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[ENGLISH] Oct 2014 Asian Newsweek Korea: Lee Seung Gi, A Man Who Has It All ①

[October 2014] Asian Newsweek Korea
Cover Story – Lee Seung Gi ①
English: LSGfan
Source: Asian Newsweek Korea

A Man Who Has It All. Lee Seung Gi. Singing, acting, variety, not neglecting any one of those things.  Not letting go of any one thing.  This time, that kind of Lee Seung Gi will debut on the big screen, and as it is anticipated in a big way, he has been spending busy days filming his movie.  There is a lot of anticipation as people expect to see a new and different side of him.

ANK: It’s been about one month since SBS drama <You’re All Surrounded> ended, but it seems you’re busy having gone right into CF and movie filming.  Doesn’t sound like you even got to rest.  How do you take care of yourself, and do you have time to exercise?

Seunggi: First off, with work, I think stamina is most important.  Whenever I have the time, I always exercise.  And even when I’m filming, I always try to build up my stamina by exercising when I have the time.

ANK: It’s already 10 years since you debuted.  Active as a singer and active as an actor, you are perfect.  You are the representative entertainer loved by the advertising industry for your kind and upstanding image.  Among reporters, you’re famously known as the true entertainer they couldn’t uncover anything about despite how many times they tried.  What do you think is the secret to your continued lasting popularity?

Seunggi: I don’t really know if there’s a particular secret, but whether it be acting, whether it be singing, I try to work hard and give my best in all that I do.  I’m thinking perhaps that may be why people think of me in a good light.  And I’m committed to working hard to continue going forward like this.  I’m really thankful that reporters think of me as a true entertainer for whom they can’t find anything to uncover despite trying.  From my perspective, I’m just trying to do my best in the work I’m responsible for, so I’m always grateful because everyone looks at the positive aspects.

ANK: Among all your albums and projects you’ve done up through now, what do you consider to be your representative work? Is there a particular project or album that’s close to your heart?

Seunggi: First off, if we’re talking representative song, then it’s <Because You’re My Woman>.  Because it is the song that revealed the existence of Lee Seung Gi to the world.  For variety, I really received a lot of love through <1 Night 2 Days> and although it was considered work, I was personally able to travel to various parts of our Nation through the trips.  And I was able to make a lot of great memories through personally interacting with and meeting a lot of people.

Honestly, every time I do a drama, there is something new and transformational, so I don’t have a project I would call my representative project yet.  However, the project I would say was the turning point in my acting career is <The King 2 Hearts>.  I was able to learn the depth and sincerity of acting through <The King 2 Hearts>.  Also, recently through the project <You’re All Surrounded>, I felt I was able to take another step forward in this learning.  Going forward, through many projects, I want to work harder to become a mature actor and singer, and also a variety personality.

ANK: Now, Lee Seung Gi the actor comes to mind first, over that of Lee Seung Gi the singer.  Will you not be involved in music activities for now?  I think there are a lot of fans who are waiting for Lee Seung Gi the singer.

Seunggi: I’m always preparing to do music.  There is a song I wrote while filming <You’re All Surrounded>.  Even as I’m filming my movie, I meet with composers on behalf of good songs when I have the time, and am studying and preparing on my own.  Once I finish movie filming, I plan to work on a new album with the all sources I’ve gathered and prepared up until now.

ANK: You showed a lot of affection for cooking on the variety program <1 Night 2 Days>.  Is your affection for cooking still intact?  Have your cooking skills developed a lot?

Seunggi: My affection for cooking never changes. I super enjoy eating delicious food, and finding tasty restaurants and eating at those places is one of my hobbies and a requisite for healing.  Therefore, I like learning to cook and often cook when time permits and I have the chance, but these days I seldom have the time.  Aside from practicing to cook so I could cook for [my fans] at a recent fan meeting, I haven’t practiced much so I don’t think my cooking skills have gotten that much better.

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5 Responses

  1. Was it an official interview this ANK did with Seung Gi? Since I feel as if they cut and paste Seung GI’s wordr from many interviews through magazine interviews and TV interviews?

  2. Lee Seung Gy is a perfect actor. Body looks healthy.manly.sexy. Face is same as child, eyes is atractive. Style is very charming. Height is standard. Voice is very Warm.Sweet. Very like Lee Seung Gy

  3. I love LSG so much! He is truly the perfect man! I hope he and Yoona have a happy and peaceful life together!

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