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Seunggi Q&A, Zipel Fan Meet, Nov 2010 [ENG]

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***
Since it’s Seunggi’s The Saem Busan fan signing on Jan 30, 2011
(Final videos from Rapport2010! Thanks Rapport!)

[Nov. 14, 2010~ Original post] A bunch of high quality fancam footage from Nov 9, 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting! Seunggi introducing himself to fans at the start, surprise guest Teacher Lee Sun Hee complimenting Seunggi, and singing “I’ll Give you All.” Also, his thoughts on burning topics from fans ~ having “nation’s” descriptor attached to his name, his thighs getting too big, his status as an idol, his model image and drinking, respect for Hodong, his cooking skills, and his favorite type of kimchi.

Seunggi’s personal introduction

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News clips, Nov 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting [ENG]

*** UPDATED with 3 English-subbed video clips! ***

Seunggi talks about his future military enlistment, idol status, model image, dating, cooking, and his own real mom not wanting to burden her son…

Reason fans are enamored with Lee Seung Gi
His friendliness and sense of closeness cited as reason #1, and also his unpretentious nature and honesty.  Loved the comments from the younger fans.

(credit: rapport2010)

A few Seunggi  excerpts…

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The REAL Seunggi, 2010 Zipel fan meeting [fan photos]

Fans definitely know how to capture the best shots of the REAL Seunggi.  Fan photos are almost always way better than the press ones (even the pre-touched up ones)!  The press should just hire fans for future photo event ops.  I am SO loving the candid, warm, and real feel of these fan photos…


Select press photos, 2010 Zipel fan meeting [photos]

There were tons of press photos from the Nov. 9th Zipel Fan Meeting.  Unfortunately, many of the shots didn’t fully capture Seunggi’s lovely features, which I’ll partially blame on his Cody for outfitting him in a tightly wound up, top heavy turtleneck sweater, tweed jacket, and long scarf combo.  Nevertheless, in typical fashion, Seunggi’s fetching, shy smile totally made up for it!  Some of my fave press photos…


A few early photos from 2010 Zipel Fan Meeting

*** UPDATED with photo and video post links ***

I guess if you had to buy a high class kimchi fridge to be considered for the event, you’re going to have mostly young married women and older ajummas at the event.  I just love the above photo.  It depicts perfectly how females in Korea, of all ages, feel about Seunggi!  I can see the young mom and her daughter totally fighting over him…