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1 Night 2 Days vs. I am a Singer – Match Game [July 3, 2011]

1 Night 2 Days (KBS) and I am a Singer (MBC) went head to head in the same time slot for the first time on July 3. With dismal ratings for its part 2 program (New Recruit), MBC changed up its Sunday night lineup and aired its super popular I am a Singer for the entire part 1 and part 2 of its Our One Night program and it paid off…

1n2d single rating (AGB) = 23.2%

AGB Nielsen
4- KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) + Pt 2 (1n2d) = 17.9%
6- MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) + Pt 2 (I’m a Singer) = 16.9%
11- 1n2d rerun = 12.4% (broadcast at a different time slot in the morning)
14- SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) + Pt 2 (Kiss and Cry) = 11.7%

Individual show ratings:

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) = 13.3%
MBC Our One Night Pt 1 and Pt2 (I’m a Singer) = 18.0%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Running Man) = 13.3%

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 2 (1n2d) = 23.2%
MBC Our One Night Pt 1 and Pt 2(I’m a Singer) = 18.0%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Kiss and Cry) = 9.9%

** NOTE:   On this day, MBC did not air its usual Part 2 segment (New Recruit). Instead, I am a Singer was aired for both Part 1 and Part 2 of MBC Our One Night, and in the same time slot as 1N2D for the first time.

(Source: LSGfan via AGB Nielsen, ReviewStar, MK, MyDaily)

*** See previous ratings for all programs up at top: 1N2D Sunday TV Ratings ***

Nation’s variety show 1 Night 2 Days has been pretty much one of the top, most popular programs in Korea for the past 4 years.  But with the popularity of I am a Singer this year, wanting a ratings horserace was bound to happen.

I am a Singer has already been bestowed the honor of being called “Nation’s” show, considering its focus on introducing the mainstream public to the unknown faces of super talented, older veteran singers that have been overshadowed in the era of younger and hip music programs focused on Kpop idols.

Although different in concept from real outdoor variety travel show 1N2D, it’s similar in that I am a Singer highlights the best of what Korea has to offer (amazing veteran singers and songs).  And brings joy, sentiment, and laughter to the viewers at the same time.  Stuff Koreans love!

Plus, the show has introduced a lot of new faces that the public didn’t know much about on a personal level.  That’s refreshing.  The show’s quick rise to popularity, along with the singers, has been pretty amazing.  Even my dad is gushing about this show and calling me to talk details every Sunday!

CFs are always a good proxy of popularity in Korea.  And in addition to the singers appearing in CFs, riffs on the I am a Singer show logo and concept are everywhere…

Even Seunggi’s new Chung Jung Won CFs is a riff on I am a Singer, using the show’s logo replaced with “I am Curry.”  With the  expert music commentators (industry insiders and professors) from I am a Singer actually in the CF as well!~

I am a Singer name riff also showed up in Seunggi’s recent KB Card advertisement!

It’s a great show.  (But I fast-forward parts with singers that I’m not that interested in.)  It’s got amazing singing talent, laughter and heart.  And most importantly, it’s got major suspense and cliffhanger stuff since singers are voted off or ranked every week.  And new singers are brought in to replace that spot.  This ensures higher likelihood that viewers and fans will try to catch the show live on TV when broadcast rather than downloading later on to watch.

Plus, YB Band front man, the beloved Yoon Do Hyun is now the MC as well as a participant on the show.  And his rock performances totally stand out among the other ballad-esque artists.  And they just scored 1st place on Sunday!  Woot Woot!  Sadly, 7th place BMK lost out to Ok Joo Hyun by a sliver of votes and was ousted.

But I’m still way more of a 1N2D fan.  I just haven’t jumped on the whole reality singing shows craze that took over the world following American Idol!  And 1N2D is just more my style~ funny, travel element, and of course Lee Seunggi!  But it seems most of the netizens and viewers are fans of both shows too, which is why it works when I am a Singer airs during Part 1 on MBC and 1N2D airs during Part 2 on KBS.

Both shows have that Korean pride and national heartwarming beloved aspect.  So I hope MBC returns to its original lineup, although from a business standpoint if I were them, I’d probably want to ditch the current part 2 segment too!

As for 1N2D, there was so much to love, especially for Seunggi fans! 

Seunggi in that awesome fitted Marlon Brando print t-shirt during bokbulbok!

A lovely Seunggi waking up from a nap, while still looking incredibly refreshed!

Hilarious games on the beach in the middle of the night and another awesome ip-soo water plunge!  Feel bad Seunggi has to lose in order to ipsoo!~ But, let’s have more!

