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King 2Hearts – Hilarious but mysterious character profiles

OMG!  LOL at these official character profiles!  Tone of the drama – black comedy, witty dialogue, and laughter from the start.  But top image and Jiwon and Seunggi’s gaze – I’m guessing a lot of sadness and heartbreak mid-way and towards the end.  (Dear Writer Hong, please don’t make Prince Jae-Ha too mean!  Female writers, even the good ones, can often make the girl out to be an angel and the guy, a total jerk.  Can we have his character transform earlier than later please!)  I can’t wait to see Seunggi and Jiwon go at it, arguing and despising each other at first, which then sets them up to eventually fall deeply in love… and hopefully not too much sadness…  Ahhhh…

King 2Hearts: Cast Profiles (preliminary)

English: LSGfan
MBC King 2Hearts official site

North Korean Special Forces Instructor / South Korean Queen-to-be
Actress: Ha Jiwon

North Korea’s top female officer! A legendary instructor! However, Hahng-Ah wanted to be the love of one man.  To that end, I participated in the World Officer Championship and worked really hard in order to achieve that, but I end up being rewarded with some interim Korean playboy prince Lee Jae-Ha.  The guy I fought with from the first time we met, the guy who disrespected and disgraced me, the guy who even pointed a gun at me, the guy who somehow came into my heart… but this interim Korean playboy prince has been detected, he is starting to play around with my heart.  Once, twice, and a third time…!  I can’t take it any longer.  Meeting again at the official dinner of the bride and bridgroom, and glaring at him, Hahng-Ah promises to be resolute.  Be prepared Lee Jae-Ha, as much as my Baekdusan breeze causes freezing, I will kick you to the curb!

South Korean Prince / King
Actor: Lee Seunggi

Self-proclaimed 187 IQ genius who purposely played around in case they forced him to become King, however there’s practically no one who believes those words.  Having played around to the fullest throughout his life, crisis is now looming.  Immediately upon enlisting in the military, my older brother gets captured and placed in the Communist swarming World Officer Championship for training!  Even that alone can be incredibly infuriating?  But now, they even want me to get married to a North Korean woman?  While doing my best to escape this situation, a North Korean woman named Kim Hahng-Ah begins to catch my eye.  Also, my older brother’s crisis.  Not only that, my mother, younger sister, and the first person to genuinely move my heart, Kim Hahng-Ah, are all on the brink.  I can’t take it any longer.  There will be payback for messing with the greatest playboy on earth, be prepared, Kim Bong-Gu!

CLUB M President
Actor: Yoon Jaemoon

President of Club M, a highly influential and wealthy transnational military complex corporation. American name is John Mayer, Korean name is Kim Bong-Gu.  Throwing away my own pride and mother, I head to the United States of America to search for my father who has become a chaebol (wealthy business mogul), and according to plan, I become next in line for president and the new owner of Club M.  The feast is set for me and all I have to do is eat.  However my favorite side-dishes of South and North insist they want to get along peacefully.  Dare I spit out this banquet feast table that has now been just set before me?  I won’t stop until these annoyances and insults are properly paid back in full, and I will make sure Lee Jae-Ha sees this.  There is only one real king, me, in this world.

Royal Family Commander of the Royal Guard
Actor: Jo Jungsuk

There’s no compromise with Eun Shi-Kyung.  By the book, just need to look forward and go.   Trained and respected as an elite captain,  some novel creatures suddenly appear before him, the king of petty tricks Lee Jae-Ha and the free-spirited Bohemian princess Lee Jae-Shin.  Wondering why this ordeal has come upon me when I’ve lived this life without any wrong-doing, and although things are chaotic, eventually I can’t help but to fall for the charming true colors of these siblings.  I always wanted to live up to the ideals of my father’s words and action, who said always become a dignified person.  My father whom I always respected beyond words…  However I discover a different side to my father.  If my father can change then this universe can crumble.  Therefore, please father…

South Korean Princess
Actress: Lee Yoonjae

A pretty and intelligent, but also sophisticated and free-wheeling princess, born as the youngest daughter of the royal family and smothered with adoration throughout her life.  Interested in fringe culture, I was studying applied music in England, but got swept up in this unexpected turn of events while attending my 2nd eldest brother’s engagement party.  Trying not to crumble from despair, I find a way out, and different from any other time in my life, I establish communication and slowly take a step forward in the world.  However, I still don’t know my reach.  Often, I still get panicked, the nerve-racking memories hover in the clouds, that this country’s destiny is influenced by a crucial key…

Majorly anticipating mid-March…

MBC King 2Hearts official site

King 2Hearts

Lee Seunggi – Ha Jiwon!!!

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8 Responses

  1. ‘Self Proclaimed IQ 187 Genius’!! No Wonder Seunggi said his ‘king’ will be likely like (Eun) Ji Won! Kkkk~
    I’m Really anticipate it!!

    But…I hope the staff gonna styling the design ‘2 hearts’ on the title….It being just like that is… rather plain (beside the stylish 킹)

  2. Wowowoow Looks so good!!!!! ^^ Can’t wait for this
    SEUNG GI-OPPA! I want to see you soon as Prince Lee Jae-Ha ♥♥♥♥

  3. I love the fact that everyone seems to have a back story. No cardboard characters this time! But, please, please lighten up on the anguish part! We get it the prince has been a bad boy. But he’s learning, and he will mend his ways and go back to his true, kind nature. Don’t let him suffer too much, please!

  4. wahahha self-proclaim genius,,,,, Cho Ding kkkk,, i love it,,, ohhwww how i wish it’s match ardy tomorrow wahahaha.. thanks for the post^^

  5. ‘Self Proclaimed IQ 187 Genius’ ~ LOL!!! I always think that uri Choding is a real genius with IQ 160! So I will believe that prince Jae Ha would be a real genius, too. LOL!!!!

  6. top hallyu star…..please help seunggi vote him here…..http://worldtv.main.jp/kstaren0
    please tell to other Airen…

  7. wow i hope this will be daebak !!!

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