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Anticipate “Bad Guy” Lee Seunggi for 5th album, plus a retrospective on past CD cover concepts

August 30, 2011. News- Seunggi’s upcoming bad guy concept new album

Lee Seunggi, currently very active in in variety programs, will soon be returning as a singer with a full-length album. It will have been 2 years since his 4th album ‘Shadow’ was released back in September 2009. It’s been said that the music quality has been heightened with the involvement of popular composers such as Jung Yup and others.

More than that, most anticipated is Seunggi’s transformation. Throwing aside his upstanding young adult image, he will be showing his charms as a bad guy. Currently, about half? of the 10 songs on the album have been recorded. Even if it is a little delayed, the plan is to release the album before the end of the year. Whether Lee Seunggi fits the image of a bad guy persona… we’ll be anticipating that.

English: LSGfan,  Video: Tryp96

Images are from 4th album, so I’m curious (and worried!), and totally anticipating!

PLEASE Hook~~!  Would you please bring in some “outside” people experienced with a “younger-vibe-stage-style” to prep Seunggi (24!) for his comeback stage and concert?  Please, I beg of you!  I CRINGE to think that Captain Hook and Teacher Sunhee will be the ones in charge of putting together Seunggi’s “badboy” concept image for this next album!  Omg, jebal, please, nooooo~~!

I love that Teacher Sunhee discovered and trained Seunggi, and I was blown away by her amazing pitch-perfect voice at the NYC Carnegie Hall concert.  But, maybe Teacher can focus solely on technical vocal prep?  I would l love to see Seunggi take the stage and do his performance ments more like a 20-something year old (still um-chin-ah style) vs. channeling 50-something year old Teacher Sunhee!

Hopefully Captain Hook will use her time to actually do some proper PR prep and promotions for the album this time!  Jung Yup and other top composers are on board with songs.  Seunggi’s probably working his butt off, and being guided by Teacher’s vocal tutelage.   So, please, can we get some “other non-Hook people” to come in for style, concept, and stage performance prep?

And please don’t go overboard with the “badboy” thing and put out an album cover, photos, and stage choreography that will make me utterly cringe and write hate-mail to Captain Hook!  Seunggi deserves better!  Let’s keep this album different and cool, but still matched to who he is and his style, okay?  Please, Jebal~!

Really looking forward to this album.  Which is kind of a big deal for me since I tend to be way more into Actor Seunggi, and less so into Singer Seunggi.  But his 4th album Shadow was perfect for the autumn/winter.  Still love some of the songs on it.

Just NO repeat of retro bebop + church choir robe fashion from last time please!~~

Wedding Veil + Let’s Break Up, 2009-08-18 [Comeback Stage]

(Video: doodlenoodles)

Retrospective on Seunggi’s album/track CD cover concepts~

Wow, I didn’t realize he released so many CDs!  And I’m totally loving the LSG Music tab recently posted at Tryp96.wordpress!  Daebak!  Listen to ALL his songs there!

2010 September:
I love you from now on [My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST]

2010 August:
Losing my mind [My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST]

2010 June:
Smile Boy, with Kim Yuna [Digital]

2010 January:
Repackage, Love taught me to drink [4th Album]

2009 December:
Like the first time [Digital]

2009 September:
Shadow [4th Album]

2009 June:
Will you marry me [Digital]

2008 May:
Let’s go on vacation [Digital]

2008 March:
When a Man Loves a Woman Vol. 2 [Remake Album]

2007 November:
Repackage, Unfinished Story [3rd Album]

2007 August:
Story of Separation [3rd Album]

2007 April:
The First Concert, Love [Digital]

2006 September:
When a Man Loves a Woman Vol. 1 [Remake Album]

2006 February:
Crazy for you [2nd Album]

2004 July:
Confession [Digital]

2004 June:
Dream of a Moth [1st Album]

(Images: Naver/Airen fanblogs,  Info: leeseunggi.com)

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4 Responses

  1. I still love this When A Man Loves a Woman Volume 1 image/look the best. He looked like a man but also innocent. The album also happens to be my favorite from him too.

  2. The Let’s Go On Vacation single is the best album cover for me. Although it did feel like it was giving that vibe of Seung-gi taunting you to go on vacation with him, by the way he’s standing like that. Shadow is probably my favorite album, but Crazy for You’s Paradise, One More Time, and Beautiful One are my favorite songs, too.

  3. Yay to Seunggi fanboys! Yep, Loved the Remake Vol1 concept and photo shoot! the wavy long hair! But loved his slim-body look the best for Shadow! And me too T, loved almost all the songs on Shadow!

    Someone will have to censor me on the day of Seunggi’s album release if Hook doesn’t come through!!!! But I’m starting to get a good feel and vibe… anticipating… hopeful.

  4. Hi Annnnnnnnn, I’m dying for a better – younger vibe for the new album cover as well. To be honest, Shadow has completely let me down for the so-called classic look it features :(

    *cross fingers and pray* No matter what religion I follow, dear God or whoever can have some superpower over Hook, plzzzzzzzzzzz hear my prayer!

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