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2010 Seoul Drama Awards, Yahoo interview [Eng Subs]

*** UPDATED with English subbed YT video ***

Follow up interview with Yahoo Korea following the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards ceremony in which Seunggi won the Best Star Award for Korea.

(credit: ENGrapport) Thx rapport!

Behind the Scenes at the Seoul Drama Awards
Wrap up from the event.  Includes brief footage of Seunggi fans, Seunggi’s name being announced and getting his award, and clip from his Yahoo Korea interview.

(cr: purpleyahoo)

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8 Responses

  1. Ann, thanks for posting and translation.

    I was wondering about this…They do come up with all sorts of awards don’t they?

    Articulate Seung Gi does not disappoint, as always.

  2. Wow, Seunggi-ya, this is an INTERNATIONAL award…you are loved beyond KOREA! Especially after portraying Daewoong, Congratulations!!! More dramas to come please, and may the awards follow!

  3. Thanks for the translations ann!! ^o^

  4. Yes, many thanks for the translation. I watched the video and was wondering what he said. As usual, LSG was so humble, such a charming young man !

  5. Hi LSG Airens!!!

    Here: [Eng] 2010 Seoul Drama Awards, Yahoo interview video

    Enjoy :)

  6. thanks so much ann and rapport! seunggi is so humble. i love seeing him in all his interviews! i can’t wait until all the awards shows at the end of the year… we’ll see seunggi alot right? drama awards. the other awards thing, entertainment one?

  7. Hi ann
    As your request

    [Eng] 2010 Seoul Drama Awards, Yahoo interview On YT


  8. thanks for the subbed vids

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