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Gumiho’s Lee SeungGi-Shin MinAh, CF Bluechips

“The CF king and CF queen have come together?” The casting of Lee SeungGi and Shin MinAh in the upcoming Hong Sisters SBS drama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, is getting a lot of attention within CF circles as well…

Lee SeungGi, who debuted as a singer, crossed over into MCing, and also showed strong acting skills, captivating the hearts of women with his smooth voice and gentile smile and image, is a star receiving a lot of love.

He is involved with several reputable CFs such as KB Bank, Samsung Zipel, Kolon Sport, and Pizza Hut.  Also, fresh-faced, s-line Shin Min Ah shows both sexiness and innocence through reputable CFs such as X-note, Maxim Top, Korea Tire, Mijangsehn, and Vivien.

There is a lot of anticipation for success because of these things.   The drama is expected to start filming in early June.

(via Asiae.co.kr; English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

A bunch of similar articles are out today… about LSG and SMA’s CF power and how this will translate into ratings and a successful drama.  Expect to see A LOT more of these CF-topic related articles to accompany Gumiho-related news.  We know how CF/endorsement obsessed Koreans are (admittedly, including me!), so the idea of the #2 CF ranked SeungGi and #5 ranked MinAh is understandable!  Check out the full top 10 CF star rankings at TV.cf.co.kr (site also listed in CF links).

And then throw in LSG’s return to kdrama after last year’s 40%+ ratings Brilliant Legacy, SMA’s 3-year return to kdrama, and a Hong Sisters script… that is some serious anticipation for success!

I’m just a bit worried about over-anticipation. To achieve 40% ratings with this type of fantasy-romantic drama seems a bit unrealistic.  Even Han Hyo Joo’s saguek Dong Yi which is a full-blown huge production, which has done great in the ratings, is doing 20%+ ratings.

Also, no one’s seen the script yet… all we know are some character profiles.  As I wrote before, I think it’s only fair that some of the expectations and pressures for the drama start shifting to the Hong Sisters as well.  A drama can only be geuninely good as its script!

Also, I admit, I know very little about SMA. I was totally ecstatic when she was cast b/c she was a more established actress than Shin Se Kyung.  Also, SMA is gorgeous and a true fashionista (is that totally shallow of fashion-obsessed me?!)  SMA just seemed to fit the role of the Gumiho perfectly.  I’ve only seen her in kdrama Beautiful Days, and she was great as the bratty sister.  Curious to know what her personality is like in real life… hope it’s a laid back fun one to match LSG’s sweet personality!

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