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Lee Seunggi takes on sole MC responsibility for Strong Heart

Congrats to the amazing Seunggi (24) on successfully recording his first solo MC gig for Strong Heart!  Especially under the massive pressure and spotlight!  And despite not having any fault in the recent turn of events!  And although he wasn’t able to focus as much on his career as an ACTOR and SINGER this year like all the others, and put aside more formal activities in Japan, Seunggi showed up to Strong Heart like a total pro, again showing why he continues to be one of the most beloved celebs in Korea!~ Seunggi winning Top Excellence Award last year and now MCing on his own…

His first solo MC filming for Strong Heart…

Seunggi standing up there all by himself in that big glittery studio…

Having to carry on a variety show with so many guests (most way older) that’s typically helmed by at least 2-3 MCs for other similar shows…

Having to carry on a variety show format that was created and developed to match Kang Hodong’s personality and style…

Having to introduce a show named after his hyung, who pretty much left him to deal with this, with no warning, despite sticking to him like glue for all these years…

It kinda made me sad (upset), but~~ just love and admire Seunggi even more!~

I’m SO glad Seunggi and Teuk-Eunhyuk became closer before all this happened.  And I get teary thinking that the 3 guys and Shindong were all probably nervous together and rooting for one another!!!  And glad to see Boom back…

When all the ruckus first began with Hodong (41), I was like, I will trust him based on his track record and professionalism, and wait for his official statement. And when he ultimately chose to retire (temporarily) from the entertainment industry, although I was honestly somewhat peeved, I was just hoping he was mentally at peace because we definitely don’t need anymore unnecessary tragedy due to lame bloodthirsty netizens!

Unfortunately, HOW Hodong chose to leave things (all his responsibilities and the associated people) has got me less and less sympathetic.  It’s one thing when we make decisions that mainly impact our own lives.  He wants to temporarily retire, fine.  But it seems, there’s no tying up of loose ends, no transition period, like everyone else has to now clean up this mess.  And with Seunggi having a big brunt of the pressure (Strong Heart and 1N2D)…

This seems to really go against Hodong’s track record of professionalism.  And if he wants to come back later, having left things like this, not sure if it’ll be easy.  I’m going to think it’s because he’s so damaged by the situation, he can’t muster the courage to fulfill his responsibilities.  And if that’s the case, I so really hope he has amazing loving, honest people around him that will get him through this mental battle.

One more Strong Heart episode next Tuesday with Hodong and Seunggi together…

And the irony of life~ there’s been lots of buzz about the Dec 2009 Strong Heart ep

About 2 years ago, on that December 1 broadcast, comedian Jo Hye Ryun (also a regular panelist on Star King and very close to Hodong) was a guest.  She shared that she keeps a diary of what she hopes to see in the future, and that many of her wishes she wrote down actually came true.

So she shares her future outlook for Strong Heart, 3 years later.  At that time it seemed funny.  But now, it’s just super uncanny!  According to her story on that episode~ In 2012, the show has been renamed from ‘Kang Shim Jang’ to ‘Lee Shim Jang.’  Actually it’s already been 9 months since ‘Lee Shim Jang.’  And Hodong decided to leave the entertainment industry and return to his rural hometown.  Woah, weird…

See the video cut [ENG] at Dailymotion

But please, no Lee Shim Jang!  Please let this solo MCing thing be very short-lived!

And PD Park, please don’t play Seunggi nor his fans!  Just because we’re all supporting Seunggi like mad during this hard time, it doesn’t mean we want him to continue in this capacity!  And you know that for sure!

Anyone with a brain knows that Seunggi’s 2-years of MCing experience is way more than some of the guys older than him!  And that Seunggi (24) focusing on his acting and singing career right now makes way more sense than MC priorities (usually reserved for older guys after military).

