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Last post about the SHORT haircut [2010 F/W KolonSport]

Kolon Sport’s Fall/Winter collection marketing of CF darlings SeungGi and MinJung continue and I’m totally loving it.  In addition to the recent InStyle Korea insert spread, there was also a press release this week with a few photos of the two modeling his and her down jackets.  I’m not super enamored with MinJung the way the rest of Korea happens to be at the moment, but she’s sweet to Seunggi so that’s all that really matters!  The official Kolon Sport photos are helping me to make peace with the short trimmed cut.  Cody, please just style it extra nicely until it grows out!

Like these official photos way better than those earlier BTS photos

Press release photos of Seunggi and Minjung~

According to the press release, Seunggi and Minjung will be modeling the down collection in more photos to be released soon on the Kolon Sport website.  Per a DClsg fan, supposedly you can pick up the leaflet of Seunggi’s fashion shoot (catalog) at the Kolon Sport store?  So international fans going to Korea next month for the concert, you guys have to add Kolon Sport store to list of CF store stops!

Press release photos of Seunggi only~

I really like this weird funky looking hat!  Or maybe I’m just happy that it’s covering up Seunggi’s short haircut!  Ha ha ha.  Ok, I promise to stop talking about how I can’t stand his SHORT hair cut after this post.  I don’t want to totally annoy you guys!  ^___^  But I can still comment generally about his hair, right?!

This expression is totally classic Seunggi…

Ok, my last parting comment about his short cut ~ Loved this longer, parted to the side hairstyle from the recent awesome New Zealand CF.  Check out those lashes!  I have to curl and mascara mine each day and yet Seunggi can have luscious eyelashes the natural way…  so unfair.

(credit: DClsg; As labeled)

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2 Responses

  1. ke ke ke ke. love seunggi’s message to you ann! i love all these photos. im missing seunggi alot. two days a week is not enough for me!

  2. the first photo cracked me up! XD
    and LOL at the last comment about eyelashes!
    that’s totally me! :P

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