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‘King 2hearts’ D-16: Fan anticipation, MBC website, new stills

(videos: g1no12806, airendrama/dclsg)

2012 is going to be big – star names and buzzed about dramas~~ overall GREAT for Kdramas and K-actors/actresses!  So hope ALL of us Korean and International fans play nice, spread positive K-drama love~!! (esp, K-press who like to instigate things!)

Remember to show lots of love for OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

♥♥ MBC King 2hearts ♥♥

And VOTE if you love beloved stars Seunggi and Ha Jiwon~~!!
(links for completely non-scientific(!) survey voting also posted at top right)

♥♥ VOTE King 2hearts ♥♥

♥♥ VOTE Lee Seunggi ♥♥

Teaser stills…  Can’t wait to see more stills to come AND actual video footage please!

Images: DCLSG, MBC

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6 Responses

  1. Seung-gi looks great!!!
    Can’t wait!!!

  2. king2hearts fighting !!!

  3. Pierce Brosnan once said he was born in a suit. I feel Seung Gi was born to play a prince. Evidence? Every single frame in that second video.

    I also heard Prince Jaeha’s age is 30. Wow, that must have made a lot of actresses envy – instead of fearing looking too old, his worry is he looks too young!

  4. Can’t wait for the drama! BTW, what’s the title of the song in the second video?

  5. What does D-16 means?

  6. 16 days until broadcast

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