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CeCi Magazine, December 2010 issue [photos]

The official photos from the December 2010 CeCi Magazine photo shoot and article that I’ve been totally waiting for are now up on the CeCi website!  Unfortunately, they only posted some of the photos, so I’ve posted the rest from fan-scanned versions…

I’ve been super excited since the first fan-scanned versions surfaced online, but I couldn’t bear to post anything but the official ones first – only because this is the styled-fashioned Lee Seunggi that I’m always hoping and praying to see on tv and in press photos!  Sadly, that’s usually a rare occasion.

So, I read the interview and it ain’t short!  I’ll probably post a few excerpts later on.

The interview was conducted on October 19, not long after My Girlfriend is a Gumiho wrapped.  I guess this is Hook’s explanation for Seunggi not doing a standard press interview back then, which I guess I sort of get…  Securing the front cover story and photo shoot for the year end issue of a super popular magazine is definitely more valuable long-term, than a public 2-day buzzed about press interview.

But timeliness is everything, and people have short term memories.  I just feel like Hook could’ve done more to keep the image of actor Lee Seung Gi and beloved drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho instilled in the public’s mindset.  I guess Hook felt like they were doing that at the concert.  And based on the 4 SBS trucks parked outside, perhaps a special may be in the works?!  Even if not, as long as overseas promotion is in the works, then I can deal.

Also the CeCi article had very little about Lee Seung Gi the actor and his drama. Not sure if the posted article is the entire one from the magazine.  But it covered bits of everything.  I guess that’s what people want to hear in this type of thing… his multi-entertainer activities, his soccer team of middle school friends, taking a break with some friends (who?!) in the areas outside of Seoul, being in this industry for close to 7 years, being seen as a sunbae, the sense of responsibility and burden, etc.

I SHOULD just be GRATEFUL for this high-concept, mirror motif, high-fashion photo shoot!  Still, I think this was after Seunggi’s short-haircut, so can Cody please tell me why it’s so freaking hard to do this on a regular basis???!!!!

Ok, I need remember the Thanksgiving Holiday spirit and just be very thankful! ^__^

More official CeCi photos…

(credit: CeCi)

And magazine scanned photos not featured on CeCi online…

(credit: DClsg)

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9 Responses

  1. thanks a lot lsgfan! I love this CECI magazine photoshoot!! :D

  2. i love the cecei photos! seunggishi look so good! i hope they do a MGIAG special soon!

    he look like he’s in matrix in the 4th pic! he he.

  3. LOVE IT!!! ♥♥♥ Totally agree with your fashion opinion,.. Why can’t cody make seung gi look like that ??? Aaaah he will look more better

  4. Gyaah, finally! After took a glance of Tryp’s magazine I really want to see this. And here they are@

  5. Thanks!
    Where can I order a copy online? Is it possible for overseas fans to order from ceci.co.kr?

  6. I have got the November issue but did not stay long enough in Korea to get the December issue.

    Maybe I can get Yon to get it for me. She is still in Seoul. Hmmm….

    But I must say, the magazine is very thick & heavy!

  7. i think you can order through yes24 later on. also, if you live in the big cities in the US, you can probably pick up a copy at a big korean mart in the area.

    and I’m still over the moon over this photo shoot! let’s hope this is not the last of this type of look and shoot! my new year wish is for Cody to make some good fashion new year resolutions!

  8. seung gi….so cute……in that style…..

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