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SeungGi on Dong Heng Chuseok special [ENG]

Following the postcard to the 5 Siblings, Seunggi sent them another letter last month.  Dong Heng aired a special Chuseok broadcast, including a clip about Seunggi and the 5 Siblings family, narrated by famed singer Insooni.

(cr: ENGrapport)

Omg is there anything left to say about awesome and sweet Seunggi??!!

Seunggi’s letter to the 5 Siblings

To my 5 sibling friends. The cool refreshing winds of fall are here.  It has already been over 6 months since we met.  I had a happy journey home after meeting you and you and your parents that day, and I learned a lot from seeing you and your parents.  I promised I would stop by your father’s snack store.  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to fulfill that yet.  I will definitely stop by when the time permits, so until then you can’t forget about me.
~ September 12, 2010. From Seung Gi hyung ~ oppa.

Cute stationery from Seunggi
Based on this screencap, it looks like Seunggi wrote them a longer letter but they only read an excerpt for the show; the dad was also holding extra pages.

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8 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann for the translation. Amazing that Seung Gi did this during his busy filming time.

  2. Thank you Ann for the translation. Wow! why is this boy so perfect? Not only the way he speak even the way he writes just touches your heart. I hope one day he will be able to write his own song. Btw, I see, the way he talk, sit,stand, walk and most all his attitude towards everything, sometime it make me wonder is Hook grooming him to be a celebrity or a royal prince. Ever by looking by looking at his still photo from a far you can still see sparkle in the midst of the other celebrities. Ok enough of my raving. Hehe!

    Well Ann, weekend is here! Go and meet up with guys that you like. Don’t end like and old maid like me. Haha!

  3. is he really an angle?he is not human.i ‘m sure

  4. Hi all
    SeungGi on Dong Heng Chuseok special [Eng]

    Enjoy :)

  5. he’s so perfect! i love him so much! whoever marries him later on is soooooooo lucky! wahhhhh.

  6. thanks for translating the letter Ann!

    who on earth (among Kstars) would have the heart to personally write letters to people who are not really related to him.. wow.. our Seung gi is really one of a kind.. im sooo happy to have lived this generation because you don’t always get to know/see someone as angelic as he is.. in words and in deeds! that’s just one gesture that makes us love him more.. :)

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