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Fangirls, Seunggi and Sung Shi Kyung duet, Sunday ratings [1N2D Viewers Special]

September 11 and 18, 2011 – 1N2D broadcast, Seunggi cuts…

Music Bank fans show love for Seunggi

The leaders head out to get lunch for their teams.
SUG: Hello. Everyone it’s Lee Seunggi! [Screams!]
LSG: Me? Thank you. (OMG, he’s all proper, talking polite to the teen fangirls!)
Crowd waits in line for Music Bank recording. This is the prince’s popularity.
LSG: Music Bank? [More screams!]
Lee Sugeun quickly disappears!

(Videos: Tryp96,  English: LSGfan)

Getting love from the grandmas and teens

WOMAN: You see people screaming on TV when they see you guys but not today?
UTW: That’s for Seunggi (Taewoong so matter-of-fact about it! LOL)
Seunggi’s popularity makes 60s fans become like young girls.
GRANDMA: My granddaughter likes Seunggi the best.
TEENS: Oppa! (Hugs! Aw, these girl fans are awesome!)
LSG: Who’s your team leader?  [Baek Jiyoung unni]
LSG: Did you enjoy your kimbap earlier on?  [Yes!]
LSG: You guys got to eat because of oppa.
TEENS: Oppa you’re the best! Ah, you’re dazzling! You shine!
LSG: Shine?! (Seunggi cracking up at their fangirling! But totally loving it! Ha)
Seunggi’s dazzling halo.

Jealous Seunggi and Teen Fangirls

TEENS: Do Shinee’s Lucifer parody dance!
JHM: Who put you up to this? Why are you all of a sudden like this?!
LSG: You said you were Oppa’s fan, but now you’re Hyunmoo hyung’s fan?
TEENS: No, that’s not it!
Seunggi managing the migrating fans.
LSG: What’s going on? Choose only one.
JHM: Come on, your kind of style… it can get a little boring after a while…
LSG: Oh really?!
TEENS: No way!
JHM: Ok I guess not.

Fan service, talks to Noonim(!) by phone

LSG: What’s your grandaughter’s name? Eunah, hi there, it’s Seunggi oppa.
GRANDMA: Noona! She’s a noona!
LSG: I’m sorry… Noonim! (using way polite form, as opposed to Noona! LOL!!) Eunah noonim, I apologize! I thought you were a student. Happy to meet you. Yes, we’ll happily spend time together with a lot of energy. Okay, thank you.

Preview: Seunggi – Sung Shi Kyung duet

Also… the much buzzed about duet.
Sung Shikyung and Lee Seunggi’s moving rendition of “Nostalgia.”

The Duet~!  Seunggi-Shikyung sing classic song “Nostalgia”

Great to see Seunggi (24) holding his own against veteran smooth-voiced ballad singer Shikyung (32)!!  They sounded great!  Admire smooth voices like Shikyung’s and other ballad singers, but prefer Seunggi’s hint of raspiness.  I feel like Seunggi’s a bit different from the other older ballad singers and can’t be really categorized just as a ballad singer since he does more pop stuff too.  Really curious to see what the songs on his new album are going to be like.

Sung Shi Kyung has been more buzzed about and in the news post 1N2D, than the past like 2 years since he’s been out of the military!  This 1N2D stint has done wonders for his image and popularity.  He was well-liked before, but this and the perfect timing of his new album… his PR people are awesome!  Plus, I’m sure it was not easy at all, but he was great with the 90-100 aged group!

This Viewers Trip definitely has a super sentimental feel.  And the concept of every single age group represented is pretty cool and I loved the intro.  But because of the overwhelming number of older and elderly people, this special doesn’t seem as entertaining or LOL as past specials.  I loved all that crazy running around and bok-bul-boking among the groups in previous specials.  There’s just too many people this time around… 100 guests, plus many of the younger kids and elderly ones having a caretaker by their side.

Hope next week’s finale brings more fast-paced editing and laughs.  I get with the Hodong situation, the PDs had to stretch the footage to extend it over 4 episodes…

And as much as I like the guests (Shikyung, Jiyoung, Hyunmoo, and Byungman) and the cute little babies/kids and the amazing elderly people in their 90s, can the PDs focus less on these guests and their teams?  Sure they do have the more interesting teams (kids, teens, 90s group) and it’s definitely a challenge to cover everyone, but come on PDs, this is the last Viewers Special…

More camera time for the beloved main six 1N2D members and their teams please!!~

Sunday ratings…
(Previous 1N2D ratings under TV Ratings [1N2D] at the green tab at top)

September 18, 2011.  Viewers Special, Part 3.

4- KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) + Pt 2 (1n2d) = 17.4%
9- MBC Our One Night Pt 2 (I am a Singer) = 13.2%
11- 1n2d rerun = 11.6% (Broadcast at a different time slot in the morning)
14- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) + Pt 2 (Diet Victory) = 10.6%
* MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (House Dream) = 4.1% (not in top 20)

Individual show ratings:

Man’s Qualifications (KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1) = 12.5%
House Dream (MBC Our One Night Pt 1) = 4.1%
Running Man (SBS I like Sunday Pt 1) = 16.2%

1 Night 2 Days (KBS Happy Sunday Pt 2) = 22.3%
I am a Singer (MBC Our One Night Pt 2) = 13.2%
Diet Survivor Victory (SBS I like Sunday Pt 2) = 4.7%

For ratings purposes, MBC separated out Part 1 (House Dream) and Part 2 (I am a Singer) of its Our One Night program for the first time. “I am a Singer” has always had much higher ratings compared to its partner program.

