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‘King 2hearts’ buzz – Seunggi in military suit, driving a Benz, filming with top veteran actors + fan event fit for a King!

Based on the most recent BTS photos and casting news, I’m anticipating…

  • LSG looking mature and hot in military attire suit
  • LSG driving a hot benz(?), looking hot in military attire suit
  • LSG acting together with top veteran Yoon Yeojung, as his mother
  • LSG acting together with top veteran Lee Soonjae, as a father-like figure?
  • the usual, awesome deluge of super luxe event photos from Seunggi fans!

LSG looking hot in military attire suit

OMG, BTS photos of Seunggi in military attire looking so hot!  Very rare, I get to use HOT, unfortunately, it’s usually cute, sweet, adorable!  But hope this drama changes that!  But, ugh, there’s Cody!!!  Cody, DO NOT go x-large on Seunggi’s clothes in this drama!  It’s bad when Ha Jiwon’s military suit is more  fitted! Thankfully Prince Jaeha has bangs.  Poster stills must include Seunggi in BANGS with super short haircut, and NOT only in military attire!!  Come on, we already have to deal with the look reminding us of his impending 2-year military service, so at least…!

Bigger images at:  DCLSG post – Seunggi as Prince Jaeha in military attire

LSG acting together with top veteran Lee Soonjae, as a father-like figure?

Filming in front of the World Officer Championship armory with top veteran actor, Lee Soon Jae (playing the role of Eun Kyu-tae, father to Eun Shi-kyung, the royal family commander of the Royal Guard who will be in a love line with Princess Jae-shin).  Lee Soon Jae’s character is very upright and proud, and has been loyal to the King’s family for a long time.  Based on the character profiles, it seems like he’ll have sort of dark side to him.  I can see him sorta playing a fatherly figure to Prince Jaeha too…

Lee Soon Jae (77) is one of the most cherished, if not THE MOST beloved veteran actor of film and tv.  In real life and on-screen, he has both a regal and lovable feel about him.  And Koreans love him for that.  He previously worked with PD Lee Jae-kyu on Beethoven’s Virus.  He’s been known to show a lot of love and tutelage toward junior actors which has garnered him even more respect.  So glad we’ll get some scenes between Seunggi and Lee Soon Jae together.

LSG acting together with top veteran Yoon Yeojung, as his mother

Yoon Yeojung (64), another amazing top veteran actress, will play the official queen (Prince Jaeha’s mother).  She is great at playing affluent, powerful characters so I’m totally looking forward to seeing her in the drama.  She’s known to show a lot of love for actors that work hard, so both Seunggi and Jiwon should be in great hands!

The cute little boy above is Kang Han-byul (10).  Did he play the role of little Gu Jin Pyo (Boys over Flowers)?  K-fans were saying he will be playing the child Prince Jaeha…

But I thought the press reported Park Gun-tae (16) in below photo, would be playing the role of the child Prince Jaeha.  So, if there’s 2 versions of Prince Jaeha at a younger age, both roles must be pretty brief since we’ll want more Prince Jaeha screen-time!  (I don’t think the storyline for the younger characters is integral like it was for Moon that Embraces the Sun).  Park Gun-tae played So Jisup’s nephew in I’m sorry, I love you, and was recently in Warrior Baek Dong Soo.

Lee Sung Min, a brand-name, scene-stealing supporting actor (Moon that Embraces the Sun, Brain, My Princess) will play Prince Jaeha’s older brother.  I’m assuming his scenes are not lengthy since we already know that he dies early on.

LSG driving a hot benz(?), looking hot in military attire suit

Ok, not to be completely vain, but I cannot wait to see Seunggi driving some souped up Benz!  Whether it’s some awesome Fast and Furious like car-chase scene!  Or just simply Prince Jaeha driving with his security detail following behind, I’m totally looking forward to it!  I love this shot!  Please give Seunggi good hot hair and a good hot fitted suit for this hot car scene, like the Prince deserves!  Please~~!!!

Per post from Tryp96, the car-make is Mercedez Benz, but I can’t really tell here.  I’ll have to consult my Fast and Furious car-obsessed guy friends on this one.  Very hot!

The usual, awesome deluge of super luxe event photos from Seunggi fans!

from DCLSG fans~~~  fit for a King and a royal cast~~~  as only Seunggi fans know how to do!  Sometimes the fan gift event stuff can come off showy, even if that’s not the intent.  (Koreans are very serious about our gift preparing and giving!)  But I love all the special logo stuff they did.  So thoughtful and meaningful.  They say fans are a good reflection of the star…  no question on Seunggi’s fans!  They’re just awesome!

Heard staff/crew were really surprised and touched by the ornate lunch and snack packs.  Aw, Seunggi must’ve felt so proud!  Heard he even personally came up from filming to thank fans who delivered the stuff.  Expecting more awesome fan events to come from Seunggi fans during the drama filming!

Some more details…

Packaging is EVERYTHING~~~!!!!

So, in addition to the energy snack satchels, luxurious lunch boxes for ALL staff, crew, actors!  High-end seafood, meat, and salad dishes gorgeously prepared, packaged in plastic food containers, each individually sealed with DCLSG Seunggi ‘I am King’ photo sticker on top and a white ribbon!  Always love the personal touches!

And for PD Lee and main cast members, an even more luxurious lunch fete (if that’s possible)!  Accompanied by soup,  Seunggi-endorsed Haiti Sunkist juice bearing his face (that part from the official Sunkist packing!  Not fan stickers!)

Love the images DCLSG used for the ‘I am King’ logo.

And how cute is our Prince Jaeha caricature?  Aww~~~~!!!  March 14 come soon!

via Sports Seoul; Images: Naver, DCLSG, Tryp96/Daum

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4 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for the broadcast!!! But don’t the drama itself have their own stylist??? Why lsg cody is there? I am little confuse..

  2. To the lunchbox: Can’t say more.. Speechless!!

    Btw Ann, just my suspicion..is it possible that the uniform become overriding seunggi because he lost too much weight? I’m a bit sad that I don’t get to see his chubby cheek anymore :(

  3. Dear Ann,
    Only from you can we learn more about all those wonderful but, sadly, often overlooked supporting actors and actresses. That’s one thing that totally amazed me when I first got interested in K-drama. You see so many capable professionals playing second fiddle to hoist the leads. (I remember one guy in All About Eve made me think he’s a real PD and was just pulled in to provide urgent help, until I saw him again in another drama playing a rotten bad guy!)

    I have no doubt his ‘mom’ and ‘hyung’ and ‘father figure’ will love him with no restraint, just like his ‘aunt’, ‘grandpa’ and ‘director’ from MGIG did. When the aunt, lovely Yoon Yoo Sun, went on Strong Heart, her praises, and more tellingly, the way she looked at Seung Gi, really melt my heart.

    Keep these The King related news coming please!

  4. seung gi clothes…too big for him…….look so bad…

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