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[ENG] KBS News: Lee Seunggi Takes On The Big Screen With ‘Today’s Love’

[July 28, 2014] KBS News
Lee Seunggi Takes On The Big Screen With ‘Today’s Love’

English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Singer and Actor Lee Seunggi will reunite with actress Moon Chaewon in the movie ‘Today’s Love.’

Today’s Love is a project helmed by director Park Jinpyo, who brought us ‘You’re My Sunshine’ and ‘Voice of the Murderer,’ and is a romantic story about the delicate relationships between men and women. 

Taking on the big screen through this project, in the film, Lee Seunggi plays the role of ‘Junsu’ who always gives way too much when dating and eventually gets dropped.

Netizens responded by commenting, “Lee Seunggi and melodrama go well together.”


Seunggi’s trust in PDs goes way back.  Typically, it’s been his top reason for signing on to a project.  He and his agency, Hook Entertainment, tend to be somewhat risk adverse.  So I’m not surprised he didn’t sign on to do films earlier on.  And this type of genre for his first film is a good fit.  Most importantly, I think he’s in good hands with Director Park.

He always has great chemistry with his actress partners.  And the public wants to see him in romantic melodramas.  Let’s just hope immature fans DO NOT ruin Seunggi’s hard work and his anticipated reunion and chemistry with Chaewon.

Seunggi-Ara were great as Daegu-Soosun, but the lame irrelevant comments that always popped up each time there was a great couple scene were… embarrassing and immature.  (seriously, I’m not sure how much longer I can take all the ways in which Seunggi’s name has been appropriated recently).

The big difference — A film is about 1.5 hours while one episode of a drama in a 20-ep series is 1 hour.  So with Seunggi and Chaewon as the male-female leads, and Director Park helming this film, and if I read the K-site rumors correctly, the script coming from the writer of movie ‘Sunny’…………..

Well, this is definitely shaping up to be a heartwarming, fun yet heart-tugging romantic film.  You know, the kind you always watch with all your bestie girlfriends.  Or your boyfriend (who claims he can’t stand rom-coms, yet secretly loves these movies!).  Or with your mom so she can remind you what guys to stay away from and the type of guy you should definitely marry~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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One Response

  1. Those fans are not just immature. They’re so so annoyed. However it’s nothing at all. Kids are kids, they’re not that important that can ruin our smooth toward Seung Gi’s perfect romance chemy with his co-actresses.

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