(sources: AGB Nielsen, TV Daily, TV Report)

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11 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    I hate to rain on people’s parade, but now that you’ve said it dare I voice my longing for more 6-guy (or 5) time?! For me what set 1N2D apart from other variety shows is the interactions and interplay of the members. But somehow that got diluted (or side-stepped) more and more. I understand the situation has become awkward, especially recently, but I think that should be addressed heads-on instead of hiding behind some specials and guest MCs. These few weeks were the first time that I did not follow 1N2D with any enthusiasm. And there are still two weeks to go…oh my…

    • My favourite reality tv is The Bachelor. very entertaining.. i used to watch survivor too. now i only watch america’s next top model..

    • i share your sentiments…i prefer jus solely on the boys instead of all the ‘specials’. Pls PD at least for the this 6 months, only the boys ok? no more guests. Somehow i also feel the show became draggy & less jokes. I like to see more rapport among the 5 guys now.

  2. while I loved the first intro ep of all the 100 guests, it’s sort of been a drag since the ep where they introduced the 4 guest MCs. Like I get the actor and actress specials are supposed to put the guests in the limelight, but i think the premise of just bringing these 4 (non-regular 1n2d MCs on) was sort of insulting. nothing against the 4 guests, i like them all…

    I could understand Baek jiyoung since she’s been with the guys since Viewers Special 1. But the other 3? Like SSK b/c he’s good friends with hodong? And hyunmoo b/c he said KBS (whom he’s a rising announcer for) called him a few days before? and byungman b/c he’s well-liked and close with suguen maybe?

    but then for the PDs to spend so much camera time on them and a select few guests? i know this is typical for reality shows. like you have to find a storyline to highlight.

    at least Seunggi and Taewoong fans have gotten to enjoy seeing clips of them throughout the special. but I totally feel for fans of jiwon and to some degree, jongmin. very uncool of PDs! like I think Na PD showed up more on camera than Jiwon on the last ep!

    Hodong’s scheduled to meet over dinner with the 1n2d members and PDs. so let’s hope for good things…

    • I suspect the success of the show may have made the production team to take themselves too seriously. It’s like bigger is better and everything must be a grand gesture, or it won’t fit the status of 1N2D. Wrong! It’s the small things and intimate moments that count the most for me.

      They should have made the supporting actors special a three-part series. Each of the 6 actors was interesting in his own way and we had invested enough to want to know them better.

      I wonder if KHD used ‘artistic differences’ as his reason to quit.

      PS: I noted Jiwon was very subdued in recent episodes. Then I read about the murder/suicide of his cousins in the newspapers. Maybe he asked to be less visible in such trying times.

  3. I hope 2D1N PDs read this. Please allocate more airtime for our 6 boys in the remaining viewers’ speciasl. After all it’s THEIR show. The last 2 episodes of our beloved 2D1N show have become The Sung Shi Kyung show! The Production team should know who their stars are and whom to promote. I feel SSK is just riding on their coat tails for publicity. Don’t get me wrong, I ‘ve nothing against SSK, he’s a suave crooner alright, and maybe a smooth operator too. I can’t tell what sort of person he is after only 3 or 4 episodes albeit all those positive remarks of him. But I’ve followed the 5 boys through 200 over episodes so to speak off!

    These could be the last few precious episodes that we’ll ever see them together. So please let us saviour them while we can. Like AM, I didn’t really view the last 2 episodes with much anticipation and enthusiasm. Believe it or not, I kinda skipped over certain scene (esp. the one in the bus of 90s and 20s was overly long).

    • LOL SSK is riding on their coat tails? you must be kidding me. SSK has no say whatsoever to the final cut of the episode. it’s the PDs that decide whether or not to edit out SSK. what is wrong with you?

      i agree that there’s too much focus on the 90s, teens, and the babies. but even then why would i knock off any of the guest MCs? they picked their teams Bokbulbok-style. it just so happens that the teams that will probably get the most screen time went into the hands of the guest MCs.

      as a matter of fact, Kim Byeongman who is one of the guest MCs barely had any screen time whatsoever (and his 50s team), just like Jongmin, Taewoong and Jiwon. riding for coattails for publicity? stop assuming bullcrap. SSK is famous enough in Korea.

      the production team should know who their stars are? wake up. this is the viewer’s tour, which means the camera will record the viewers, not the boys. granted, again, that there’s too much screen time for 3 groups (90, teens, babies).

      what i actually did not like is that 1n2d stretched this special for too long. i mean, introductions of the whole cast happened for one whole episode. not just that, but moving from Seoul to the plane took them 2 full episodes which is ridiculous. also, it’s not really as fun as the previous 2. probably because the elderly and the babies can not really participate in races or bokbulbok. the staff probably took the emotional route rather than the fun route.

      but again, the one thing that i kinda hate about 1N2d right now is that there’s tooooooo many specials. i really feel bad about Taewoong because right after he joined he probably only participated in 2 episodes that are not specials. the actresses came, the supporting actors came, now the viewers came, and whether or not there’s a new 1n2d ep we still don’t know. so basically Taewoong joined but then his air time was taken away from him right at the beginning.

      • You’re kidding right? Feel bad for taewoong? What? You serious? He’s done almost nothing but show up and raked in CFs solely bcuz of 1n2d.plz. He seems nice but I don’t feel bad for him at all.

  4. Agree! Why is this the Sung Shi Kyung show? I know SGi usually gets more screen time than other members. He’s more popular.but at least he’s member. How can guest mcs get so much more time then other core members! miss laughing at sugeuns jokes. Miss the old eps. Miss mongee and kim c!

  5. Nevertheless, such a breathtaking performances by the duo. Love it!

  6. chinese actors are always good looking. including mr lee here.

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