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Seunggi’s 2010 concert outfits and styles [Recap]

Some great fan photos.  Seunggi and Boowhal rocking it out, Seunggi singing ballads and trot, the Hoi Couple walking hand in hand making everyone freaking jealous, Seunggi singing with Park Soo Jin (Noona from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)…

I think this was his first number ~ Love Taught me to Drink.  Felt the suit was a bit ill-fitted, like a bit too big per Cody’s usual preferences!  But seeing some of the fancams, he sounded great!

I think this is Will you Marry Me?  I loved the more simpler fitted, relaxed t-shirt blazer outfits like this one.  Hope to see more of this stuff…

Definitely was not into the trot outfits, songs or dances…  Please no more!

Hoi Couple.  I think the fact that a notoriously shy Minah came to Seunggi’s concert says a lot about her fondness for and comfort with Seunggi.  I really hope they can remain good friends!  I love that that she’s so sweet to Seunggi.  and of course Seunggi is still bedazzled by her, like all the other guys in Korea!  Ha.

Just like the First Time ~ Seunggi and Park Soo Jin (she was singing Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung’s part).  I love this song so really want to see fancam of this…

Interview with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho cast…

I think this was song Ole Ole ~ and omg, what is up with the Michael Jackson sliver gloves?!  Agh, the hair is driving me crazy (and not in a good way!)  But when Seunggi’s smiling and being cute, I can’t even complain much!  Agh!  Annoying!

Rocker Seunggi…  Can’t wait to hear rock ballad Because You’re My Woman!

He even did the rocker jump pose from his promotion posters?!

Final song and ending.  Down falls the confetti (and Seunggi’s tears!) Aw…


Play by play snapshot of cue sheet for the concert…

(Images: As labeled, DCLSG, marianz, lemoniesnickers)

I haven’t seen enough clear photos or videos from the concert yet to make a final decision, and I hate to be totally superficial, but I think I liked Seunggi’s look WAY more at last year’s 2009 concert.

The hair, the hair, the hair… it makes all the difference.  And Cody, what was up with some of the extra large ajusshi suits and and neck-choking tops?!  I hope more fan photos and fancams will prove me wrong!  But glad that the concert itself was awesome and Seunggi sounded great!

See original larger versions of these photos at ~ naverblog/marianz

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing and translating. ^_^
    Wish I was at the concert! :)

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for sharing. I’m with you in terms of hair & dress style, totally prefer 2009 concert. He looks way sexy vs 2010 ajusshi concept. Really not digging the shiny gloves ala MJ! However, in terms of song 2010 concert seems better (especially the rock part).

    Eunice if you’re reading this: Maybe next year LSG will revisit his sexy mode again aka choc abs dance! yeh baby…a person can dream right? I’m so going next year.

    • Rin, I don’t think he will able show it again. Maybe that’s why they didn’t release 2009 DVD.

      As for his style and hair, I try not to complain about it since so far I’ve yet hear anyone who went complaining about it. I think his voice and of course his smile has make up for it. BTW, I just managed to watch the ROCK version of YAMW at DC before they deleted it and he is really good.

      P.S Tell you a secret, I’ve been re-watching video clip of his abs at youtube every now and then. here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGPCXkW5DhA keke!

  3. hi, thanks for sharing…
    for someone who really wants to see him on stage but can’t do so, this is so welcome…
    hope to hear news abt the DVD, oh pleasseee!!!

  4. Thanks so much Ann.

    I love SMA more because she agreed to appear in the concert like that. For a shy person, it takes a lot of guts to do it even IF it’s just for show.

    Love SG’s voice, from what little I managed to hear. Yes, DVD or HD clips please.

    Thanks Eunice for the ab-dance link. I really don’t understand why SG and almost everyone else keep saying he is not a good dancer. What do you mean??? Sure, those moves can be learned, but the fluidity of body, the innate rhythm, the reading of music mood…If those are not skills of a great dancer, I don’t know what is. Please, SG, stop being so humble! Everyone else, open your eyes!

  5. Aaah thanks so much… Haha yeah I’m totally with you I just don’t like the hair!!! ><

  6. Agh, I went to yoga this morning and it has done nothing to quell my annoyance/obsession with how cody is styling seunggi hair-wise and fashion wise! what makes it worse, is that he looked so amazing at last year’s concert! boo hoo hoo…

    yeah me too. wish SG would stop talking about he’s a bad dancer. he always brings it up first. it makes us focus on it. he just needs a better choregrapher. and based on the cutesy dance moves from his concert, it looks like Teacher Lee Sunhee may have been coreographing his recent numbers! please no more.

  7. Ann, ixory posted the link at soompi. I thought you may has missed it. The 2nd song was awesome. I’ve listening to it non stop.

  8. Ann, I’m sorry Im supposed to just post the link here.

  9. Thanks for sharing the rock song…he so awesome,,,,

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