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Perioe CF makes us want to brush our teeth more!

Loved the adorable BTS video of the Perioe cf a while back and now the tv cf is out, and as expected, it is just too cute for words!  It feels really similar to the incredibly touching and sweet Lotto Commission cf!  Looks like Perioe took a page straight from the Lotto! Read English translation below clip…

(video: AirenVideo/Tryp96)

LSG: Perioe is… pocket money?
[Pocket money- The first time our baby polished her dad’s shoes. I love you!]
LSG: Friendship.
[Friendship- We are 3 similng princesses. Let the light launch from our smiles!]
LSG: Newlywed Life.
[Newlywed Life- Let’s be together for a long long long time!]
LSG: Memories.
[Memories- Which guy did this to my face?!]
LSG: First kiss.
[First kiss- I might have my first kiss today… nervous.]
LSG: And… concern.
Voice: For the health of our children’s teeth, Perioe will meet you in your schools and kindergartens. We are making a happy brushing experience. The teeth expert you meet everyday, Perioe.

omg, these endorsement companies are marketing geniuses! How could any mom totally not want to buy perioe toothpaste and teeth products for their tots after seeing this commercial??!!

And for the yet to be married girls and young newlyweds… I so feel sorry for the guys!  Hey guys, sorry if we keep expecting more from you because of this guy named Seunggi! ha ha ha ha.

See more videos and photos of SeungGi and his adoring dongseng fans:

3 Responses

  1. Frankly speaking I love this perioe cf more than the new zipel cf. He look so happy, friendly and natural with the kids and vice versa. Kids are still kids no matter how good their acting are you will still see the real self in them. And from what I see the kids really love our boy. I have watch this cf countless time now.

    P.S he look gorgeous too. Especially the closed up of him in the cf.

  2. Look at the girl,
    she can’t stop look (stare) at LSG.
    So cute :)

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