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Han Hyo Joo to narrate Lee Seunggi’s single ‘Time for Love’

[October 13, 2011, Entertainment Today]  Heartwarming Guy Lee Seunggi is returning as a musician after 2 years with the song ‘Time for Love.’
LSG: Should we… do you want to date?
Yes!  Yesterday the teaser for Seunggi’s single was revealed.  Sitting on the sofa, he sweetly asks Should we date? to some person.  ‘Time to Love’ is getting a lot of attention as Seunggi was directly involved in the writing of the song.  It’s been revealed that actress Han Hyo Joo, whom he had great chemistry with in drama Brilliant Legacy, will be doing the narration (hope it’s of video, not song).  Seunggi’s song is planned to be released tomorrow.

Video: Leeseunggiworld, English: LSGfan

I really hope the actual song has no narration!  Never imagined this sort of reunion between Seunggi and Hyojoo.  Hm, should be interesting, especially considering her recent comments about Seunggi and So Ji Sup when asked about falling in love…

If she actually physically appears in the video or plays the voice or some other girl that appears in the video, I hope she has a different name.  Even if there is no girl that appears in the video and it’s only Seunggi.   Seunggi has to be Seunggi since it’s his song, but hope she won’t be playing the voice of a girl named Hyojoo.

I like Seunggi-Hyojoo best as good friends or as Hwan-Sung Couple.  They seem awkward together otherwise.

Either way, should be interesting…

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5 Responses

  1. this is good collaboration between seung gi and hyo joo..and Ra.D of course :)

    like this song..it like real feeling seung gi.. did he want get dating with hyo joo ?? ha ha ha why should han hyo joo-fill narrative? and why should there is narrative for this songs like you said :) ..this is the first song created by seung gi:) seems seung gi want to describe his real feelings as the incident he asked for phone number Hyo Joo when filming briliant Leggacy drama ha ha ha ha ha…anyway…i love this songs, thumbs up for our huhdang and couple of hwansung collaboration :)

    aigooo…seung gi..we always loves and support all the things you do..
    you did a great job..good song, good collaboration, and don’t stop to created an amazing music..

    just support what he want to do :) he’s an ordinary young man who has the right to fall in love <3 <3

  2. is he really incidentily asked for hyo joo’s phone number? I’m curious…hehehe…

  3. Honestly… I don’t think Seunggi and Hyojoo have any feelings for each other beyond friends. Not each other’s types? Which is exactly why they can do this kind of collaboration and it not be a “scandal” :)

    He even called her on public tv on 1N2D (for the baseball player fan) with all of Korean watching, making it totally obvious they’re great friends. you could tell by the way he addressed her and talked to her on the phone. and no one said anything about it.

    in HHJ’s interview, the reporter mentioned that even though she’s worked with lots of guys, there’s never been a scandal. She and LSG are similar that way!~ :)

    Han Hyo Joo talks Lee Seung Gi, So Ji Sup, good fortune

  4. admin…if oneday lee and han get married…what do you want to
    say.i’m waiting for this question….fighting!! seunggi….

  5. i really,really hope they’ll get married..

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