Looking casual but awesome in grey hoodie and crazy but cute ajumma-ish pajama pants while cooking ramen for the staff members at like 4am!  And totally happy with all the compliments at how his noodles were cooked perfect chewy style!  Hahaha.

And still looking good while taking in the gorgeous nature scene atop the sky bridge the next morning after not having gotten a wink of sleep!

The part that was annoying…

PD Na and his crew requiring the guys to write down the one guy they are closest with.  As expected, since the guys have been filming together for like 4 years!, the guys approached it mainly as a game~ less about who they’re most close with, but the probability that this person would choose them.  If there is a match (both persons writing each other’s names), then they get to sleep and don’t have to stay up.

I know the code of 1N2D and the guys is to be guys.  Like not be all sentimental.  And to make it more about the game at hand and the variety aspect.  Like they’re all close in different ways and their idea of we don’t have to necessarily get together all the time outside of the show in order to prove our love and affection for one another thing.

But this to me is a more personal thing and I thought it was pretty lame of PD Na and his crew to broach and air this out publicly.  Like I’ve always preferred Seunggi and Hodong not being on the same team on 1N2D so they get a chance to chill with the other guys more.  People are close in different ways.  Like all the guys are close (as repeated by the guys) but they are closer with certain guys because of work stuff, or on a personal level, or age-wise, etc.

Whatever.  Sometimes PD Na gets on my nerves, but I still heart him!

Anyway, Seunggi wrote down Sugeun because they meet every week to play soccer, and because he was sure that Taewoong would write Hodong, and Hodong probably knowing that would write down Taewoong.  Seunggi took the most rational, probability outlook approach to this as did most of the other guys except Jongmin!

Actually, the cuts of the guys reasoning and considering the different members and who would write who really showed how well the guys really know each other!  Total telepathy!  Which was kind of heartwarming!  Like Sugeun said recently, the guys know each other so well now, they can tell what the others are thinking by just looking at their eyes!

Sugeun was still considering writing Seunggi up to the last minute.  I think Sugeun thought Seunggi would NOT write down his name.  It’s so obvious that Seunggi really adores Sugeun and thinks he’s hilarious, but I really get the sense that Sugeun still feels a little insecure, like that Seunggi doesn’t think that highly of him!  He’s still got that I-still-can’t-believe-I’m-where-I’m-at type of complex going on, which he’s talked about!  Well, I think Sugeun now knows how much Seunggi loves him!  Hahahaha.

Love that Seunggi gave Suguen a pair of limited soccer shoes(?) as a gift recently, to thank him for being such a great soccer player comrad!  LOL at Seunggi’s joke after Sugeun didn’t write down Seunggi’s name~ Please return the soccer shoes!

Can’t help but to love all these guys…

(Images: Seunggilin, Naver;  Video: leeseunggi01)

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15 Responses

  1. what happened to RM? their ratings goes way up to 2 digit in 2 weeks…

    • They aired a special shot in Thailand. It went up a few points maybe because of that? But for some reason the listed AGB ratings don’t seem to really correlate with the real-time AGB graph. perhaps measured differently.

  2. Indeed, that closeness question really upset me. Even if it’s for fun, I feel it’s a cheap shot.

    And I suspect because of SG’s status (and being the youngest), his hyungs might feel reluctant to claim being close with him. It’s like a male pride thing…

    Silly question, really.

    Oh, thanks so much for the long (and the longer the better) posts, Ann!

    • I was totally pissed off by the ‘closeness’ kinda game. I watched the series last evening without english sub and I don’t understand Korean, but I guessed as much what was required by the guys.

      The result of whole match-up thing made me look at the rest of the casts in a different light. I used to like Jongmin, now I don’t. The same goes to that Umh guy. Jiown….well, Jiwon is just Jiwon. I can understand him.

      The outcome also prove the maturity of Seunggi throughts and the immaturity of the older-guys. Seuggi fighting!!

  3. I don’t think Korean 1n2d fans in general liked this part, just because it was sort of unfair to all the guys to put them in that spot. I felt badly most for main MC Hodong, because he said~ I like and am close with all my dongsengs, but I think there’s one person who reveres me in a particular way — thus the reason he chose Taewoong. And all the other guys thought that too, they thought UTW would def write KHD.

    UTW is new and he wrote the person he knew the best (Sugeun since they had a drinks together outside of work). Jongmin too… he was honest about it. He chose Jiwon, saying he felt closest too him recently, promoting album together.

    Hodong, Suguen, Jiwon, Seunggi all played it according to what would get them a match, win the game, and get sleep! :)

    But yea, there definitely was an element of I’m going to write someone that I think would choose me, not someone I’m closest with per se. Like I don’t want to be showing unrequited love!