And would love to see PD Park and crew take responsibility for the show instead of putting all the pressure and expectations on Seunggi as MC.  Yes, I know he loves Seunggi.  But this IS the entertainment industry after all, so let’s be real!~

Anyway, after his first solo MC filming for Strong Heart, Seunggi (the consummate pro) and the other members showed up for the 1N2D filming the next morning at the crack of dawn! September 23…

Ok, because of current circumstances, I’ll try to go easy on Hairstylist and not rant.  But seriously, what is the freaking deal?  Why these not-so-hot hairstyles for most of Seunggi’s important, major press attention events????  *sigh*

Love how the hyungs are waiting for him. Seunggi looks so happy to be at home…

Sugeun, this is your chance to shine!!~~

He’s the lone comedian, so hope he takes the lead!  Fighting to all the members!~

(Images: As labeled, Korean press, LSGfan)

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16 Responses

  1. I really think Seung-gi got into a fight with his hairstylist and refused to cut his hair. Maybe he’ll have a fight with cody, too, and refuse to be dressed up by him? *wishful thinking*

    Anyway, I wish them all the best. I saw in one photo with Tae-woong on the floor, hahaha! I’ve been waiting for him to step up and be more active (though I hope it won’t be forced out of him cos that’ll be painful to watch.) Just sad that it took this hullabaloo to get him out of his shell more.

    Thanks Ann!

  2. Through it all, I kept thinking about the people that are scrambling to cover the mess KHD left when he announced retirement. Can’t help but think he’s kinda selfish. But to be talking like this when I can’t even imagine being in his shoes is just unfair. Although,I had hoped he came up with better way than an abrupt departure. Nonetheless, the silver lining I see in this situation is a chance for his mates to shine.

  3. Omg, Ann, I have been waiting for your words of wisdom!

    “But please, no Lee Shim Jang! Please let this solo MCing thing be very short-lived!” YES!

    “Just because we’re all supporting Seunggi like mad during this hard time, it doesn’t mean we want him to continue in this capacity! ” YES!!

    “And that Seunggi (24) focusing on his acting and singing career right now makes way more sense than MC priorities (usually reserved for older guys after military).” YES YES YES!!!

    How come so few people realize that SG showing up on TV every week does not a career make. It’s what you DO on TV that counts. And he does not have much time left before military service. I am sure he can totally resume his career after that; but then it’d be an older, wiser, different SG. Why waste time trying to get somebody else in a good mood to share his/her teary tales.

    As for HD, I am with you too. Please, let this be it. Rest and find your inner peace (and people please let him be too).

  4. Thanks Ann, I was waiting for the SH photo.

    They are asking SGi to host alone until they find a good replacement for KHD, but we hope it won’t be too long too. It’s 100% stressful for SGi to handle alone, unlike in the past it is 50% on SGi, 50% on KHD. of course we know that the regular guests will help him out but the burden is still on SGi shoulder.

    When the official photo for 1N2D came out, I was shocked. What time did they start recording? Did SGi get some sleep before 1N2D recording? Poor boy..

    Ann, we are organizing something for him. Send encouraging messages to SGi & tryp has posted in her blog. Hope you & lsgfan.wordpress.com fans can join in this project as well. ^_^

    • Y~ I saw the post on Tryp’s blog. All the fans on LSGfan are all fans fans of Tryp… we share fans!~~ :) So i’m sure everyone saw the post.

      you know i’m not big into fan project stuff, but since it’s you, one of the longest going Seunggi fans(!) I’ll make sure to send you an email message note!

  5. Love Seung Gi oppa’s commitment and all…
    but please do take more care of yourself…
    some of the tiredness is really seeping out and showing on his face…it makes me sad…
    Love you and will support you FOREVER!!! :)

  6. My woman’s instinct tells me that if hosting SH alone goes well with the viewers, I think he will be nominated once again for the SBS Entertainment Award (Daesang Award)in the year end. And he has a high chance of winning as well. ^_^

    • I agree. He deserves that award the most. I hope SBS and KBS don’t shortchange him. He’s been through a lot, and from the looks of it, he’ll do a great job no matter what they challenge him with.

      I just hope he gets to rest though.

  7. He’ll definitely be nominated for the daesang, just like last year. but I think Yoo Jaesuk will probably get it, deservedly. Running Man’s ratings has been really good this year. and the show’s supposed a lot better. There’s just not that competition at SBS for the entertainment daesang, esp with Hodong gone.

