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Yoon Do Hyun hearts Seunggi! [Love Letter, 2007 Aug & Nov]

*** UPDATED with November 2007 interview/appearance cuts ***

Post 2 of LSGfan’s series on Singer Seunggi’s interviews (English-subbed) and performances on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter.  Following his early 2005/2006 appearances on Love Letter, Seunggi was back in the latter part of 2007 to promote his 3rd album.  He had finished wrapping up his first (supporting role) drama, Famous Princesses – the start of Seunggi’s singing-variety-acting multi-entertainer life.  Yoon Do Hyun hyung really missed him!  Hahaha.  So much so that he had Seunggi on twice!  Check out the August and November 2007 interviews and performances; includes clip of Seunggi’s live rendition of I will Forget (both times!)…

Talk [August 31, 2007]

Talk [November 9, 2007]

(video: Beedance07)
Thanks to Beedance for encoding subs and tkfkd111 for sharing the videos!!


Desire and Hope,  Love Letter [August 31, 2007]

(video: tkfkd111)

Yoon Do Hyun’s intro of Seunggi~ The first guest.  The kind of young adult guy you feel content just when seeing him. [Screams]. You really do like him?!  He hasn’t even sang yet, but no matter what, you already like it?!  I’m glad you’re excited.  Personally, just in watching him, I feel he’s become increasingly cool and manly and creates a great vibe.  It seems like he’s been active for a long time, but he’s only 21 or 22 years old.  Awesome guy.  The ideal among noonas.  Lee Seung Gi.

English translation: LSGfan

WATCH more: White Lie [August 31, 2007] – YT link

I think some fans really liked this haircut on Seunggi.  But I remember reading that Seunggi did not like it!  Per his recent interview, he has a big forehead complex! Ha.

Yeah, I think I’m with Seunggi on this one.  I like to see his forehead covered up and his hair not so short.  (A lot of guys you know how I felt about his short haircut at the end of last year!  Omg. I was so totally consumed by that!  Sorry for that, again!)

I just love Seunggi and Yoon Do Hyun together, and it only gets better over time!

More performances from his return to Love Letter 2 months later…

Unfinished Story,  Love Letter [November 9, 2007]

WATCH more: I was Born to Love You [November 9, 2007] – YT link

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6 Responses

  1. big thanks, LSGfan and Beedance!!!
    I looooove Yoon Do Hyun’s face when Seung Gi started to sing ‘I will forget’ :))))))))))))

  2. Dear Ann and Beedance,
    Thanks so much. Love SG’s performance and his rapport with YDH.

  3. Thanks so much, I really enjoyed his performance of Desire & Hope.

    After viewing that, I actually started a marathon watching of all his old performances in YT, including those at his first concert. I really love all his older songs, somehow the songs and the way he sang them could really melt my heart – songs like Cry out, You, inside of me, Farewell etc. Hope to see him perform live one of these days …maybe at his year-end concert !

  4. Agree with you all. Since I knew him as an actor first, then 1n2d’er, and then singer last, I’m just really loving these YDH interviews where they actually TALK about music! I don’t think i’m as big of a singer Seunggi fan as some of the other fans, but still love to hear him sing.

    plus you can’t deny YDH-SG chemistry! Ha! Although it’s hard to find a person SG doesn’t have chemistry with (girl or hyung/dongseng)!

    Also I totally respect YDH’s music and his external societal work!

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