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Is this a 2010 CF Earnings List or CF Asking-Price List?

So LSGfan wasn’t the only one wondering why Lee Seung Gi was NOT on the 2010 top 20 CF earnings list from Star News (translated by Allkpop)!  Where’s Kim Yuna?!

I mean, both Seunggi and Yuna have been consecutively ranked either the #1 or #2 star with the most CFs running on tv for the past 2 years; and the #1 or #2 star with the highest CF effect value for more than a year!  Sure, the number of CF contracts and actual CFs filmed doesn’t necessarily correlate with the amount of money earned, but even still~ methodology was a bit questionable!

Below is Allkpop’s translation (which I’m thinking may be inaccurate~ and it should be “Top 20 list of celebrity CF asking prices” and NOT “CF Earnings list.”

Either way, the pricetag list is hypothetical, based on input from unnamed advertisement insider sources.  Shouldn’t there at least be some  formula details?

(2010) Ranked list of celebrities’ CF earnings revealed

With the quality of advertisements climbing ever upwards, more celebrities are earning greater pay just by signing contracts as CF models. Money Today’s enterprise team recently compiled data and created a ranked list of exactly how much top celebrities earn through CF deals by categorizing them into three classes (A to C), which range from $9,000 to over $200,000 USD.

According to this list, the top stars who earned the greatest income from CFs alone in the past year were Lee Young Ae, Go Hyun Jung, Jung Ji Hoon, Big Bang’s T.O.P, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Ji Hyun and Jo In Sung.

Technically speaking, musician Seo Tae Ji actually topped the charts by a fair amount. However, since Seo Tai Ji did not participate in a CF last year, and the figure is really only a “suggesting price”, it was difficult to fully compare his figure with other stars’.

When analyzing groups, Big Bang came out first with $970,000 USD, beating out the likes of SNSD and the Wonder Girls.

The full chart was categorized into three classes, A to C, which contained the earnings of just under 1,000 singers, actors, idols and sports stars. The data was from one single year, and was provided by advertising agencies whose main jobs were to hire celebrities for corporate CFs.

“Class A” consisted of celebrities who earned over $400,000 USD; “Class B” consisted of those who earned between $178,000 USD and $400,000 USD; meanwhile, “Class C” was for stars who earned under $178,000 USD.

Analyzing both males and females together, only 69 of out 869 celebrities (7.9%) were categorized in “Class A”, while 60% of the celebrities were classed under “Class C”.

Stars that were categorized under “Class A” include Jung Ji Hoon, Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Ahn Sung Gi, Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun Young and Kim Tae Hee. Only ten celebrities aged over 40 were grouped in “Class A”; the remaining celebrities were in their 30s and 20s respectively.

Finally, a total of 10 idol groups were calculated to be earning over $400,000 USD. Check out the full ranked list down below!

Male Celebrities:

1 – Seo Taiji – 2,000,000,000 won ($1,800,000 USD)
2 – Big Bang – 1,100,000,000 won ($970,000 USD)
3 – Rain – 1,000,000,000 won ($890,000 USD)
4 – T.O.P – 900,000,000 won ($801,000 USD)
5 – Jo In Sung – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
6 – Jang Dong Gun – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
7 – Bae Yong Joon – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
8 – So Ji Sub – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
9 – J.Y.J. – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
10 – 2PM – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
11 – Won Bin – 700,000,00 won ($620,000 USD)
12 – Song Seung Hun – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
13 – Jung Woo Sung – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
14 – Nichkhun – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
15 – Lee Min Ho – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
16 – Hyun Bin – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
17 – SS501 – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
18 – Daniel Henney – 650,000,000 won ($580,000 USD)
19 – Yoo Jae Suk – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
20 – Kang Dongwon – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)

Female Celebrities:

1 – Lee Young Ae – 1,200,000,000 won ($1,100,000 USD)
2 – Go Hyun Jung – 1,000,000,000 won ($890,000 USD)
3 – Kim Tae Hee – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
4 – Jeon Ji Hyun – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
5 – Wonder Girls – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
6 – 2NE1 -800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
7 – After School – 800,000,000 won ($710,000 USD)
8 – Lee Hyori – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
9 – Go So Young – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
10 – Lee Na Young – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
11 – Lee Mi Yeon – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
12 – Song Hye Kyo – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
13 – Moon Geun Young – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
14 – Han Ga In -700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
15 – SNSD – 700,000,000 won ($620,000 USD)
16 – Jang Mi Hee – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
17 – Kim Hee Ae – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
18 – Kim Nam Joo -600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
19 – Ha Ji Won -600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)
20 – Han Ye Seul – 600,000,000 won ($530,000 USD)

Source: Allkpop via Money Today

Well, after Star News Money Today section put out their article/compilation of celebrity CF pricetag groupings, they must have gotten an earful from people(!), because the next day, they put out this follow up article…

SNSD and Lee Seung Gi are cheaper than the Wondergirls?
Clean sweep by moving higher sales at a lower profit margin

“It seems that B group CF asking prices are more expensive”
“This has got to be a joke… how much do they say those in the B group receive?”

After Money Today’s article on the asking price (pricetags) of stars went out, these were the types of messages we received from some celebrities. There was probably similar type of exchanges among the stars as well.

Many were asking “How is that SNSD is cheaper than the Wondergirls?” and “Why isn’t nation’s brother Lee Seung Gi in the A group?”

