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Seunggi on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter [2006 Feb & Sept]

*** UPDATED with second 2006 appearance cuts on Love Letter ***

More wrapping up of some previously started video English translations. This is the first of a series of posts on Singer Seunggi’s interviews (English-subbed) and performances on the much loved KBS music program, Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter. Unfortunately the show aired its last episode in November 2008 after seven years.

For those who knew Seunggi as an actor first, these interviews are SO interesting! He is definitely STILL very much the same sincere, deep person now in 2011 as he was six years ago when he debuted as a singer. Totally uncanny, in a very good way! And woah, major style change in between 7 months! Definitely, also in a very good way!

Talk [February 10, 2006] – ENG

Talk – Remake Album (female singers) [September 15, 2006] – ENG

(video: Beedance07, LSGfan)
Thanks to Beedance for encoding subs and tkfkd111 for sharing the videos!!

Words that are Hard to Say [February 10, 2006]:

(video: tkfkd111)

Watch ~ Because You’re My Woman [Feb 10, 2006] – YT link


Please, Love Letter [September 15, 2006]

(video: tkfkd111)

The 2006 episodes were Seunggi’s second and third appearance. He first showed up with Mentor/Teacher Lee Sun Hee in April 2005 around his debut time.

Watch performances on Love Letter [April 22, 2005]:

To J, Lee Sun Hee & Lee Seung Gi [April 22, 2005] – YT link

Because You’re My Woman [April 22, 2005] – YT link

If who’ve seen Seunggi’s appearances/talks on Love Letter, you’ll understand why LSGfan just loves seeing Seunggi together with Yoon Do Hyun! Yes, Yoon Do Hyun is another one of Seunggi’s fanboy hyungs! Seunggi’s live rendition of I Will Forget is one of my absolute faves. And this becomes an ongoing thing between the two guys.

I Will Forget, Lee Seung Gi [Yoon Do Hyun’s radio show, 2008]

(Video: Rapport2010; Bedifferent; DaumBlog/netbklgsss)
Thanks Rapport for uploading this fave video for me before leaving!

Watch ~ Yoon Do Hyun Band (YB), I Will Forget – YT link

BTS photos from Yoon Do Hyun’s radio show recording, 2008

(images: Naver fan blog)

Yoon Do Hyun is SO hilarious and super talented . He’s also very good friends with Seunggi’s beloved hyung, Kim C, which automatically makes him cool by association!

When My Girlfriend is a Gumiho began its broadcast, these were the cute tweets Yoon Do Hyun posted on his twitter/YBrocks:

Gumiho is fun. Cute Seunggi and pretty Shin Minah on the re-run broadcast!

I’m on the way to my radio show. Up to now, I never bothered washing up but now that they’re videotaping, I had no choice but to wash up. See you at the 1010 club. Should we do one mission? How about “Let’s eat cow!”

What’s this? Retweet: Unni, I feel so bad for Miho. Bad Daewoong left her and ran away.

Retweet: Let’s wait to see what happens in the re-run.

English translation: LSGfan

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11 Responses

  1. thanks a lot for all the hardwork in translating and subbing.
    it’s very kind of you gals for sharing these videos.
    thank you SO much for the cool LSGfan ^^ , Beedance, tkfkd111, and rapport!

  2. Dear Ann,
    Really appreciate the hard work from you, Bee, and others. I am in blissful Bali and have unreliable internet connections. But I managed to read off all your new text posts. So envy your concert experience. I love Lee SJ in Damo, Fire Bird and Lovers. Hope he has shown SG a good time in the Big Apple. I am sure I will enjoy singer SG with YDH as well. Cheers.

    • What?! you’re in blissful Bali?! How dare you while we are freezing our butts off on the wintry east coast?! :) So jealous! Although, maybe you’re more jealous that SG and I have been living under the same manhattan sky for the past few days! hahahaha.

      • Too right! So envious of you! Then upon my return, saw the news (or rumors) about dropping shows! My gut feeling is that SG is not the kind of person who would do things like that. I will wait for further development.

  3. thank you for subbing

  4. dear LSGfan, thank you SO much for this post!!
    First of all, I couldnt find this whole song by Seung Gi, heard just a little piece of it. And this post made me really happy.
    Secondly, I didnt know at all abt this group, so after reading post I decided to see what they sang else. And I found their cover of russian rock-band’s (Kino) song, Blood Type. This is the only one group I love who sang in russian language. And the cover is brilliant.
    Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much ^^
    I really love seunggi’s voice when he sang forbidden love.

  6. Thank you so much!
    I appriciate youre hard work! From wich album is the song I will forget? I am playing it nonstop right now

    • Me too. love the song, esp with the lyrics! repeat never gets old!

      I will forget is sung by YB (YDH is the lead vocalist for YB). it’s old. YB’s 2003 album- Stream (Special Edition). But Seunggi sang it live on YDH’s radio show in 2008 (the audio/video clip in the post). Totally awesome lyrics. YB version video with the lyrics in the comments:

      YB has a bunch of awesome songs with awesome lyrics. Another popular one is I Did Love (off his solo album, not the Band’s albums). i’d love to see Seunggi sing this one too in SG style too. Yoon Do Hyun version with Eng lyrics:

      Like his good friend Kim C, YDH is also really social justice minded and has been actively involved in a lot of related activities. And he totally adores Seunggi, like Kim C! hahahahaha.

  7. it seems that lee seung gi learns new singing skills and style every new album…so, that means he’s a tecnique kinda singer, :), anyway, tq for the post..

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