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8 Responses

  1. Ha ha ha, that’s sooo fangirl, Ann!
    But I love that, and I would totally say the same thing.

  2. omg, i’m starting to become crazy fangirl! Was def not that thrilled about the fashion and hairstyle… what’s new right?!! but Seunggi is SO the real deal! Can’t wait to hear him sing! Love the sort of natural aspect of this… no over-hyped gloss but real singing talent! Thanks Beedance! Thanks to Tryp too!

  3. count me in for the fangirling..hahaha

  4. WOAAHHH this is L~O~V~E… that’s why sometimes im kinda proud that my mom gave me this name of mine (Love)… It’s as if these cutie guy singing is serenading me^^ ahehehe Thanks for posting^^

  5. Hey everyone~~~ let’s support Seunggi’s comeback! please spread the love as much as you can to EVERYONE. Real singing talent deserves to get front and center stage!

  6. This one’s really nice… slow.. romantic and love-filled…..

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