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Happy and meaningful Thanksgiving wishes

(Samsung volunteer event, 2009)

A very happy and meaningful Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating this holiday!  LSGfan is extremely thankful for the amazing people, events, opportunities, and blessings that make life so wonderful, and is reminded of the importance of sharing our blessings and talents with those who are less fortunate.  And hope Seunggi’s example of sincere thanks and sharing continues to inspire all of us here…

(images credit: Naver; As labeled)

Read more about SeungGi’s volunteer activities in ~ Public Service category.

9 Responses

  1. happy thanksgiving LSGfan and everyone else! thanks for reminding me to volunteer this year.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Ann! :)

  3. happy thanksgiving, Ann.

    by the way, it looks like that 1n2d is filming in Daejun today..


  4. Yay they’re still filming 1n2d this weekend but prob no 1n2d on sunday :( sad to not see seunggi on sunday. And maybe no kangshimjhang next week? i hope they don’t cancel everything! Wah.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Ann & Everyone!!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Ann. Thank you for everything. During the concert, they showed video of his visit to the family with 7/8 children. Where he cooked the glazed sweet potato for them. Ah, cant wait for the DVD to be out.

  7. Dear Ann,

    Hope you have enjoyed your turkey and all the heartfelt thanks of fans of your blog.

    Love your picture collection of SG. He is so at home here, with grannies and grandpas, kids, everyone. Such compassion and charisma…

  8. Happy Thankgiving Day to Ann and Eveyone! (Oh, Am I too late?)

  9. lots of love to all of you guys too! Hope everyone celebrating had a great thanksgiving! i had an awesome time with family… we have tons of relatives! we always have american and korean setting so it was very delicious with lots of various homemade deserts, but this means i totally need to start hitting the gym everyday now!

    gearing up to reunion and meet up with friends and family the rest of the weekend! so much to be thankful for… i was getting teary eyed today… just like sentimental concert seunggi! ha ha ha. ^___^

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