    I actually don’t want SEunggi to win the Daesang. I still think it’s too son. I hope he’ll win the Top Excellence Award again this year.

    No one is solely MCing a show like this, and particularly not even the top MCs like Yoo Jaesuk and Lee Kyung Kyu. I love how most of Korea (public and entertainment industry) is pulling and rooting for Seunggi during this hard time!!! People have A LOT of love for Seunggi, that’s why he’ll always be okay!~~~~ :)

    • I understand Seunggi’s dilemma. He has to be responsible to the people who trust, groom and pay him and to his loving and supportive fans. But some “certain people” please don’t take it as given that he must perform 100% and be perfect all the time. Too much burden piling on him. Please make sure he has enough rest and time for his own personal pursuits. I also agree that he don’t win the Daesang etc this time round (fans please don’t hate me). It would seem like sympathy votes and a unfair win. Seunggi is way, way more capable to win in his own time and by his own merits.
      Lastly, Seunggi please fight and negotiate for a better contract in future(more rest and time to do your own thing, etc) and change your present hairstylist!!!!

  8. When i think that he will win the daesang award, i don’t think as a sympathy votes. Yes, maybe those SBS judges will give him an edge over the others, but i don’t believe in that, i believe in substance. The reason why i think he will win if he is nominated is because, no one else (like lsgfan has said) MC alone like Seung Gi in SH now. If his first solo MC job goes well with viewers, his chance is high. Moreoever, he was nominated last year before. First of all, i think the judges will look at all the entertainment shows, then they look at who does well.. there might be 4 nominees, then after cutting down to the best 2, i believe Seung Gi will have an advantage if the other competitor show has 2 or more MCs. i’m not saying that i want him to win, but i think he will win because of the above reasons.

  9. From what I have observed of the korean entertainment world, once they’ve targeted you, they cut you off… immediately…… no goodbyes… Things were ok until rumours of Hodong leaving KBS for cable along with PD Na .. then suddenly stories of Hodong being investigated were in the media. Being the absolute professional we have known him to be these years, there is no way Kang Hodong would leave his beloved hobaes especially Seung Gi in a bind. That meant the powers that be banned him pronto. Since we love Seung Gi and any extra burden he seemed to bear hurts us, we blamed it on Hodong sunbae. What better way to destroy and alienate him from the netIzens who has been his support in his career. Pretty clever that… hurt seunggi and the world will hate you…

    • Are you saying ‘the powers that be’ made KHD write his retirement speech, forced him to ‘perform’ in his press conference, and banned him from all the shows he hosted? What kind of threat did they use to make all those happen?

      IF the above really happened, what did that say about KHD as a person of integrity and professional pride???

  10. hi lsgfan,
    i am lee seung gi’s fan hehehe.. So we are friend right hehehe..
    I would like to ask you about this first-solo-MC episode.
    I just did download Strong Heart episode (103, 104, 96, 97, etc.) in an eng sub of course, since i am Indonesian hehehe.
    But there are some missing subtitle..
    I would like to ask you the conversation in (almost end, when the girl named Boom chooses Eunhyuk, Gary, and another man) in this episode 98, when Boom says “Strong Heart is all about sudden” and then Seunggi says something to respond Boom. And then all the audiences laugh. And Boom hugs him. Do you know what Seunggi says at that time (the conversation)..? Ahhh i would like to know that.. Need your help.. Hheheheh many thanks.. Saranghae..

    • hey there~ sorry I don’t remember that epi or that moment. so i’m not sure what that was about. if you have the link to that clip, post it :)
      honestly, it’s been hard to sit through a full epi of strong heart… i sorta hope seunggi takes on the rumored new show with 1n2d shin Pd instead since it will be formatted to fit his style/image.

  11. Hi ayu,,,
    are you the same person who i know on twitter?
    i know what ep u mean, boom just said Seunggi suddenly host the show alone, and Seunggi said i’m the most sudden person…

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