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Zipel Nov. 2009 FanMeet: Seunggi with Lee Sugeun

UPDATE ~ Fan Meet to be held Nov. 9, 7:30pm. More info at Samsung Zipel site.

Samsung Zipel Assak is planning another fan meeting, set for November.  But with even less fans this time; I think it says only 100 fans will be chosen, each receiving 2 tickets… so a total of only 200 fans?  Zipel’s Nov 2009 fan meeting last year included 500 fans.  The date has yet to be announced.  Maybe it will be around the same time as the Nov 21 Hope Concert?!  If so, Tryp, Natt, Yon~ you guys have to enter the drawing!  Concert + fan meeting?!  Might be too much to handle without fainting?! Loved the clips from the Zipel fan meet last year, especially with SooGeun as MC…

High-quality clips from Nov 2009 Zipel Fan Meeting

(credit: windwind75 @youtube)

LSG greets the 500 lucky fans who made the cut…

LSG-Yoon Eun Hye’s CF…

LSG sings live version of CF song

SooG makes LSG sing.  SooG says the CF song was even more popular because LSG sang it in a fun way instead of in his professional singing voice.  SooG makes LSG do the ending assak pose.  SooG is having way too much fun making LSG do all sorts of silly things!  So cute.

LSG or CF product is more important…

SooG says Seunggi’s Assak song and the kimchi fridge have become such a big hit in Korea.  Seunggi (in his usual humble way) says that aside from the model, the quality of the product is more important.  SooG jokes of course, the product is most important, who cares how great the model is! LSG says people may have interest because of the model but ultimately buy because of the product. Crowd yells No!

LSG’s secret to doing well in school

SooG reads fan question: “Things are difficult for me because of Seunggi hyung. What is the secret to doing well in one’s studies?” SooG mentions LSG was school president. But LSG says you don’t necessarily have to do well in school to be president!  Fans are like no way. LSG says his method was to do a lot of repetitions as he’s not the type to easily memorize things, that he does that with drama scripts too. His advice is to persist and repeatedly study and review your work. SooG is so impressed! Ha.

How can people raise their kids to be like LSG…

SooG reads fan question: “What did your parents do? How can one raise their child to be like Seunggi?” SooG says all parents want their kids to be like nation’s son Seunggi. LSG says honestly he had his issues too, that his tv shows might be only showing the good image side.  Says his parents are similar to other parents. His dad worked hard and his mom took care of things at home.  What really helped him – He feels he just got a lot of support from his parents and that whenever he wanted to try new things they encouraged him to do so.

LSG chooses arkshells over exposing himself, fans over a girlfriend

SooG: Exposure-involved acting or picking arkshells? LSG: Arkshells! SooG: What’s more immediate to you?  A loving girlfriend or loving fans? LSG: Loving fans! SooG jokes: Lies Lies Lies! LSG also chose SooG over HoDong earlier on. SooG says if he had to choose, he would also choose Seunggi over Hodong. LSG jokes that SooG always gets nervous when Hodong’s name is even mentioned to which SooG says he  thinks he’s somewhere in the crowd, that he keeps following him around!

Ystar coverage (no Eng Subs)

(credit: 3kny)

During the fun corner part called SeungGi’s real feelings ~ He was asked what’s more special to him, 1n2d or Brilliant Legacy. He chose 1n2d. Who he likes, Lee Soo Geun or Kang Ho Dong. He chose SooG. Which he has more confidence in, exposure-involved acting or picking arkshells. He chose arkshells! LSG jokes that he gave it his all for Brilliant Legacy but that 1n2d is a program that’s still continuing! During post-it Q and A. Fan question: “Are you dating Yoona?” SooG teases him and says why can’t you just say no, you’re not?! LSG says he doesn’t know what to say because when he says it’s not true, everyone freaks out and if he were to say it was true, they freak out even more. LSG: “I consider Yoona a really good hoobae. And I really wish everyone would please not have any misunderstanding about this.” Ends with him singing Because You’re My Woman.

ArirangWorld coverage (Eng Subs)

(credit: arirangworld)

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9 Responses

  1. Ann,im using handphone to surf net now bcause my laptop is gvg problem..did it says how to participate?

    • Yon do you know that tryp96 and china cafe is looking for urgently?

      • Yes eunice..i replied them tis morning when purple1n2d smsed me..my laptop gvg problem n i cant surf e net..i cld only use my hp which makes it difficult to surf..i didnt receive any msg in my china cafe pm either..thanks n sorry gals ^_^

  2. Haha, if I enter the drawing, what am I going to do with the kimchi fridge I have to buy? It’s not really going to fit into my suitcase. ^^

  3. do we need to buy the fridge to go for the fans meet? i thought most of the fans meet does not really need to buy their products… ^_^…. maybe we just need to stalk him at the venue….keke…

  4. ‘LSG says honestly he had his issues too, that his tv shows might be only showing the good image side’
    Seung Gi is so honest..
    Thanks Ann for the translation. Watchng the videos again because now I know what they were talking! Thanks!

  5. Wow, it does seem like you have to buy a fridge in order to enter?! maybe that’s why they’re only limiting the fan meet to 100 chosen entries!

    Tryp and Yon and anyone else going to the concert in Seoul~ maybe you can buy the fridge to enter the drawing. and if you get chosen, you can sell the fridge online after you go to the fan meet!

    based on the small number of ppl they will choose, i bet this fan meeting will be super nice and intimate like the one they did for Activia last time! boo hoo.

  6. hahahaha….Ann,it’s a good idea but i don’t have more money to purchase Zipel lol

    • me too, this trip is already costing me a bomb..keke.. (air ticket alone is abt S$1000+/- plus accomodation and $$ to spend over there for shopping/eating,etc..)

      what happen if i buy the fridge and didn’t get to be pick for the fans meet? i will cry a bucket and throw trantrum over there…..hahahahahahahahahaha… then SGi will have to come and comfort this immature noona… ^_^ hahaha…

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