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Seunggi in Balmain, Trollbeads, Christopher Kane, Fubu

Based on a lot of the upscale, high fashion, chic labels Cody dresses, accessorizes Seunggi in, SHE obviously isn’t a fashion idiot.  My newest theory on Seunggi’s Cody/Stylist… She’s VERY GOOD at picking out hot, exclusive, trendy single items (or perhaps just good at accepting items sent in by sponsored labels!), BUT TERRIBLE at mixing and matching!~ which is NOT a good thing for a rising A-lister’s Cody!~~

Anyone can pick out great single items, but having the fashion sense to piece things together is what separates top fashion insiders from the others!  But I have hope…

This 2011 year has been pretty awesome, compared to some of the fashions Cody was doing last year!  Hope she continues to dress Seunggi in more fashionable cutting edge stuff, that still fit his personality, so we get used to seeing him dressed in those fashionable styles on a regular basis basis!

I’m loving some of the recent brands…

BALMAIN shirt/hoodie on Come to Play, Teacher Sunhee special

BALMAIN red-plaid shirt on 1N2D Actress Special

I loved this slim-cut short-sleeve red-plaid shirt!  And as previously pleaded~~  Cody, please dress Seunggi in more short-sleeve fitted shirts on 1N2D now that we’re into summer!  Just make sure to apply like 500 SPF cream so he doesn’t overly tan!

When I first saw it on 1N2D, I thought the shirt and botchy insignia looked familiar,
like I’d seen it somewhere!  And sure enough, there it was at Barneys…

TROLLBEADS charm/bracelet accessory…

Actually, was really surprised by this one!  I saw the multiple wrap leather bracelets, but didn’t notice the charms until it showed up in the Korean press fashion pages.  Trollbeads?!  Omg, I LOVE their charms!  And honestly, did not know that guys could wear them too (via leather bracelets).  Always saw this as a female thing, since I’ve mainly seen the charms worn on silver bracelets.  Actually, I just bought a whole bunch of (knock-off! but pretty) Trollbeads charms at a street fair over the weekend!

CHRISTOPHER KANE galaxy collection hoodie…

Another VERY surprising choice!  I was wondering what that print was under his bright blue jacket.  (probably wearing the cut-off sleeve hoodie version)

But again, another example of what I think is Cody’s TERRIBLE sense of MIXING and MATCHING!  Would rather see the galaxy hoodie on its own.  I actually LOVED this bright baby blue jacket!  Wonder what brand this was…

And FUBU regularly on 1N2D…

Which makes sense.  He IS the main endorsement model.  I actually don’t like any of the recent FUBU stuff except their hoodie line (you can’t go wrong with slim-cut fitted hoodies! I love love love hoodies!)

Actually, really curious to know the make on this t-shirt.  It’s got an interesting print.  Plus, I just LOVE the skin-color!~~~~

Hmm, maybe I like the shirt mainly because of this?!~~~~ muahhahahaha…

And other celebs in Seunggi’s FUBU line…

Seunggi on 1N2D and Yoo Jae Suk, Song Joong Ki, Running Man members…

Growing up in the United States, I was never into FUBU, so not sure if I can ever really be a fan.  But I liked FUBU Korea’s fall/winter look.  Looking forward to their upcoming fall collection.  One of the recent FUBU CF/print ads I’ve actually liked…

(Images: Naver, As indicated, blog.naver/nanjoa10)

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7 Responses

  1. Hyaa~ noone can blame you for the reason to love the nude shirt.Me love it tooo

  2. R~ I was thinking of you when I posted this post! :)

    Also re: the mixing and matching… funny thing. I was watching the Today show this morning and during their fashion segment, they were talking about the popularity of mixing and matching patterns this summer… and I totally thought of Seunggi’s Cody! hahahaha. It’s like Cody lives in my fashion conscience all the time!

  3. I’ve seen Seung-gi and a chubby guy with glasses in a scene in 1N2D. Is that his cody? He got changed and in the room since it was after the soccer game versus the staff if I recall that right. Hmmmn, is his cody a guy, Ann? Would you know? I’ve never actually seen her, even when they showed love-lines of manager-cody in an old 1N2D episode.

    Anyway, I love that you know the brands he wear Ann! As in! =) I think Cody’s getting there because cody isn’t as pressured with layering on too many clothes on Seung-gi like during winter. Hahaha!

    I love Korea’s FUBU. Why is it so un-thuggish-like there, unlike here, where I don’t think they have anything that isn’t oversized?

    • His Cody was shown in a previous ep of 1n2d. I think it was when the team went to jeju and lag and Sugeun were tasked to plant a flag as far as they can into the sea. His Cody was shown panicking about his clothes. I think that was around so 43 or 44 I think. She was a woman.

  4. I think Seunggi has 1 cody/stylist. But before I got confused b/c in addition to the chubby guy with glasses that you mentioned who’s always on 1n2d by his side, there was this other woman who was fixing his hair and stuff during the MGIG drama filming.

    I think the guy is Seunggi’s cody. And then he has an additional stylist (hired by the drama production) as the main guide during drama shoots. like during Brilliant Legacy, he mentioned in interviews that the Cody did a good job of picking out great clothes! omg, I SO would die if that BL cody would be his real cody and dress him like Hwan and give him that crazy messy birds nest-like hair regularly! hahahaha.

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