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[ENG] 2014.08.20 SBS One Night TV Entertainment – Lee Seunggi Films New Cuckoo CF, Talks Movie ‘Today’s Love’

Aug. 20, 2014 SBS One Night TV Entertainment ‘Lovely Young Man Lee Seunggi’
English: LSGfan | Video: SBSNOW | Images: As labeled, Naver, dcLSG

Reporter: That sweet dimple and that intense brilliant smile~ Smile Boy! Ah just even looking at him — Upstanding. Heartwarming. Sophisticated. Capturing the hearts of women. We will properly show you THAT smile right now!

R: Near the end of summer in August, a solitary atmospheric space that even has bloomed flowers… Healing just by watching, we met a star so well-suited for this awesome filming set… Lovely Young Man Lee Seunggi.

[The star we met there is Nation’s Prince Lee Seunggi]
(hihihi Seunggi~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ the automatic Awww reaction from studio reporters^^)

R: Ahhhh Seunggi-shi! Happy to see you! (handshake –> hug ㅋㅋㅋ people can’t help it! Seunggi’s reaction and hug back^^ and his characteristic laugh^^)

R: So what are you doing here?
LSG: It’s been a while… I’m here for a CF.
R: What is today’s concept?
LSG: Today it’s a glamping set here… outdoors in luxurious fashion, the concept of a man preparing a meal.

[The ultimate upstanding model image]

(omg always love elegant Cuckoo CF concepts! whoa Seunggi and that woman seem like they’re filming a drama or movie!)

R: Playing a man cooking for the woman he loves, returning as Romantic Lee Seunggi~ Ahhh he is the one who captures the hearts of women all over the Nation.

[Capturing the hearts of women, the special charm of Lee Seunggi]

R: Wow this set is so nice and there’s a lake right over there.
LSG: It’s been a while since I’ve been outside of the city filming like this.
R: How about we dip our feet in the lake?! (omg familiar 1n2d music!)

LSG: Hehehe (Seunggi glancing back at the water ㅋㅋㅋ)
[How about Ip-soo!!!]
LSG: It’s raining so it’s not dunking weather~ (lol)

[Previous CF Model Award for 2 consecutive years. Ranked #1 Male CF Model]

R: Really, it’s like ‘Seunggi there, Seunggi here!’ Why do you think the CF industry loves Lee Seunggi so much… (Studio reporters: Lee Seunggi is truly the top. His favorability always high!)

LSG: I’ve heard sales increase a lot, so…
R: So when you film a CF, you get the CF products free?!
LSG: Well… they did give me a ricecooker. They’ve given me a lot of ricecookers, so I make rice daily! (um, probably more like his awesome mom makes rice daily!^^)

R: It’s been about a month since You’re All Surrounded wrapped?
LSG: I think it’ll be about one month now.

R: You had also hurt your eye?
LSG: When I got hurt, I was totally shocked by it too. When you hurt your eye, the area around the eye typically gets injured. But it was really, the eye…
R: The eyeball?!
LSG: The eyeball is a bit too scary! (lol) That’s pushing it. But the eye pupil. Because the contact angle was precisely at the eye pupil… but it has completely recovered now (Thank God!!!! Studio reporters: We were really worried~~ awww)

R: Han Bam (SBS One Night TV Entertainment) takes care of Seunggi. We prepared a very special lunchbox for the busy Lee Seunggi. (Nice. Elegant lunch! Just like the kind he’s used to from Airens!)

R: By any chance, do you yourself cook?
LSG: I was learning a lot a few years ago. Now I’m practicing again. (omg the way Seunggi eats his food makes me want to eat!!! And why so hot and cute while eating and doing his interview and making eye contact all at the same time?!)

R: When you were learning to cook a lot, did you want to cook for someone?
LSG: I think know the type of answer you’re trying to get but… haha. But the time [I was learning to cook] was not that time.

R: The young boy who sang for Noona, now already 28, a heartwarming young man. Conquering music and acting, becoming a top entertainer.

[In 2004, arriving like a comet in music]

[Involved in an array of fields for 10 years, becoming a top entertainer~ Lee Seunggi]

R: If you were to choose your representative project?
LSG: In terms of variety, definitely 1 Night 2 Days. Since I too first learned about my personality through that~ hehehe. If not for that, I would’ve lived thinking I was really smart! (lol Love him! lol SBS showing KBS 1n2d clips^^)

R: Receiving nationwide love for his Heodang image (omg Sohee Clockgirl Seunggi!)

