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Flirty Choi Jiwoo, giddy Lee Seunggi, plunging in the water, Sunday TV ratings [1N2D Actress Special Pt 2, 5.29.11]

Seunggi was excited about Kim Sky Haneul, but he rebounded quickly (like a typical guy!) after jealous-twinged Jiwoo came out full-force aegyo and flirty afterward!  A very happy Seunggi was like puddy in her hands!  And even 60-year old Teacher Soomi seemed a bit jealous at all the attention her none-of-the-girls-can-touch Seunggi was giving to Jiwoo, and joked that her other beloved guy Jo In Sung was back! Love it…

(Video cuts: Tryp96;  English: LSGfan)

Muscle-armed Seunggi rescues Jiwoo
Princess Choi Jiwoo gained lots of love with hilarious but cute water plunge!  And prince Seunggi (who hates to expose his body for some incomprehensible reason!) did not mind saving the damsel in distress! Can’t help but to gawk at his arms…

Seunggi’s heodang (but hot!) Ip-Soo water plunge
I’ve never been so happy to see Seunggi’s team lose! Punishment = Ip-soo!

KHD: Come on Seunggi!
LSG: Thank you for being with us on this trip. Nation’s actresses~ Fighting!
SOOG: Hey that didn’t look cool. Do it again! (Haha)
EJW: Your hair didn’t even get wet!
(LSG dives in, in typical uncool heodang fashion!)
(LSG does another dive, and of course another heodang one!)

Seunggi helps Teacher Soomi ip-soo
Her hidden camera prank was SO real! Pretending to pass out after the ip-soo!  After the broadcast aired, her management company said no one knew about it. And that Soogeun and Jiwoo even cried. She looked so adorable in that haute leopard hoodie!

LSG: This way… Woah! Teacher!

Jiwoo teases Seunggi for showing up dressed to the nines
Someone was obviously paying close attention to Seunggi during the opening!


SM: I really like kids who wear their clothes well.
LSG: We’ll have to dress well from now on! (Haha)
SM: I mean kids who look good dressed any which way.
LSG: I really came dressed any which way today.
JW: What?! You were totally showing off today! Even wearing a belt! (Haha)
LSG: No, that’s not the case sunbaenim!

Jiwoo responds to Seunggi’s compliment by suggesting a drama together
Girl language translation: Should we do a drama = Should we have drinks?

[KHD: Jiwoo, seems you’re too sweet to say mean things.]
LSG: Your personality seems really great.
CJW: Should we do a drama together?
LSG: That would be my honor!

Jiwoo expresses twinge of jealousy over Seunggi’s attention for Haneul
Seunggi needs to practice masking his true feelings in front of girls a little better! Jealous Jiwoo is very cute.  We would’ve felt the same way.  He obviously admires Jiwoo. And she knows it.

KHD: Seunggi, did you like JiWoo noona?
LSG: Of course, that’s a given.
JW: What are you talking about? Before, it was Kim Ha Neul.
LSG: What?! (sweating bullets!)
JW: You must’ve been disappointed. A lot. (Haha)
LSG: No way! Sunbaenim, that’s not true.
JW: You weren’t able to hide your expression.
LSG: Hahaha. No, no! Never. That’s not the case.
JW: And you were even wearing a Burberry trench coat earlier on, and then changed. There was no reason for you to impress anymore, right!
LSG: No, no! The coat was uncomfortable.
JW: You guys saw him in the coat, pulling the belt tight around his waist!
HY: Jiwoo, you were really jealous!
JW: Couldn’t help it. A little bit.
KHD: Hyeyoung, you’re great at picking things out! Things are getting more lively.  What is this? Capturing the love mode of Seunggi! You were able to establish Lee Seunggi’s love mode.
JW: All of a sudden, I feel wide awake!

Seunggi’s ideal type is a fair-skinned woman like Jiwoo
Seunggi’s ideal girl changes like all the time!  Or he has many ideal girls!  He’s even alluded to that before, saying that he believes his ideal type is constantly changing!

HY: Seunggi, what kind of style do you like in women?
LSG: Me? Um…
HY: Looks-wise.
LSG: A slightly fair-skinned face.
SM: What type of woman in terms of an actress?
LSG: A person like Choi Ji Woo sunbaenim.
ALL: Wow!
HY: Jiwoo, do you like a guy at first glance or as time goes by?
JW: As time goes by.
HY: Seunggi, did you say you were resting on Wednesday?
LSG: Me? I’m completely resting all day!

Teacher Soomi warns The Trend Seunggi that Jo In Sung is back
Hilarious. Teacher Soomi loves Seunggi but in her trademark way expresses undying love for Jo Insung, who gave her a public shout-out when released from the military. And someone obviously watched Seunggi recently on Come to Play!

