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[ENG] 2015.2.21 KBS Dong Heng Ep 8 – Seunggi Surprises a Hardworking Dad And His Two Sons

(video: Jessica Jai)

February 21, 2015. Seunggi cut of KBS Dong Heng ‘Lunar New Year Special’ — Seunggi surprises Sangyoon at his rural village middle school on graduation day, and celebrates together over a meal with his father and brother.  Later, he returns to join the volunteers who’ve come together to build a new home for Dad Hongchul and his two sons, and the newborn calves^^

Also, full video of episode 8 “Re-writing the Hope Diary of a Father and Two Sons”

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[Audio] 2014.11.4 KBS Stories of Precious Sharing – Lee Seunggi Narrates ‘A Father Who Sees With His Heart’

#CatchUpBlogPost.  November 11, 2014 – KBS Stories of Precious Sharing / Sonagi, Episode 26: A Father Who Sees With Heart, Young-in’s Promise. It was actually the inaugural episode after the program (previously named Dong Heng, which Seunggi narrated for in past years) was dormant for a while.  Seunggi donated his time and narration skills for the kick-off episode.  I love how so much of his work and activities are continued through the years, versus a one-time thing.

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Red Cross Youth 60th anniversary – Lee Seunggi interview

Proud Red Cross Youth Sunbae
Meaning of ‘sincerity’ According to Lee Seunggi

Red Cross Youth magazine [Autumn 2013] (pp. 8-13)

English: LSGfan; Images: Tryp96 via Red Cross Youth

From the beginning our hearts were pounding.  The person we met is singer-actor Lee Seunggi, beloved by all of Korea.  Dae~bak!  Despite his packed schedule while filming on location in Paju, he willingly spared his time for his Red Cross Youth hoobaes [juniors], and sunbae’s [senior’s] heart was as warm and moving as his stunning looks.  Having met him in person, he emanated a mature, charming demeanor in his 10th year since debut.  We were able to confirm that unlike a one-time shining star that disappears, he has indeed become a star who continues to garner the respect of many people as time goes on.  What could possibly be his secret?  That answer can be found in the talk we shared together. Listen carefully…

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Candid photos: Seunggi oppa-hyung & ‘DongHeng’ friends

Wah~~ Soyun, Dayun with Seunggi oppa after making, delivering kimchi to their apt.  Love the bond he still has with these girls after 2 years.  And Soyun’s cute red London hoodie… hm, where’d she get that?!  How can our prince/king be SO awesome~~?!

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More Seunggi & Paju Moms making kimchi for those in need

More BTS photos from PajuMom blog, and recent DongHeng community event cut. Great candid shots of Seunggi and everyone making kimchi for those in need.  Yay for volunteering and community service and helping others~~~

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