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2010 Hope Concert announcement + 2009 Concert photos

*** UPDATED with guest lineup and and related post links ***

(cr: AirenDrama; Interpark)

[Original post, 10/1/2010] OMG, I love the clips they chose from his 2009 concert!  For all the fans, especially the international ones going to the concert, this concert is looking to be one of SeungGi’s best!  Per updated poster info:  “Lovely Guy Lee Seung Gi!  He has returned as Musician Lee Seung Gi! Beyond your imagination! Be moved limitlessly!  The secret that can only be found out at Lee Seung Gi’s concert to be revealed soon.”

Seunggi’s November 2010 Hope Concert info posted at his official website. Tickets on sale starting October 7 at Interpark.  KB Bank is sponsoring the concert again this year – definitely great news because their marketing is top-notch!  KB had an awesome site promoting Seunggi’s concert last year.

UPDATED Guest lineup and performances…

Joint stage performance with legendary rock band BooHwal and performances from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho actor/singers Shin Min Ah, No Min Woo, and Park Soo Jin singing tracks off the drama OST!

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I found these great photos from Seunggi’s 2009 Hope Concert on a Korean blog a few months ago but never posted them until now.  I remember reading that there were literally fans of all ages, male and female, including little kids there with their parents, teens, young adults, to older grandmas and grandpas – which is so awesome but I also hope Hook remembers that Seunggi is a 23-year old guy and lets him have that sort of fan experience too (!)…

Singing K-Will’s Brilliant Legacy OST song “The Person Living in My Heart”~

Singing “Melody”~

Acoustic version of “On the Road to Vacation”~

Singing Will You Marry Me~

Duet with Baek Ji Young for “My Ear’s Candy”~

Dance featuring Seunggi’s abs (!)~

Singing traditional Trot for the older fans~

Special performance during the break from MC Mong~

Finale, End of Concert~

Natt at leeseunggiworld blog actually went to Seunggi’s 2009 concert.  Check out her photos from her trip to Seoul HERE and HERE.

Potential special guests…

So curious!  Maybe reunion of the Hoi Couple?  Would love to see Seunggi and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung perform their song “Like the First Time” just once together; she’s got an amazing voice!  Or maybe we’ll see the return of Baek Ji Young again; we know how much she loves our Seunggi.  Or it would be so daebak if Kim Yuna showed up to sing Smile Boy with Seunggi!

15 Responses

  1. i love kim yuna! i would go to his concert if she performs with him! nations younger sister and nations younger brother together!

  2. wish i could hear him sing at his concert. didn’t know he sang a song with davichi. really love his song from mgig. would be so great live.

  3. mc mong duet with seunggi please!

  4. Of course shin min ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hahaha~ i’m super duper happyyyyyyyyy.. bcause Lee Seung Gi’s concert was right on my birthday, 21 NOVEMBER 2010.. but the next day i was sitting on the biggest exam in my life.. urgh.. struggle..

  6. awww…i wish i could go to his concert…well, definitely anyone from your list…but it would be daebak if shin min ah could come and do some duet with seunggi too…they could do the Hoi~Hoi song together!!! Hoi~Hoi!!! ^0^

  7. wish i could go but this is too far from phils…
    hope they’d sell a dvd or photobook of the event…
    would just like to ask, as im kinda new lsg fan, has there been any dvd of his previous concerts? thanks

  8. I really want to go!!! But already scheduled a trip and need to hold down the fort while my husband gets on his travel!

    Saw one of my favorite songs from the clip of his 2007(?) concert – 외쳐본다. Seung Gi was in a simple shirt and trousers, hair longish. The way he swayed with the music, his total command of the stage…I was his from that moment on.

    Please, Hook or whoever, start issue those concert DVDs, from the first one!

    • How dare your husband schedule travel at the same time as Seunggi’s concert?! ^__^ I’m totally in love with the promo clip too and am super hoping that Hook put out a DVD, but i’m not going to hold my breath!

  9. I really wish Hook would release the concert on DVD, I have a ALL region player ready for IT!!! I want to watch the concert soo bad.

  10. Yeah, I know, it’s totally unfair.

    But he tolerates my Seung Gi obsession pretty well. And when I made him watch BL, he did and agreed that it’s a good show. So I forgive him.

  11. Is there a DVD made for the 2009 concert? would love to watch it!!!!

  12. Can anyone please tell me where I could purchase the ticket to Lee Seung Gi’s Concert this coming Nov 21, 2010? Please help? Thanks in Advance.

    • if you can go, you should totally go! there are still tickets left. if you click on the above Interpark link, they have an English version available.

      Tryp96 is going and she always has the 411 on everything, so you should check out her twitter and tumblr (link listed under LSG sites) if you still need some help.

      I’m not going so I’ll be living vicariously through the fans who are going and who promise to bring back some great pix and fan accounts!

      • There’s an English option!? Yay. I realized after looking at the site that the tickets are about $87 USD, which isn’t all that bad… The hard part is getting there. LOL.

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