KHD: But why do the female actresses like Seunggi?
HY: He works really hard. He’s also handsome and works hard in life.
JW: But unni, on that other program… they were saying they don’t want him as a boyfriend but rather a good son like him. Seunggi, didn’t they say that?
KHD: A guy has to be a little flighty to be considered charming.
HY: He already seems a bit flighty.
KHD: Rather than flighty, he’s a complete empty hole!
HY: Are you jealous of Seunggi? (Haha) That’s unreasonable.
SM: These days, is Lee Seung Gi the top/best?
ALL: He is!
LSG: Teacher, I’m not.
JW: He’s the best. The in thing/trend!
SM: Ya- Jo In Sung is out now [from military]! (Haha) Better watch out.

Teacher Soomi loves smart Seunggi
Who doesn’t love smart guys?! Although they have to also be cute/adorakble!

[Hint: What is the month before El wul (1st month/January)?]
HY: Ship ee wol (12th month)
KJM: Ee wul (2nd month)
LSG: Got it! Young wul (0 month)
HY: Young wul!
KHD: Come on! Yay!
All: Wow! Great job!
KHD: Jiwoo, he’s handsome and smart.
JW: Wow, I didn’t even understand it.
SM: Me neither.
LSG: 12th month seemed too simple.
KHD: What do you think of Seunggi?
SM: Omo, I want him to live with me!
JW: Really, I couldn’t get the hint.
SM: Seunggi, you’re so awesome!
LSG: Thank you.

Hodong-Seunggi acknowledge Jiwoo’s amazing ip-soo body gag
I love how Jiwoo seems so natural in this casual setting, talking informally to the guys.

JW: Aren’t you going to have any ramen noodles?
LSG: Of course. Are you feeling okay?
JW: I’m completely fine now!
KHD/LSG: Again, we revere your body gag-comedy. (Bowing!)
KHD: We were talking about Jiwoo the whole time right now.
JW: Whatever. Hurry up and come eat.
KHD: How do I register for your fanclub?

Jiwoo takes care of Seunggi first while eating
Note to clueless Seunggi~ I think Jiwoo would be really happy if you dropped the “sunbaenim” and called her noona! Omg, he is so giddy with all of Jiwoo’s attention!  Although match-maker extraordinaire may be even more excited!

HY: Jiwoo wants to eat the kimchi.
(Jiwoo gives first piece immediately to a very happy Seunggi!)
KHD: Jiwoo takes care of Seunggi first!
LSG: Sunbaenim, I’ll eat everything and not leave any leftovers!
KHD: We were just saying next door how thoughtful Jiwoo is.
SM: Jiwoo really takes good care of people.

See more Seunggi cuts over at~ Tryp96’s 11.05.29 1N2D Cuts

Ratings are up from last week’s already high ratings.  I don’t remember the last time, the Korean press officially reported on individual show ratings! I’m glad the actresses are all getting a lot of love and buzz for their 1N2D guesting.  They deserve it! The right variety show appearance and chemistry can really make people like you more, which of course is a given if it’s with 1 Night 2 Days!  Concluding Part 3 next week is being billed as even more fun.  Can’t wait.

May 29, 2011

Actress Special Part 2~  1n2d single rating (AGB) = 29.0%, Peak =40.7%

AGB Nielsen
2- KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) + Pt 2 (1n2d) = 20.4%
7- 1n2d rerun = 14.2% (broadcast at different time slot in the morning)
8- MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) + Pt 2 (New Recruit) = 12.7%
*SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Kiss and Cry) + Pt 2 (Running Man) = 7.1% 

Individual show ratings:

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 1 (Man’s Qualif) = 10.8%
MBC Our One Night Pt 1 (I’m a Singer) = 17.3%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 1 (Kiss and Cry) = 8.2%

KBS Happy Sunday Pt 2 (1n2d) = 29.0%
MBC Our One Night Pt 2 (New Recruit) = 4.8%
SBS I like Sunday Pt 2 (Running Man) = 6.2%

(See previous Sunday night TV ratings at top 1N2D Ratings green tab)

Source:  LSGfan via AGB Nielsen, NoCutNews

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  1. Omo nah! Faints. SeungGi’s tshirt!

  2. Dear Ann, thanks so much for the translation. After SG’s much oogled abs and muscles, Jiwoo’s reactions really make this episode for me. Her plunge looked so real and, well, cold! And her flirt with SG…subtle, sweet, and cute. No wonder she has so many fans.

  3. thanks for the brief trans..
    it was really a hilarious and interesting episode..
    if Jiwoo’s being flirtly got to say she pull it out so nicely..^^ well got to admit i was bit jealous of her^^ heheheh..

  4. Ann thanks for the translation in those video clip..We appreciate it so much.. I can’t wait for the full episode to be subbed by KBS hahaha..

  5. daebak daebak!

    this is why i love 1n2d… all the clips were hilarious…
    sg’s arms made me drool.. XD
    resident matchmaker is having a field day with jw x sg.. XD

  6. After looking forward to the program

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