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SeungGi and his little donseng fans

Event 2 on Seunggi’s totally packed Children’s Day events.
Samsug Suwon Soccer game at World Cup stadium.

In previous photos, Seunggi was looking like a real soccer player, and here it looks like he was having just as much fun as the kids during the halftime event!  omg, his flying hair! ha ha ha.  In addition to Seunggi and Leeteuk hanging out with the kids during halftime, their teams went head to head in this jumbo ball rolling race…

We know how much Seunggi wants 1st place; he orgnizes his team early on…

Here he is directing his team like a natural born leader…

And of course working equally as hard, if not harder, than everyone else…

Some really nice, bright press photos of Seunggi’s team totally all smiles…

omg, this poor little boy getting smooshed by the ball!
And in total 1n2d fashion, the team continues on b/c the games must go on…

Press shots of the little kids (donsengs) hanging all over Seunggi
Everyone just can’t seem to get enough of seeing Seunggi with kids!  He’s like totally natural with the kids and the kids just adore him… they’re probably big 1n2d fans!!!  But this little boy in orange was just too cute and looks like the press was just eating up his attachment to Seunggi… :)

Love these donseng (little brother) fanboys!
Look at them with their camera phones!  Curious to know how that lone girl with the pigtails got so lucky to get into the mix?

(photo credits: As labeled or DClsg)

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