LSG: Then in terms of music/album – Because You’re My Woman. This song, I believe, was the foundation that allowed me to climb higher. (Aww such thoughtful, intelligent, and self-reflective answers. As expected, Seunggi^^)

LSG: For dramas – Brilliant Legacy. My Girlfriend is Gumiho. And recently You’re All Surrounded.
R: SBS seems to really like LeeSeunggi…

LSG: I feel like I’ve worked with SBS a lot.
R: Are you close with the SBS president?!
LSG: No no. I don’t even know his face!

R: We want to know about Lee Seunggi. Search. Talk.

R: The ‘Brilliant Legacy /Shining Inheritance’ appearance feature I also want to pass on to my child is?
LSG: Eyes, at least. And I would want the smile/laugh to resemble me. (For sure!!!)

R: When does Lee Seunggi become a ‘Strong Heart’?
LSG: I can’t go on any of the amusement park rides and… I don’t think I’ve yet become a huge strong heart in whatever I do. (ok really?! when your standards are too high^^)

R: The memory that Lee Seung wants to ‘Delete’?
LSG: There are a lot of black moments. I have a lot of those. Like Xman. (hahaha)
R: Perhaps he’s talking about this video?! (oy the awkward dancing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

LSG: Even watching it myself, I think how can everything be so awkward?! I want to erase all of that. (oh Seunggi~~~^^)

R: How is ‘Today’s Love?
LSG: Today’s Love.. Ummm. I momentarily forgot the title of my film.

R: The movie you’re filming now.
LSG: Yes, ‘Today’s Love.’

R: Soon to be making his screen debut, Lee Seunggi has been filming a movie with Moon Chaewon.

LSG: It is a genre I’ve really wanted to do — a romantic comedy.  And a director I really really like, Director Park Jinpyo… You Are My Sunshine, Voice of the Murderer, My Love By My Side. And having worked together in my first drama, Chaewon-shi, Moon Chaewon-shi. Working together with Chaewon-shi on the movie. Even though it’s my first film, because I’m working with such good people, I feel really happy. (Studio reporters: We’re already anticipating it! #CantWait)

R: Let’s say you get a script, but there are some really serious exposure scenes, not just 29 minutes worth, but 59 minutes! (omg puahahaha) Lee Seunggi’s choice would be…

LSG: I don’t think I’m ready to film a bedscene or things like that yet, and I don’t think people watching would want that. I don’t think they’d want that kind of serious exposure film from me. (hehe Seunggi chuckling since he can’t imagine that for himself… at least for now^^ I’m totally anticipating it… ok, in a few years!^^)

R: Well, you do have such an upstanding, familiar image. Is that burdensome? (ok he gets asked this question EVERY time. People still want to know the secret!! ㅋㅋㅋ Studio Reporters: You want that kind of [bed]scene from Seunggi! lol)

LSG: Actually, I’ve never worked super hard to present that kind of image. Just, how I usually am, showing that… Now if that came off as good, well then I guess I’m a good person? ha ha ha. (hehehe gotta love him. He know who he is!^^)

R: Never having to make himself up, just himself as he is… a lovely young man!

[The image of Entertainer Lee Seunggi IS Lee Seunggi, his own self]

LSG: [How will I be 10 years from now?] Just like now, continuing to appear on TV… I hope to be that kind of entertainer.

R: SBS One Night TV Entertainment wants that too!

[We’ll continue to anticipate your good work!]

Nice prep on SBS One Night TV’s part on referencing Seunggi’s work in drama, variety, music for the Q and A~~ 1) ‘Brilliant Legacy’ you want to pass on to child. 2) When have you been a ‘Strong Heart’? 3) What do you want to ‘Delete’?

Aw still getting the love and respect from the reporters^^

omg I really can’t wait to see the new upcoming Cuckoo CF!  Romantic cooking Seunggi, preparing a meal~~~  The set and vibe are really lovely just like our guy!

And congrats to Seunggi for his CF contract renewal with Cuckoo!  Actually, congrats to Cuckoo for signing him again and matching his fee! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Official news from Cuckoo will probably release in September.  The behind the scenes photos that surfaced the day before the interview aired really show how beautiful and natural the filming set was, in addition to the ‘glamping’ accoutrements~~~^^

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4 Responses

  1. Lovely post, thanks so much, dear Ann! Effortlessly charming! He does it again and again! And I am still amazed…

  2. Dear Ann, thank you for the translation. Love your comments too. When I read this question: “R: When you were learning to cook a lot, did you want to cook for someone?”…. my thought is, “Wrong question, Mr. Reporter! You should have asked him whom he is cooking for nowadays” ;)
    I am sure it will be another witty and interesting answer :)

    • he would have said family. LOL. i think reporters now take it as a challenge to see who gets seunggi to talk about his gf on tv

  3. I very like Eyes of Lee Seung Gy. Eyes shows Romance.Sweet.Warm.Deep

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