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Samsung ‘Zipel Man’ Lee Seunggi signed to 4th straight year endorsement contract; Psy also joins [September 2012]

Since we’re on the topic…  Can’t leave out premium Samsung Zipel!  Why I never posted this?!?  Another 4th straight year endorsement contract renewal for Seunggi from September 2012.  And with the added fun of bringing Psy on for this year…

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Psy & Seunggi for 2012 Top 10 Korean advertisement models

Yes, this is one of those rare REAL scientific polls!  Conducted annually by KOBACA via Korea Media Consumer Research, the sample included 6000 persons, ranging from ages 13 – 64, residing in cities all across Korea.  Not surprisingly… Seunggi is in the top 10, at #2 and only shy 0.2% points from Psy who’s at #1.

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Lee Seunggi chats with Lee Sugeun [2012 Zipel Asak show]

SUG: I heard you don’t get a discount.  LSG: I’ll just give you one as a gift.
SUG: Which one?  LSG: The M9000 (oohs aahs)
SUG: Stop playing with me…
LSG: Ok then, I won’t do it (Ha, LSG not falling for Sugeun’s ways!)
SUG: What?! (Ha, Sugeun not expecting that!) I think this is what’s good between us. We’ve never given each other gifts when talking like this. (LOL)
LSG: No reason for us to feel burdened about gifting.
SUG: He may talk like this, but I’ll go home tomorrow and there will probably be a new fridge there. I tell you, he’s that kind of guy. Actually, Seunggi has bought more clothes for my kids than I myself have. (Aw~ so sweet!)
LSG: That is true. That is true.
SUG: We’re a warm family because of that!

English: LSGfan, Video: LSGMSI

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Seunggi cooks, shows off killer arms [2012 Zipel Asak show]

*swoon* Seunggi in black short-sleeve, fitted t-shirt (and killer arms!) from the 2012 Samsung Asak Show… Not much needs to be said… Happy Holidays photospam~!!

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Lee Seung Gi (이승기) – Invite(나에게 초대) MV

Whoa, so totally unexpected and out of nowhere… but so awesome and jjang~~!!  Including cameo of his Brompton bike and Viking ride from The King 2 Hearts!

(video: LOENENT)

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