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Seunggi on upcoming album, writing lyrics, rhythm, dieting, and fan stamina [Letter to fans, 2011.09.18]

Message from Seunggi, posted at leeseunggi.com

September 18, 2011
The cool brushing winds of autumn…^^

It’s been a long time. Airens, you’ve been well, right?

The lingering images from last month’s camp still remain, and having wrapped up the fan meeting together with Japanese fans, I arrived in Korea yesterday.^^

Just yesterday I thought summer had gotten so long, but upon opening my window this morning, the sensing winds are now crying out that it is autumn. (After writing lyrics, my writing skills are explosive. keke)

*cough cough* Returning back to my original self.. keke

Did you enjoy the Chuseok Holiday? I was determined to diet again… But I was unable to resist the temptations of the jeon and songpeyon and lost self-control, and you could hear the continuous eating sounds all the way here. ke

Our fans should not diet! The ‘fan-jil’ you all often speak of can’t be done without stamina. For entertainers and also for fans, what’s needed most is not heart and talent but what they call stamina!! keke

‘Fan-jil’ is also like shik-hoo-kyung’ OK??
(‘Fan-jil’ is equivalent to fangirling, keeping up and being involved with Seunggi stuff. ‘Shik-hoo-kyung’ refers to the Korean saying: In any situation, eating comes first.)

I had planned to greet you in writing earlier on… But as all of you already know, due to various serious events during the past few weeks, I was unable to greet you. I’m sorry for leaving a message late…^^

Seeing the faces of fans this past weekend and having had a good time together, I feel a little strengthened…^^

The 5th album is about two-thirds complete now. I didn’t realize it when working on the album, but now that most of the song selections have been whittled down, there aren’t a lot of the existing ballads I’ve shown in the past. @.@??keke

If all of you want to fully take in this time’s album, for some reason, I’m thinking our fans should also do some rhythm homework preparations. keke

I’m working hard until the end so please root for me.
Just like that! As it comes out, I will reveal it to you ~~~~~
Anxiously wait for it even more. hehe.

That’s all for today!! Ah and be careful of the flu.
Make sure to get the vaccination!!

Bye Bye~~^^

English translation: LSGfan.  Korean post: Tryp96

Ha, Seunggi again being coy and acknowledging that he lurks on fan sites!~~  Korean fans regularly post about ‘fan-jil.”  And female and older ajumma fans often talk about dieting prior to meeting Seunggi at various events!  And fans were commenting for the past few weeks, wondering when his message would surface…

Seunggi should just create a fake ID and post on DCLSG! Maybe, he already has?!

He sounds very Verandah Project-ish in his writing! hehe.

Not sure what to expect from the 5th album! Definitely excited! But also a bit nervous…

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8 Responses

  1. This is dedicated to stalker extraordinaire Tryp who’s having another one of those crazy work days today…

  2. Thanks Ann for translating it. I can only rely on either 1 of you. ^_^

    If he has completed 2/3 for the album, it looks like it can only be release end of October or early November..

    Such a relief to hear Seung Gi telling his fans not to go on a diet before meeting him, hahaha..

    Wonder if we will get to see him writing an English sentence one day. hehe.

  3. Ann, thank you so much! I’m so glad that we can always count on you for high quality translations, and so much more! :D XOXO

  4. If good writing is to leave readers wanting more, I think this is it.

    Is he really as upbeat as the tone of this letter? Is he changing styles as a singer? And, stamina and diet are not good bedfellows, right?

    Lots of questions…Seung Gi, you do make me anxiously waiting!

  5. This is so neat! I was looking for this translation after Tryp posted it in Korean Language. Thanks you both for this conscientious effort and awesome news you guys have been feeding us *Hugs* *Hugs*

    Such a thoughtful Seung Gi for his beloved fans. How can we not adore him much … much… more!!!!

  6. Dear SeungGi,
    Be happy and stay healthy! Looking forward to your 5th album.;)

  7. i am really anticipating seunggi’s album.. everyday i’ll talk about seunggi’s comeback with my friends… n i just cant stop being excited but feeling anxious at the same time.. hope for the best for uri seunggi oppa.. seunggi oppa, FIGHTiNG… :D

  8. rhythm homework.. maybe some dancing music? hurhur

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