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Military enlistment will seal Lee Seung Gi’s star status [Article]

Don’t freak out.  Seunggi’s not enlisting anytime soon.  But he is planning to go earlier than later.  He probably knows the shared public sentiment that military enlistment will definitely seal the deal on his beloved status in Korea for the long run…

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Lee Seung Gi, Ahn Sung Ki’s Heir as ”Nation’s Star’
(Nov. 25, 2010)

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi has evolved from ‘nation’s brother’ to truly the entertainer ‘prince.’  And it doesn’t simply mean that he is very popular.  With devoted fans ranging in their teens to their 50s, Lee Seung Gi is leading the pack in maintaining a long career as an entertainer.  And several entertainment insiders indicate that Lee Seung Gi may be the next heir to ‘nation’s star’ actor Ahn Sung Ki.

At his ‘2010 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert’ held on November 21 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, there were many mothers and daughters in attendance together as fans.  The packed 12,000 seat venue included fans of all ages and genders.  On this day, Lee Seung Gi excited the fans through a diverse repertoire of performances.  He not only sang hit songs which included “Will you Marry Me” and “Losing my Mind,” but also trot songs such as “Love’s Twist” and rock versions of songs like “Because You’re My Woman.”

Lee Seung Gi’s popularity is different from many of the other male stars in their 10s and 20s.  Many singers would say their future dream is to become a singer that could perform 20 years down the road in concerts, in which mothers and daughters would attend hand in hand.  You could say that Lee Seung Gi is already on that path.

If you turn on the tv, Lee Seung is everywhere.  Having been chosen as the #1 endorsement model desired by advertisers, Lee Seung Gi maintained his ‘CF King’ status this past year through a range of CF products typically endorsed by top stars including refrigerators, cosmetics, bank cards, beverages, and pizza.  He was also just today, chosen as the #1 star that people want to go to an year-end party with, beating out Kang Dong Won, Won Bin, and Rain in this online poll.

The reason for the love and devotion for Lee Seung Gi from fans of all ages can be attributed to his upright lifestyle.  It is also explained by his good looks, a fun attitude, and a kind heart, in addition to his ‘model’ image stemming from his high school president days.

He has also become active in charitable donations and projects.  This past April, Lee Seung Gi donated $90,000 (USD) to KBS human documentary program Dong Heng.  Further, he also personally met with and has been in touch with the families through the project.

Fans have also followed suit after seeing Lee Seung Gi’s charitable actions.  To commemorate singer Lee Seung Gi’s 6-year anniversary debut, fans raised $1.45 million (?USD) for the Dong Heng families as well.  According to a fan from DCinside Lee Seung Gi Gallery, they were encouraged by Lee Seung Gi’s charitable acts and wanted to do their part in making this world better for others.

Spreading his wings in acting and variety shows along with his work as a singer, Lee Seung Gi has shown little signs of difficulty and continues to be successful.  This is particularly notable considering the many temptations for hot young stars, as there isn’t even an hint of scandal associated with Lee Seung Gi’s model image lifestyle.

Aside from his prominent looks and distinguished singing talent, it is primarily Lee Seung Gi’s sincerity that makes people love him.  His humane aspects are noted as talk about a pre-debut Lee Seung Gi’s respect for his parents and his upright ways from his school days continue to still get a lot of buzz on online community sites.

Thus, there is only one thing left for Lee Seung Gi now.  Military enlistment.  Of course military enlistment is not an absolute standard for stars, but for the nation’s male stars, one’s military enlistment situation is an inescapable label.

At his recent fan meeting, Lee Seung Gi revealed that he planned to enlist in the military earlier rather than later.  Although it may be a temporarily sad time for fans, thinking of Lee Seung Gi’s career in the long-term as ‘nation’s actor’ and ‘nation’s singer,’  they should be able to shake this off readily.  We anticipate the future of Lee Seung Gi who continues to respectably uphold his ‘prince’ moniker.

(credit: LSGfan.wordpress.com via TV Reporter/Nate)

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10 Responses

  1. OMO i was about to faint when i read about the headline!

  2. im sad to think seunggi oppa will have to go to army later on but im happy that he will do it coz its the right thing! they write so many nice things about him. i’m so happy!

  3. i would prefer seeing him enlist maybe some time next year, so when he gets back in the latter part of 2012, the love for him will still be as huge as it was before he joined the army.. it definitely will be a sad moment for us fans.. :(

  4. I hope he will complete his master first and then enlist. Can’t they assign him to some post that utilizes his ability fully? He will be excellent in planning and strategies.

  5. A beautiful article. If anyone were to ask me who Lee Seung Gi is, what is so special about him? I will direct them to this page. Thanks Ann for the translation.

    • i will do the same thing :D
      this article not to exaggerate, it’s just tell us the fact about Lee Seung Gi.
      (remember this noon when my friend asked what was that good about SG? he wasn’t that handsome,
      oh, that time i really want to shut her mouth up)

      oh my, i will miss this guy much when he enlist the military, i hope that he will make another wonderful project again after he comes back.

  6. guys i just absolutely love this article too. the korean press corps is rooting for seunggi and want to see him succeed too!

    in korean, there this thing called “jung” that’s used a lot to describe how you feel toward something – it means a sense of closeness, affection, meaning. it’s often used to describe how people become close over time, or some sort of special feeling like that of koreans’ feeling for the country and the culture.

    and i think it’s how a lot of ppl feel about seunggi. 1n2d is a big part too as there is a lot of “jung” for this nation’s variety show. but even beyond 1n2d seunggi and what he’s accomplished in other areas and how he’s done it, i think what the public really feels towards him is “jung.”

    and yep, this article is point on. he will be loved forever when he enlists for army and returns. i agree with seunggi and the others here, though sad but would rather see him go earlier than later. that way fans can still follow him during those 2 years, like how fans do with Jo In Sung. would be so happy if Boom hyung was still there at that time, but he’ll prob be finishing up.

  7. we will miss……..Seung Gi…..

  8. Seung Gi oppa, we will definitely wait for you!
    Oppa FIGHTING! :)

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