    And Seunggi being maknae, and sort of notorious for not mixing business and pleasure~ it’s not surprising that Hodong and Sugeun were predicted as his main matches. Again, all the other guys said that too. That it would be Sugeun-Seunggi, Taewoong-Hodong. Or Seunggi-Hodong.

    Also, LSG is well-known for his regal princely air about him (not in a bad way but that uhm-chin-ah ish way) that makes him sort of hard to approach or feel as if
    you’re on the same level as him. Which was why Kim C hyung and LSG were great together. And why Mong said some of the other guys shied away from the two at times.

    The guys are super tight and affectionate in a family-like way. You don’t have to meet up every week to be close. To me 1n2d guys are more like a typical real Korean family of siblings. You love each other and get on each others nerves! You’re more close with some than others at different points, based on common interests or hanging out. You’re more siblings than you are friends. But in your heart, you love everyone a ton and have deep affection for them, even if you don’t show it.

    • I really hate this episode, yes ‘hate’ . I seldom use such powerful word, but this is actually how I feel after watching the ‘buddy’ episode.

      The PD who came up with such idea is really tactless and insensitive. What’s he trying to stir up? If he wants to do politics, keep away from
      1N2D .

      I don’t think I want to continue watching this show anymore

  4. Actually I am surprised UTW didn’t choose Jiwon. From the recent episodes that I watched, he seemed to be sticking rather closely to Jiwon, hugging him and all that stuff. Some fans find his shyness charming or adorable but to me, it ‘s rather annoying. How I miss Kim C and MC Mong ! To me, the laughter then with those guys around were much more genuine.

  5. Me too! Miss mongie and Kim C very much! I think UTW is a nice guy but what has he done since he came on 1n2d? At least jongmin keeps trying really hard.

  6. that part pisses me off also.. they could have just re-phrased it much better. Poor Seung-gi but anyways he is well loved

    and about this comment..

    “Also, LSG is well-known for his regal princely air about him (not in a bad way but that uhm-chin-ah ish way) that makes him sort of hard to approach or feel as if
    you’re on the same level as him. Which was why Kim C hyung and LSG were great together. And why Mong said some of the other guys shied away from the two at times.”

    really they thought of him as that sometimes maybe because of the age difference.. well thats culture ..is so hard to be on that position. Good thing is hes really doing well,

  7. wow, seriously, such emotional comments, stop watching great show only because of one episode?
    maybe I’m not that sensitive or I need to rewatch this episode with subs for better understanding, but I really didnt get any of these raw emotions like you did, guys. for me it was more like mental game than popularity contest.
    maybe I’m just too big UTW’s fan but just watching him makes me satisfied. and he makes me laugh just like other guys

    • I agree. I felt really sad for Na PD because he had to ask them this, but I guess it’s good TV for some, bad TV for others. I hated it too, at first.

      However, I want to see it as Na PD being confident of the closeness the guys have with each other (after all it has been four or five years), and felt that it was okay to exploit that. He’s confident that nobody would be hurt because they’ll all choose someone because of the game. It’s the mind games he’s after, and definitely not to make a person feel bad.

      I liked that Jongmin was really upfront with his answer, even wondering if someone will choose him. He’s just pure that way. He’s the only one who didn’t think much of it as a game, and you know how relieved he is when he cried when Jiwon chose him.

      I enjoyed this episode as much as I was kind of put off at first, but if one really believes in the bond that these guys have, I think one will just ignore the fact that that they’re making them choose among their friends, and just sit back and watch the mind games unfold. Afterall, we know what they’ve been through and how tight they are. A lot of actors and entertainers are so jealous of the brotherhood they share. And if Mong and Kim C were there, it’ll be much fun to see who chooses who, and what one says about it.

      • Agree. I was annoyed with PD Na. But I know he knew that all the guys knew each other so well and the show that they would go the variety route and make it fun. Really, it’s like a real family of siblings! Bickering and love! :)

        I’m definitely convinced that Sugeun DID NOT write Seunggi b/c he thought Seunggi would write Hodong. And Hodong DID NOT write Seunggi b/c Seunggi would write Sugeun! hahaha.

        Sugeun mentioned Seunggi on KBS Win Win with Kim Jung Tae like 2 times! Glad to see them closer.

  8. hi airens.. do u have dis video with eng subs? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHQyP9Gc9DU&feature=related it seems lee seung gi’s saying funny things but i can’t understand it… please help ^^ thanks. . .

  9. I loved 1D2N and loved to watch everybody without reserve. But I have a soft spot for LSG since he is the youngest and from my observation, he is very polite, soft spoken and respect his eldest….

    I don’t think this show need that type of games to make it fun….and why put everybody in a difficult position. I think PD Na should have known better.

    Well….the show is still the best and won’t miss it for anything……

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