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Love Taught Me to Drink performances [videos]

Seunggi performed at the KeG Event for Esports on Oct 22nd at 9pm.  He sang four songs: Love Taught me to Drink, Because You’re My Woman, Will you Marry Me, Let’s go on Vacation.  I really hope Hook mixes up his song lineup more.  Personally, I’m not into Let’s Go On Vacation at all unless it’s for a special related event, and wish Hook would take the song out of the regular lineup…  not necessarily the most hip song for an event like Esports.  Please Hook, replace the song with “Losing My Mind” in the future and let Seunggi sing this along with his other pop songs and ballads!

All video credits unless otherwise noted:

Oct. 22, 2010 ~ KeG Event for Esports (better version)
Cody seems to love extremes of putting Seunggi in too-big-oversized suits or skin tight suits.  No complaints this time! Ha ha ha. Like the boots too.

Some more “Love Taught me to Drink” this past year…

May 5, 2010 ~ Paju City Children’s Day Event
Loved this charcoal grey suit!  One of the few times Cody put him in a well-fitted suit; not too big, not too tight, just right!  Wasn’t too into this in-between haircuts phase but his expressive eyes and singing is to die for in this clip…

March 29, 2010 ~ GS Love Concert
Omg, I remember this day vividly… the intro of the freshly done perm.  I so hated it but it also had that sort of messy hot look!  He sounds perfect.  So amazing live…

Feb. 23, 2010 ~ Dongguk University graduation event
Returning to his Alma Mater. Like the hair length.  Love the close-up fancam…

Feb 23, 2010 ~ Ehwa Women’s University graduation event
One of the top colleges in Korea, and THE top women’s university.  Seunggi got an amazing fan reception here!  ^___^

Feb. 20, 2010 ~ T-store the Blast Concert
Thankfully Seunggi’s still wearing the jacket during this song!  For his other songs he took it off, only to reveal a super tight outfit (and not in a hot good way!): a high buttoned up shirt and pants that were way too short, and some way too dressy shoes.  It was high profile event with a lot of other kpop groups. Press photos the next day pretty much said it all.  But per usual, Seunggi sounded great live…

Brilliant Legacy fan video ~ Hwan drinking away his sadness

(cr: JunJunTeam)

1n2d fan video ~ Seunggi being Seunggi

(cr: koolbjeongshin)

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    8 Responses

    1. Thanks ann for the compilation of his performances.
      havent watched the latest one yet but just had to comment,
      i’m not into Lets Go To Vacation too! and yes, unless if its related to the event/occasion. if he wants a fast-beat song, i much prefer Smile Boy. love the song n i also think it suits any event. and i’m not into Love Taught Me To Drink at all. one of the very few Seunggi’s songs that i dont like. thankfully, he sang 4 songs, i miss watching him singing live sooo much! *off to watch*

    2. Ya Ann, I agree with you. Let’s Go On a Vacation is not appropriate for the event. And ya, I think it has been sang too many times.
      But I think he may be saving the Smile Boy & Losing My Mind performance to debut at his concert this November. That is what I am hoping/wishing actually.

      Ann, can I request for your help to check on something?
      SGi’s official website has a place where we can send a msg. After clicking SEND, one window, in Korean, will pop up, follow by another when we click on the 1st window. What are those msg?
      Thank you.

    3. did he loses his height during filming?
      he looks shorter than 2004.. i am disappointed..
      he should have eaten full and rest more and gain height inches.. im sad.. i realized he loses his height during the KAA award.. it looks like SMA taller than him.. T_T

    4. Oh forgot about Smile Boy. yes, Hook should def replace Let’s go on vacation with Smile Boy. Everyone knows it too and it’s a better fit. please no more let’s go on vacation… it is so old school! only for special related events please!

      Seunggi’s website — I just left a message. The first window indicates that they are compiling a list of some sort? I think it may be a privacy thing letting us know that the email addresses we provide will be saved. And then the 2nd window says you’ve been successfully registered. they may be trying to compile some sort of email list for future news stuff and communication?

      and shacha- your comments always are so cute! they always make me smile and laugh!

    5. Thanks Ann. As long as the messages are not notices about ‘msg sending failure’ then it’s alright. Kamsa Hamnida.

    6. i would have also preferred Smile Boy over Let’s go on a vacation.. so 1N2D-ish! LOL.. dont get me wrong.. i love 1N2D.. :D

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