guy friend ( i am only picking the young ones as I dont remember SH guesting Oldies.. keke..)

  18. *special

  19. speaking of Brilliant Legacy Special, is it up in Viikii? And Subbed? I want to watch the whole episodes. I just managed to watch snippets of it in Dailymotion

  20. Moon Chae Won Is the best .. ^^

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