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Perioe cf BTS video, SeungGi + kids = Love

SeungGi signed on to endorse LG Perioe products (toothpaste, teeth whitening, mints, etc) earlier on this year, but we haven’t seen any CFs yet. Supposedly, SeungGi hadn’t been able to film because of his tight schedule.  But they’ve already put out SeungGi Perioe mint promos and put his face on their toothpaste products!

But seems we’ll be seeing a Perioe CF soon!  [See Perioe CF] And a very cute one at that showing a cute SeungGi and a bunch of cute kids.  This Behind-the-Scenes making of video was shown on the Lotte shopping network tv…

(cr: AirenVideo)

There are so many of these home shopping networks  in Korea and they are so popular; and unlike here in the US, they actually sell top brands…

Anyway, there is just something about SeungGi being around kids that everyone just seems to love!!  I just can’t get enough of it!

(cr: DClsg)

And the kids just can’t seem to help but to heart their SeungGi oppa or hyung too!  And based on the recent amazingly-touching Lotto Commission CF and the incredibly-adorable Sunkist Family Juice CF, the endorsement people seem to realize that SeungGi-with-kids-commercials work magic! :)

Remember these too-cute-for-words screen caps from KBS DongHeng…

See the totally heartwarming KBS Dongheng photos and video:

And remember how the press went totally nuts with the photos of SeungGi with the little guys on the field at a recent Samsung soccer match…

See the rest of the too cute photos from the event:

Awwww.  Can’t wait to see the perioe CF when it comes out! :)

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  1. Hehe..Kids just love him and vice versa!

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