A star’s brand value may each be judged differently, and so there’s been a lot of curiosity regarding the compiled list of stars. Primarily because, in the current advertising marketplace, SNSD and Lee Seung Gi appear much more and are more popular than #1 ranked CF asking price Lee Young Ae or other high pricetag-ranked Wondergirls.

From a market perspective, the answer is simple. The market pricetag is similar to the laws of supply and demand; thus, stars who proposed a less expensive asking price participated in more CFs, while stars commanding a higher price barely appeared in any CFs.

The advertising marketplace pricetags presented are of course an incomplete picture since all the related details are not accounted for. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes asking price wars and it is also difficult to get an accurate hold of this type of information. Further, stars rarely reveal this type of CF pricetags with one another.

Typically, ‘advertising pricetag criteria’ are used when the stars and advertisers get together to negotiate. From the standpoint of the advertising company, if their brand power and brand awareness are similar, then they have no choice but to use a less expensive pricetagged star.

‘Nation’s younger sisters’ SNSD’s CFs include LG mobile phones, Samsung appliances, as well as Goobne chicken, and many others. Girls from the group are also involved in individual contracts with Innisfree, Biotherm, and Clean and Clear.

‘Nation’s younger brother’ Lee Seung Gi, similar to Se7en, 2am, and Jang Geun Suk‘s pricetag of 400,000,000 KRW ($355,000 USD), is included in the B category group of stars.

Early on, Lee Seung Gi started out negotiating at a relatively lower price, and last year he conquered the CF world with 25 broadcasted CFs, including those for Samsung, KB, Nongshim, Seoul Milk, and Pizza Hut. However, as his popularity continues to soar day by day, who knows, maybe Lee Seung Gi’s asking price may instantly move int the A category group in a matter of a minute.

On the other hand, the number of CFs secured for those who have more expensive pricetags such as the Wondergirls, 2NE1, and After School are noticeably dropping. For example, in the case of Seo Tae Ji‘s excessive asking price of 2,000,000,000 KRW ($1,800,000 USD), following a CF in 2003 and later in 2008, they have yet to film a new CF.

Eventually, the daebak stars are also the ones able to move higher sales at a lower profit margin. Who knows, maybe decreasing one’s asking price might be a good strategy in succeeding in the advertisement marketplace, like the stars that appear and can be seen more regularly on tv.

Source: LSGfan via StarNews/MoneyToday at Nate

Um, I’m assuming they got a lot of flack because they are SO obviously attempting damage control in the above article; trying to explain their rationale and assessment of beloved stars Seunggi and SNSD in particular!

Also, if Allkpop got “CF asking price/pricetag” and “CF earnings” mixed up in their translation, then it makes more sense, especially considering Star News’ follow up article.  Some popular stars may have a lower CF asking price, but they film way more CFs, so they ultimately earn more money (in terms of total CF earnings!).  See SeungGi-MinAh as Gumiho’s $5 million CF couple.

Below is a list of the 2010 CF earnings for Samsung models from a Financial News article that came out a week prior to the Star News/Money Today article.  And yes(!), this list is also hypothetical and based on unnamed business insider sources…

Samsung Electronics’ star army- 4,000,000,000 KRW ($3.6 million USD)

Kim Yuna – 1,000,000,000 KRW ($890,000 USD)
Hyun Bin – 600~700,000,000 KRW ($530~620,000 USD)
Han Ga In – 500~600,000,000 KRW ($445~530,000 USD)
Lee Seung Gi – 500~600,000,000 KRW ($445~530,000 USD)
Lim Soo Jung – 500~600,000,000 KRW ($445~530,000 USD)
Jang Geun Suk – 200~300,000,000 KRW ($178~266,000 USD)
Han Hyo Joo – 200~300,000,000 KRW ($178~266,000 USD)
IU – 200,000,000 KRW ($178,000 USD)
Naul – 100,000,000 KRW ($89,000 USD)

Source: LSGfan via Financial News

So you have Financial News’ estimated pricetag for Samsung CF models, and Star News’ estimated pricetag for star CFs, with nothing about total CF earnings.

But, I say take the whole CF prcetag thing with a grain of salt because we know these numbers are all just hypothetical.  Also although lucrative, CFs are only one aspect of a star’s overall income which may include music, acting, and variety projects.

And particularly for singers that are part of a group, the CF and other activity earnings have to be distributed evenly among all the members!  One of the main reasons, I’m SO glad Seunggi is not part of a group!

And it looks like 2011 is going to be another daebak CF year for Seunggi!  He’s renewed his CF contracts for another year with practically all his CF companies;
and if he didn’t, it’s because his side chose not to or he was too expensive!

And bigwig Samsung continues to show tons of love for Seunggi… Check out coverguy Seunggi (and Yuna) at Samsung’s 2011 new year product E-Book. Love it!

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2 Responses

  1. wow. now this makes sense! Me too. I was thinking why SeungGi wasn’t on the list! I know it doesn’t matter but it still bother me! So happy for Seunggi and all his success! :) :)

  2. Ann, thanks a lot for enlightening us on this. :) I feel better now. :) I am very proud and happy of SeungGi’s achievements. :)

    I think, too, that AllKpop’s translation was inaccurate. CF asking price makes more sense in the article than CF earnings. These are two different things. How can they not differentiate the two terms? Kpop site that has thousands of daily international readers should be more responsible and careful on their translations or articles. :( Well, this is not the first time that I read of their inaccuracies.

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