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[ENG] 9.11.2014 Happy Together – Lee Seung Gi Cameo via Video Message for Lee Soon Jae

[September 11, 2014] KBS Happy Together – Gods of Acting Special
Lee Seunggi ‘Video Message’ Special Appearance for Lee Soon Jae
English: LSGfan, Video: KBSentertain

Seunggi: He’s so gentle…

MC: Ah it’s Lee Seunggi.

Seunggi: Personally, I’ve respected him for a long time, and more than anyone else, I really felt as if I was meeting  star.

MC: Awwwww.

[Q: We heard that you received advice [from Lee SoonJae] while filming Gu Family Book?]

Seunggi: As it was my first sageuk, I felt I needed some guidance so I planned to meet Teacher, just the two of us, at a restaurant (aw look at SoonJae Halabujee smiling).

Seunggi: I was certain our reservation was for 12:30pm, but he called me at 11:30, saying he had arrived.  One hour beforehand, he had already arrived at the restaurant. So I quickly got ready and went there… Immediately, he opened the script and started reading it aloud.

Everyone: Wahhhhhh.

Seunggi: The people around us could hear this… while we were eating. Because of that, his passionate advice for me, I think that was a big source of strength behind the success of ‘Gu Family Book.’

MC:  How lovely of him! To ask for your guidance~

[What kind of hoobae is Lee Seunggi?]

Soonjae: When we filmed The King 2 Hearts… when I first met him, he said he started out singing.

MC: Yes, a singer.

Soonjae: He’s very serious. And watching him, he works hard, wants to try new things, is a leader (nods all around, of course!).

MC: But why did you arrive an hour early [to meet Seunggi]?

SoonJae: Huh?

MC: You were to meet at 12:30 but how come you arrived at 11:30?

SoonJae: I was the first one here today~ I always end up arriving early!

Really love Seunggi…. and Lee Soon Jae halabujee #TotallyClassAct
Would love to see the two of them in another project in the future.
The King 2 Hearts really was a turning point in Seunggi’s career, for sure.

AND love the closing of the Happy Together episode!  Well wishes for Lee Soonjae from Han Jimin,  No Manhee, Lee Seojin, Gong Hyojin, and Seunggi to close it out…

[ENG] Full episode KBS World – Gods of Acting with Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu
(at 54:30~ Seunggi’s talk about meeting with Lee Soonjae~
(at 1:02:45~ Well wishes closing video message #Classy #Respect)

Images: As labeled, KBSworld

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