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SeungGi sends postcard to his dongseng fan

KBS show Dong Heng recently aired a clip of JooWon receiving a postcard from Seunggi.  After visiting the needy family, looks like Seunggi sent him a hand-written postcard in reply to the boy’s letter. Aw, so sweet~~~!

To JooWon-ee. Thank you for your sincere letter! I received it well! Unlike what JooWon-ee said, hyung is not some smart or particular person… it’s more about trying to work hard and having a thankful heart towards my parents and the people who have helped me and supported me. I think JooWon-ee has become a very awesome and smart person. Always staying bright and thankful, give your all in everything you do! Study hard! Fighting! 2010. 05. 31 Lee Seung Gi

English: LSGfan

Dong Heng show cut of JooWon receiving Seunggi’s postcard

Narrator: There also was a present that would make JooWon very happy.
Dad: JooWon, what is that?
JooWon: It’s a letter from Lee Seung Gi hyung.
Narrator: It was a letter from singer Lee Seung Gi who had previously participated with KBS Dong Heng.
JooWon: I like him and I’m very very thankful.

(English: LSGfan; Video: Tryp96)

omg, how can anyone not love this guy??!! Aghhhhh! I love how he always tells the kids to study hard!  And love that he always appreciates his parents and the people around him.  His personality, sincerity, and humility are definitely his top charms! LOL at the postcard he chose to send the boy! ha ha ha. The photo should look familiar to fans!

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4 Responses

  1. Ann,thanks for your translation. i know you’re so busy.
    fighting!!! ^^

  2. did he say seung gi is not smart??

    • no. clarification. seems like in his letter to seunggi, the little boy wrote that seunggi was smart and a particular person… and seunggi wrote back saying that he really isn’t that smart or particular but that he’s worked hard.

  3. the background song..why does they use that song? Isn’t it Crystal Kay (jpanese singer song?). I can’t see the relaton between that clip and the song…

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