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MC-Singer Lee Seunggi for SBS Kpop Collection Okinawa, with Park Shinhye

[0ctober 18, 2012] Okinawa, Japan. SBS Kpop Collection concert and fashion show.  MC Seunggi super handsome in a NICE tux!  And performing songs, including Time for Love, featuring co-MC Park Shinhye. And getting lotsa love from fans.

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[2012.08.09] Yeosu Expo K-pop Festival – Lee Seung Gi

English: LSGfan, Videos: DCSYGALL
(Whoa, amazing HD quality videos! Feels like I’m really there!)

1) Ment + Time for Love

TEACHER:  The person I’m about to introduce…  [Screams!] It’s better if everyone called out to him together rather than just me, right?!  [Yes!!!] Great. Let’s start… LEE. SEUNG. GI. (wow, Lee Sunhee so classy. One of the Nation’s top veteran singers letting her student shine.  She really loves LSG.)

LSG: It’s so hot today and I think there’s even more people here than last time. Thank you.  This is my second time here at Yeosu, so I’m really happy.  Can everyone in the back see me okay?  You can’t?  Ok, just wait a bit and I’ll come forward more later.  (aw, LSG such a tease!) Being on stage after a while, I feel very nervous. This is a song from my 5th album, a song I wrote. For those who know it, please follow along… Time for Love.

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[2012.06.27] Yeosu Expo K-pop Festival – Lee Seung Gi

Really missing Seunggi…  Entire performance cut.   @14:15~~ Yay!!

(video: seunggiairen)

Song lineup — 1) Because we’re friends (my fave), 2) Time for love, 3) Will you marry me, 4) Smile Boy, 5) Let’s go on vacation, 6) Because you’re my woman (for encore).

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RECAP: Lee Seunggi feat. Park Shin Hye – ‘Time for Love’ Japanese MV part 1

OMFG~~~ and I thought the initial MV teaser was awesome!!!  This is just like a real drama!  Hilarious, touching, and sad.  Feels like we’re watching a real-life relationship story because Seunggi and Shinhye are good actors, and too sweet for words~~!!

(video: universalmusicjapan)

RECAP – Seunggi (LSG) and Shinhye (PSH) as MV characters in a relationship

MV opens with LSG in his room diligently composing “Time for Love” song.

Later, LSG walks the city streets wearing a worn trench, red scarf, half-finger gloves, with guitar.  It’s a cold day.  He stops at cafe window to check his eyes in the fogged area, and just so happens PSH is right there inside, wiping the window at the same time.  Their eyes meet!  Cute.  Awkward.  LSG walks away, PSH stares out at him…

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Seunggi reunites with Park Shin Hye for “Time for Love” in dramatic Japanese MV teaser!

OMG OMG!!!!  I knew MV was going to be good with Shinhye in it, but the teaser is seriously awesome!  Love the concept and  totally Kdrama feel!  Omg, I cannnot wait until full Japanese MV is released!  Seunggi-Shinhye Will you Marry Me from 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun is still one of my faves!  But this may become my fave Seunggi MV.

(video: UniversalMusicJapan)

I like Hyojoo’s narration, but I’m glad he went with someone else for the Japanese MV, just so it’s distinct from Brilliant Legacy.  Omg, so Time for Love was first Seunggi and Hyojoo, then Seunggi and Yoona, and now a full blown out dramatic MV with Shinhye!  Totally anticipating the full Japanese MV!!!!  Great acting… lovely and sad…

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